[People Profile] All We Know About Demi Bagby biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Demi Bagby biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Demi Brooke Bagby (b. 10 January 2001) widely known in social media by the name Demi Bagby, is an American CrossFit bodybuilder, athlete and motivational speaker. She is also a Youtuber, social media star and entrepreneur. She is also a model. Her first exposure was gained through the upload of her rigorous and intense workout videos to YouTube.

Demi Bagby

Bagby Born on the 10th of January 2001, into an Christian family who settled within San Francisco, California. The parents of Demi are Riza Bagby, who is a homemaker and Forlan Bagby who works in a local store located in San Francisco as reported by several unconfirmed sources. Demi has the eldest of Bagby children. She has two brothers who are older than her, Devon and Damian, who are acting, Damian his older sibling, Desire whom is an attorney by profession. Other than that little details are available about Demi’s education or her personal life.

Profiling Demi Brooke Bagby

A Quick Glance At Demi Brooke Bagby
Full NamesDemi Brooke Bagby
Place of birthSan Diego, California,USA
Date Of BirthJanuary 10, 2001
State of OriginAmerican
YoutubeViews: 113,154,606
TiktokOver 62.8M views
Net Worth$2-3 Million

Although Bagby is among the most well-known fitness influencers and celebrity athletes on the planet her journey to fame was not without challenges. numerous challenging obstacles to reach her fame. In a 2014 YouTube clip she made it clear that while cheering she slipped and fell over, hurting her back. The result was the possibility of spending for the rest of her life in a wheelchair as she was blinded and bedridden for three months.

In this trying duration, Demi would often spend her time watching workout videos, mostly CrossFit and calisthenics-related videos, while she was in bed. It was a source of sufficient motivation for her as she quickly proved everyone wrong and was back to her feet. Gradually, Bagby start training against and eventually became an CrossFit athlete. She even won the name of America’s Strongest Teen.

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At present, Demi participates in a variety of sports, including CrossFit and acrobatics, calisthenics as well as yoga, parkour surfing, and lifting to keep her body strong.

Her routine workout is comprised of clapping ring pushups muscles-ups and flag raises rope climbing, and more recently, to advertise Top Gun 2 – Maverick she also was through exactly the exact physical workout that program that pilots undergo.

In addition to her regular training routine, she climbed to the 23rd position in her age group in 2016, which established her place as one of the most renowned American CrossFit athletes.

Demi Bagby


After taking the 23rd spot on the crossfit games competitions her popularity grew which led her to become an inspiration to many. Within two years, Bagby was able to establish an extremely influential profile through Instagram as well as TikTok.

In 2018 the comedian Kevin Heart uploaded a picture of Bagby and Him on Instagram which became viral. This brought Bagby an additional amount of attention and fame.

While she did not achieve the mainstream spotlight and fame during 2018, Bagby had her first made the move to social media in January of 2013 when she signed up for with YouTube. Since the launch the YouTube channel Bagby was always uploading her workout videos to YouTube but the account began growing in popularity after her subsequent viral success.

Following the introduction of TikTok, Bagby started posting workout videos and challenging challenges, which led to her becoming one of the top exercise TikTok stars. Bagby has more than 13.9 million users on the platform and has won more than 275 million hearts due to her challenges as well as her incredibly hard workout videos.

After going viral through Instagram as well as Tiktok, Bagby has been noticed promoting many sporting nutrition brands as well as brand names for sports. In the last few days, Bagby underwent the same instruction similar to the one US Air Force pilots go through and even had the opportunity of flying RIO with the F-16 Falcon while promoting Top Gun 2 Maverick. Maverick.

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Net Worth

Demi Bagby’s Net worth is believed to be around $2-3 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. The main source of her income is her social media profile through which she promotes brands, advertising and sponsored content.

Demi Bagby

Personal Life

Demi Bagby has been involved in an affair with fitness model Scott Mathison.

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Q. How much is Demi Bagby’s worth?

A. Demi Bagby has an estimated net worth of between $2 and $3 million, according to various sources. The 22-year old earns her amazing sum through her presence on social media through her endorsements of advertising, brands as well as sponsored content.

Q. What is the amount of money Demi Bagby make in a year?

A. Numerous reports claim that Demi earns more than $140,000 in a year, primarily through her presence on social media as well as endorsements for brands. In addition she’s often making use of sponsored content or even promoting an individual brand. In the past, she was seen promoting Top Gun 2 which would probably have earned her quite an amount of money for the fantastic experience.

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