[People Profile] All We Know About Benji Krol biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Benji Krol biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Benji Krol has been the Brazilian social media guru known for his posts posted on TikTok as well as Instagram. Benji began his social media journey by posting on TikTok in the year 2016, when it was still called Musical.ly. Benji had a modest following on the app following two years of posting. When he started dating the popular social media celebrity JeyJey Gardi his fame increased. On Instagram there are now millions of followers.


Benji Krol was born Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 14th of December 2000. The social media star launched the YouTube channel back in 2014 however, it wasn’t until a few months later when he released his first major video, “Where’s my phone? What’s up? ” which was released in the year the year of 2018. After he began to experience the success of TikTok and gained followers.

Profiling Benji Krol

A Quick Glance At Benji Krol
Full NamesBenji Krol
Place of birthBrazil
Date Of Birth December 14, 2000
State of OriginBrazilian
instagram2.45 million followers
Youtube1.46 million subscribers
Tiktok30.9M Fans
Spouse/Partner Jorge Garay
Net Worth$500,000


Benji started his social media presence in 2016 when he posted a tweet on TikTok that was later called Musical.ly. Within two years, Benji had a small fan base on the application. His fame grew exponentially when he began to date another social media star JeyJey Gardi. He launched the YouTube channel back in 2014, but did not upload his first video until 2018, when his popularity grew on TikTok and helped him gain followers rapidly. With YouTube, Benji has 1.46 million subscribers and well over the 88 million views. Benji posts reactions videos challenging, pranks and challenges as well as vlogs, make-up tutorials and additional content to his channel. Its Instagram account, on which posts selfies, reels, funny skits and posts about promotions has a huge followership that is 2.45 million , and 200,867 average views and means his engagement is 8 percent.. The account of TikTok profile is the most-followed account on social networks. There are 30.9 million followers and an enthralling 1.5 billion views. The TikTok platform is filled with videos of transitions where he changes his clothes as well as his appearance after transition. There are also lip-sync videos, comedy clips as well as promotional videos and other clips of his life. Benji has teamed up in a competition with Jadaa Blue Sophie Sorrells, and Lizy Elizabeth to compete in a contest on TikTok. Benji can also provide individual videos and shout-out videos for the American video-sharing site Cameo for a cost.

Benji’s net worth 

As per various news sources such as Wikifeed, Benji has a net worth of $500,000 at the time of his June 2022 birthday. Benji has accumulated a substantial net worth during his time as a popular social media star because of his wide range of content and fan followers across every platform.

Benji’s Personal Life

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Benji Krol was the child of an Argentine mother who was named Alejandra and an British as well as a Polish father who was named Aleksander. He has two brothers His siblings’ names aren’t known. Soon after his birth the family relocated to Canada and then Switzerland and Switzerland, which is where Benji was raised. Benji now lives together with family members and is currently in Madrid, Spain, where Benji also finished his education at an local high school. Benji is currently enrolled at an unnamed private university in Spain but hasn’t declared the degree he will be planning to pursue. Benji has always dreamed of becoming an actor or model from the time when he was a child.


In the month of August, 2020, Benji and his boyfriend Jorge Garay were embroiled in controversy when a teenage boy disclosed his interactions with the two celebrities via an anonymous Twitter account as if it was an attempt to

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groom children. Jorge was, according to him, had sent him intimate FaceTime pictures of Benji. The teenager said that “they profited from my friendship, and manipulated the pressure on me as a minor to do what they wanted to do for their sexual pleasure.” To support his claims the suspect provided pictures of call logs as well as communications. On Twitter, the claims received a lot of attention. After attempting suicide, Benji made his first public statement towards the closing of August. This wasn’t the first time he had attempted suicide Benji said, adding that it wasn’t due solely to the assertions. Jorge shared intimate photos of Benji with his friends without Benji’s consent, according to Benji. After the scandal, Benji and Jorge split up.

Q. Has Benji Krol ever attempted suicide?

Benji has had a rough experience since the allegations of grooming were made public. The scandal has caused anger from millions of people and his image could be permanently damaged. According to multiple sources, he’s recently admitted that he attempted suicide because of the rumors, however he says the suicide attempts were not related to any other reason.

Q. Is Benji Krol LGBT?


He claims to be part of his LGBTQ community. In his tweet from October of 2019, he stated that the world is beautiful when one of his followers asked him if they were girls or boys. Additionally in his YouTube video called My Dating Life, he confirmed that he was bisexual.

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Q. What was the process by which Benji Krol’s naked photos revealed?

Benji hasn’t been the center of attention over something he’s embarrassed by just because of his grooming issue. The public saw his nakedness on the world on the internet in early 2020 after he was compromised. It wasn’t just him who was the sole social media influencer who suffered this, and it was a shame.

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