[People Profile] All We Know About Candy Ken biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Candy Ken biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, known by the alias Candy Ken, is an Austrian model, rapper, TikTok star, VSCO personality and artist. Jakob is well-known for his unique juxtaposition of masculine looks by combining his appearance with feminine traits pop culture. His distinct personality and personality have allowed him to gain more than sixteen million fans on the TikTok handle.

Candy Ken

Jakob first began to rap in 2014 when he had been just 22 years old, which helped him earn some media attention. Although TikTok is still the place where he posted his rap tracks but he did gain fame due to his lavish lifestyle and the wealth he amassed. His enthusiasm for showcasing his wealth is what made him establish himself as an extremely admired people in the world of TikTok.

Candy Ken’s Personal Information

Profiling Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl

A Quick Glance At Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl
Full NamesJakob Kasimir Hellrigl
Place of birthAustria
Date Of BirthJuly 27, 1992
State of OriginAustrian
instagram235K followers
Youtube566K subscribers
Tiktok16 million people followers
Spouse/PartnerJostasy Nick
Net Worth$2-3 million

In an effort to make himself apart from others, Jakob decided to create his gender-bending alter ego Candy Ken. The first time he came across this idea while an undergraduate student. He cited Hello Kitty, Japanese Kawaii culture and Barbie dolls as basis for his style according to Out as well as MTV Germany.

Jakob released his debut EP called Welcome to CandyLand in 2014. He then dropped his follow-up album, Candy Ken Paradise, in the year following. Just two months after releasing the second album, Jakob came out with Daddy 69 the third EP he released in November of 2015.

June 2016 was the month that saw Cany Ken’s first album released, Real Talk, which included 12 tracks.

Jakob was always at the forefront of the new social media revolution. In less than a year of making his first appearance on the rap scene his social media accounts of Jakob have exploded. His fame and fame attracted the attention of Nicola Formichetta, a popular stylist and designer at Diesel.

It also launched his modeling career when He was contacted by Diesel to model for Diesel during Pride Week in New York City according to KATLBLUT Magazine. Then came the appearance at Roberto Piqueras‘ Berlin alternative fashion show in November of 2016. Since the time, Jakob has appeared in famous magazines, including VMAN magazine Paper magazine, Vogue Taiwan as well as The Korean issue of Dazed magazine.

Candy Ken

The fame and popularity of his work as fashion model led to him being awarded a slot as a model on Jimmy Kimmel Live the year 2018 during the segment called Guess who’s High.

In July 2022, Jakob has more than 565 million followers in his TikTok account. He has also recorded two albums as well as six EPs.


As previously mentioned, Jakob first rose to the limelight as an internet based musician in 2014. In a times when many internet rappers had their identities on being tough and violent, Jakob decided to set himself apart. He was in high school when he first began thinking about his gender-bending personality.

After revealing the Candy Kane persona in his video raps, Jakob immediately achieved what was his goal to accomplish – to create his own distinct persona. The success of his rap career was often attributed to his unique persona, and this persona enabled him to become an online phenomenon.

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In just a year of making his first appearance as a rapper Jakob was walking the runways of famous brands like Diesel and was a sought out model.

He became a worldwide famous and well-known figure following the time that TikTok became a phenomenon and his posts on the platform swiftly became popular. Over time, Jakob has become famous and famous due to his unabashed display of wealth as well as his extravagant lifestyle.

Presently, Jakob is one of the most well-known content creators on TikTok which has more than sixteen million users. Additionally, Jakob has around 235K followers on his Instagram account.

Net Worth

As of July 20, 2022 Jakob “Candy Ken” Hellrigl has an estimated net worth of between $2-3 million, as stated by various sources. He earns his money from his musical career, YouTube AdSense revenue, by promoting products and brands on his most popular social media handles and modeling.

Social Media Presence 

Candy Ken

Because of its sexually ambiguous Candy Kane persona, Jakob has amassed over 16 million subscribers through the TikTok account, while he has more than 235K followers users on the Instagram account. Jakob also has an account for family members on YouTube with his wife, boasting more than 566K subscribers.

Personal Life

Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl was born on the 27th of July 1992 at Bregenz, Austria. Many details are not available on his life as a person.

Jakob was engaged to another YouTuber and TikTok popular, Jostasy Nick for a lengthy period of time. The couple got married in October of 2020, and they were blessed with a son in 2021 on the 28th of May who they decided to call Rodeo.

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Q. Who is Candy Ken?

A. Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl is also known by the name Candy Ken, is an Austrian model, rapper, TikTok star, VSCO celebrity and artist.

Q. How old is Candy Ken?

A. Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl well-known by the name Candy Ken, is currently 29 years old. He was born on the 27th of July in 1992.

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Q. Is Candy Ken rich?

A. Indeed, Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl, also known in the media as Candy Ken, is rich with a net worth of $2-3 million, as per several different sources.

Q. Which country are Candy Ken from?

A. Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl is popularly known by the name Candy Ken, was born in Bregenz, Austria, and is Austrian by birth.

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