[People Profile] All We Know About Victoria Lyn biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Victoria Lyn biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Victoria Lyn is an American businesswoman, skin care makeup and beauty creator and social media influencer. Victoria is making waves via social networks thanks to her short form content as well as comprehensive makeup tutorials on TikTok and YouTube and YouTube, respectively.

Victoria Lyn

Prior to pursuing creating content full-time Victoria Lyn began her career in modeling and acting. After a brief stint of modeling and acting, Victoria launched her YouTube channel and began pursuing the creation of content in a field she was able to excel in. Victoria has over 5.3 million subscribers and 127.4 million users on TikTok in February 2023.

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Victoria Lyn has stated on her website that she likes to play with the color. Victoria was born in San Diego, California, and now lives within Gulf Breeze, Florida.


Profiling Victoria Lyn

A Quick Glance At Victoria Lyn

Full NamesVictoria Lyn
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of BirthOctober 24, 1995
State of OriginAmerican
ProfessionAmerican Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
TikTok5.3 million followers
Instagram1.3 million followers
Net Worth$5Million

Victoria Lyn launched her YouTube channel on August 10th in 2015. She gained a lot of attention via the popularity of her TikTok as well as YouTube channel in the year 2017.

A makeup video she made was inspired by the character Beetlejuice. The video was a hit and Victoria was able to gain a lot of publicity for it. She posted the photo with model Gigi Hadid. The photo went popular on Instagram and TikTok and her following increased dramatically.

Victoria Lyn constantly makes and uploads videos on different makeup techniques. She also helps you become an experienced professional makeup artist via her site “makeupgeek.com.” Victoria Lyn creates makeup tutorials on various subjects like GRWM, Celebrity lip-swatches, makeup tips for the holidays, etc.

Victoria Lyn

Lyn has also become a massive skin care advocate, and has many videos on TikTok about the topic. Lyn also posts reviews on a variety of cosmetics on her TikTok. Victoria’s products from her makeup brand are available on LTK.com The link to which is listed in her Instagram bio.

Net Worth

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Victoria’s main source for income is from her social media presence. Her persona on social media has helped her gain many tractions and brand contracts. Lyn’s website has also brought her lots of visitors. In February 2023, Victoria’s net worth was estimated at $5 million.

Other Social Media Presence


Victoria Lyn is a prominent YouTuber. Victoria has amassed more than 231K followers through YouTube with 14,466,280 views of her videos at the time of February 2023. Her YouTube channel is steadily growing. Victoria has a wealth of makeup tutorials through her YouTube channel.


As of February 2023 Victoria Lyn has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Victoria often posts makeup videos as well as photos from her day-to-day life on Instagram. Victoria is also a spokesperson for a variety of makeup and clothing brands on the Instagram channel.

Victoria Lyn

Victoria Lyn’s Popular TikTok Videos

This TikTok film, Victoria Lyn reviews a cosmetics product by Scott Barnes Cosmetics for her audience and also instructs them on how to apply the product.

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The following TikTok video, Victoria discusses whether or not we should make use of Lip Latex.

In the TikTok clip, Lyn arranges and organizes her bronzers upon request of one of her followers through the comments.

The video below TikTok video Victoria shows her viewers how we can straighten hair using an appropriate curler.

This TikTok video Victoria discusses Perhapslline’s Hybrid Powder Foundation.


Q: How old is Victoria Lyn?

A: Victoria Lyn was born on the 24th of October, 1995. She is now 27 years old.

Question: Which person are Victoria Lyn dating?

A: Just like the majority of TikTokers or social media stars, Victoria Lyn has kept her relationships private.

Q: What is the value of Victoria Lyn’s Net Worth?

A Victoria Lyn’s wealth was $5 million at the time of February 20, 2023, according to various websites online on the Internet.

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