[People Profile] All We Know About BeastEater biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

BeastEater biography, Career, Age, Family, Networt

Stephanie Margarucci, better known as BeastEater on the internet is an American dancer as well as a choreographer, model, musician and the social media’s most influential person. She became famous on TikTok by uploading dance videos with lip-syncs, comedy, and dance videos. The videos she uploads get many millions of view and enjoys. She has accumulated over 19.2 millions followers on TikTok and she is famous for her distinctive sense of makeup, hairstyles and modeling.


She is one of the most popular artists of TikTok and is mostly known for her humorous video clips and dance videos. She also lip-syncs and dance moves on TikTok. In addition she’s also well-known on Instagram and has over 887k followers on the platform due to a variety of attractive Instagram videos and photos.

Margarucci has also teamed up with Olin to launch the YouTube channel “Marcus and Stephanie” that currently has more than 391k subscribers. It also features both short and long-form content. It also has the same appeal that their personalities are been known for on TikTok as well as Instagram.

Personal Information

Profiling Stephanie Margarucci

A Quick Glance At Stephanie Margarucci
Full NamesStephanie Margarucci
Place of birthAmerican
Date Of BirthAugust 2nd, 1997
State of OriginAmerican
instagram887k followers
Youtube1.7k subscribers
Tiktok19.2 million followers
Spouse/PartnerMarcus Olin
Net Worth$700k


Margarucci first came across YouTube as her primary source of her inspiration in dance. Their creators, and the content they created helped keep Margarucci in the loop in times of need. Her biggest influence is choreographer Matt Steffanina, who did more than just choreograph.

The videos of Steffanina on how to dance have helped Margarucci improve the skills she required to go from being an inexperienced dancer to a key player in various hip-hop dance teams. The decision to become an elite dancer was just the beginning of her climb from what she describes as her “dark moment.” An TubeFilter interview has helped fill in a lot of the ambiguities about her professional life that were previously unnoticed.

In her interview, she mentioned the other important aspect of her climb was getting to meet Marcus Olin, a fellow creator, who is currently her partner. In her time with dance teams, Margarucci snagged herself a reputation for “eating” the contestants. When her along with Olin decided to give it a go creating this kind of material that served as the lifeline for Margarucci and her family, she adopted the name she was assigned, BeastEater, and made it her own digital identity.

The two duo started their TikTok accounts in the latter part of 2019. Margarucci’s first upload was a difficult time for her. However, she says the fact that it’s a hilarious one, too. At time, she was not at ease with her hair, and wore hair wigs. In the course of filming a dance video the hair was ripped off, showing the hairstyle she was wearing.

Margarucci was not keen on everyone seeing her wearing a wig that was not even on however, when she showed the clip to Olin she was urged by him to share it, which she obliged to do. It was a surprise when it has garnered over 1 million views. The comments that people left about relating to it, or about enjoying it, reminded her that YouTube creators were accessible to her and how they’d be able to find joy in their videos.


Since since then, Margarucci and Olin, who owns his own account however, is frequently featured in Margarucci’s video, have been focusing on creating a mix of comedy and dance videos. In the last 2 years her Instagram account has grown to reach more than 19 million fans, and over the past two months, it has had the highest amount of traffic before.

In the beginning of August last year her TikTok content was able to garner over 31 million viewers, 4.5 million likes, and 14.2K shares. Just as YouTube content has contributed to helping Margarucci establish the foundations for her dancing career Her own TikTok-generated content is helping her achieve more than she ever imagined, such as launching her own products, and becoming a musician/singer. It’s helping her follow the steps of the YouTube creators who helped guide her to break out of her rough time.

Margarucci is at present the one of the most popular users on short-form video sharing application TikTok with more than 19.2 million followers. She also has gotten lots in attention via Instagram and has accumulated 887k followers by 2022. She also owns an unofficial YouTube account, however she’s not the most active one, which affects her number of subscribers at 1.7k.

