[People Profile] All We Know About Dayna Marie biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dayna Marie biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dayna Marie is Canadian model, actor as well as a YouTuber, singer, TikTok star, and social media celebrity that is most famous for her prank video and lifestyle videos that frequently featured her friends. In the month of October 2022 her @dayynaa TikTok account had more than 6.8 million followers, and 317.6 million followers who have liked it.

Dayna Marie

Dayna was first noticed as a prankster when her videos became viral on TikTok. Due to her popularity and popularity on TikTok, Dayna had the chance to explore different fields of interest such as becoming an actor, model and YouTuber, among other activities.

Despite gaining fame and adulation through TikTok, Dayna was primarily an YouTube creator. She started her own channel on July 3rd of 2015, and that was the primary destination for every one of her vlogs and pranks, as well as challenges and gorgeous travel videos. At the time of writing, October 20, 2022 Dayna Marie’s Dayna Marie YouTube channel has more than 592,899 views and 146K subscribers.

In addition to her work as a creator of digital content, Dayna is also a accomplished model. She was chosen as ambassadors for a variety of brands including Bracelets Dude Nectar, Shop Wavey as well as Prive Revaux.

Actors, Dayna has starred in the music video for Bryce Vine’s “Stay.” Dayna has also been a model in the modeling agency MCM which is an agency for modeling across the world. Dayna is also an artist who is verified through Spotify as well as has released her single called”Missin’ Love, to date.

Personal Information

Profiling Dayna Marie

A Quick Glance At Dayna Marie
Full NamesDayna Marie
Place of birthCanada
Date Of BirthJune 21 in 1999
State of OriginCanadian
instagram1 million followers
Youtube146K subscribers
Tiktok6.8 million followers
Twitter1,028 followers
Net Worth$1.5 million


Dayna Marie first entered the realm of online content in the year 2015 when she was YouTuber, and then was a member of TikTok in March of 2019. The majority of her first content on TikTok included lip-syncs Prnks, dance along with lifestyle and family videos. However, she gained traction after her pranks gained lots of attention due to their non-scripted nature. The pranks often involve people who Dayna meets in shopping malls or on the streets.

Recently, Dayna’s posts on TikTok includes her daily life and day-to-day mini-vlogs, reaction videos and snippets of the Blonde Squad podcast which have contributed to her earning more than 317.6 million followers.

Net Worth

Dayna Marie

Dayna Marie is estimated to have a net worth that varies between $1-1.5 million, as per numerous media sources. Most of her income comes from her work as a model/actress, and also from her enviable appearance on Instagram and TikTok which have brought many sponsorship work.

If you use TikTok, Dayna Marie could be earning anywhere from $4.35k between $4.35k and $6.53k for each post not including brand-sponsored deals. In Instagram, Dayna Marie could earn between $2,950 and $4,950 on an Instagram post that is sponsored by a brand.

Social Blade estimates that the Dayna Marie YouTube channel makes anywhere from $0.88-$14 per month. It could also earn between $11-169 dollars annually.

Social Media

Dayna Marie has been able to build an impressive following since her first appearance in the year 2015, with more than 6.8 million TikTok followers, more than one million people following the account on Instagram account, only 1,028 Twitter followers, and 5.44 million followers to her channel on YouTube.

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Personal Life 

Dayna Marie was born the 21st of June 2000 on the 21st of June, 2000 in San Diego, California, in the United States to Steve Marie and Lisa Marie, a Caucasian Christian family. There are two siblings: Heather along with her younger sibling, whose name isn’t known.

After becoming famous through TikTok, Dayna shifted to Hawaii with Kouvr Annon and then moved in Los Angeles. She prefers in the privacy of her home and is very private about her private life and consequently, aside from that there isn’t much details are available about Dayna’s personal life and her loved ones.

FAQs on Dayna Marie

Q. Who is Dayna Marie?

A. Dayna Marie is a Canadian model, actor, singer, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media star who has gained a large popularity with their lifestyle and prank videos as well as her first single”Missin’ Love.

Q. How old is Dayna Marie?

Dayna Marie

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A. Dayna Marie is at the age of 22 in the month of October 2022. the date of birth was 21 June 2000.

Q. Are you Dayna Marie currently involved in a relationship?

A. Certain sources claim Dayna Marie may be involved in an affair with Abel Carden, a fellow TikTok celebrity and social media celebrity. There are some reports that claim Dayna is in a relationship Jack Bono also a TikTok celebrity and social media influencer.

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