She also utilizes the YouNow platform to stream content. Margarucci joined forces with Olin to establish the YouTube channel called “Marcus and Stephanie” that currently has over 391k subscribers . The channel also has both short and long-form content. It also has the same humour and charm that their personalities are been known for on TikTok along with Instagram.

Net Worth

Margarucci’s net worth has been estimated to be in excess of $700k. The majority of her earnings are through her social media profiles as a creator of content, collaborations with brands, music and various other ventures.

On TikTok the creator of the app could possibly earn around $18k per post, which excludes sponsored deals with brands. On Instagram the creator could earn up to $5k for a post sponsored by a brand. On YouTube her channel that she co-creates with Olin is averaging around $5k for each video, with the exception of sponsored deals with brands, where they can charge up to 8k for each video.

For brand collaborations, as far as they are concerned, she’s had a number of sponsors throughout her career in social media However, we are able to estimate the amount of money earned from these ventures. It is possible to conclude that the amount is substantial.

On music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, Margarucci could earn up to $1.5k per month, bringing her annual income to $40k per year by streaming.

Margarucci also sells merchandise and vinyl records, both on ShopSarcus along with MerchBar. Her merchandise is mostly clothing that is priced about $35 and her Vinyl records can cost as much as $20. We do not have exact figures , but we can imagine that she is earning more than five figures every month through the sales.

Social Media

Margarucci’s dominance of social media is apparent with her over 19.2 million TikTok followers. On Instagram she has more than 887k followers. And on her shared account on YouTube along with Olin she has more than 391k followers.

Personal Life

Stephanie Margarucci was born on August 2nd, 1997, in Las Vegas. There is not much information about her past or about her family. There are two sisters. The names of her parents and two sisters are not known at present. She attended the high school of Nevada However, we don’t know the name of the college.

Margarucci spoke a bit about her childhood in an TubeFilter interview, revealing that she was alone. Being a self-described antisocial teen in a tough time she explained her lack of any friends as well as the connections she now has. She was on YouTube and used it to begin her journey into creating content for social media and dancing.


Margarucci continues “Fun fact: a lot of people aren’t aware of the real me! I’m proud and proficient Argentinian. I’m fluent in Spanish and it is a surprise to people. Prior to social media, I was a hip-hop enthusiast and choreographer! I was a part of several dance teams, and it’s what led to the name BeastEater came to be. The name was created to me by the dance competition, after I had eaten the contest. I was a BeastEater at the time within the dance community and had to take on the name of my social events.”

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She adds, “Marcus Olin is my partner, and let me be honest, he’s absolutely the most perfect boyfriend there is! He’s an incredible support system. We both have a routine that we follow every day. We also have specific times to upload TikTok content! We each film what we’ve scheduled. If it’s not him, I’ll shoot the thing I have to film and then go back to see if required for an interview or the reverse! We really spend all of their time in the same room, and only breaking up if it’s a fake or something like that. of this!” Margarucci and Olin have a YouTube channel that’s called “Marcus as well as Steph”. It’s not clear the time they began dating, but it’s been a long time since their first date.

Q. What is the real name of BeastEater?

A. BeastEater’s true title is Stephanie Margarucci.

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Q. How old is BeastEater?

A. Stephanie Margarucci was born on 2nd August 1997. She is now 24 years old.

Q. Who is BeastEater?

A. Stephanie Margarucci, also known as BeastEater online is an American dancer, choreographer model as well as a musician also a popular social media user. She gained fame on TikTok through the upload of short dances with lip-syncs, comedy, and dance videos. The videos she uploads get many millions of view and fans. She has amassed more than 19.2 millions followers on TikTok. She is also famous for her unique style in hairstyles and makeup and modeling.

Q. Who is the boyfriend of BeastEater?

A. Her boyfriend, BeastEater is Marcus Olin, who is also a well-known online influencer on social media and a professional dancer.

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