[People Profile] All We Know About Ivanitaa Lomeli biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Ivanitaa Lomeli biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Net Worth

Ivonne Ivanita Lomeli more popularly called Ivanita Lomeli is an American model as well as a social media influencer and creator of content. The net worth of Lomeli is reported to be estimated at $3.5 million.

Ivanitaa Lomeli

She gained attention recently due to her connection in a relationship with YouTube webmaster and content creator star Lucas Dobre. She started to participate on social media around mid-2017 and began posting the first time on Instagram on September 1st for the very first time.

As when the Dobre twins’ followers have realized they are engaged and Lomeli’s popularity on social media has risen to the millions. Lomeli has around 1.2 million users on Instagram and more than 50 thousand fans on Twitter.

The YouTube channel was created in June of 2018 and has already collected 5.5 million users and more than 689 million viewers. She is the most well-known with her presence on TikTok which has more than 8 million followers plus more than 100 millions followers.

Profiling Ivonne Ivanita Lomeli

A Quick Glance At Ivonne Ivanita Lomeli
Full NamesIvonne Ivanita Lomeli
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthOctober 25,
State of OriginAmerican
instagram1.2 million followers
Youtube5.5 million subscribers
Tiktok8.3 million followers
Twitter52k followers
Net Worth$3.5 million

In February of 2018 Lomeli requested Lucas whether he could become her Valentine and, within the next months, Lucas said they are in a relationship. They’ve appeared a few times in videos of each other and Lomeli uploaded her first Instagram image in September of 2017. The photo was a selfie and, as of the year 2018 it has racked up over 60 thousand followers. On TikTok she posts mostly videos where she is lip-syncing with Spanish songs. Lucas has appeared in a few of these videos too.

The couple began dating in the year 2018 and they were introduced at a supermarket when Luca’s brother Marcus asked him to kiss a stranger in on YouTube. One year later, Lucas made the bold decision of asking Ivanita to become his girlfriend. The couple has since appeared in the videos of each other.

The stars split in the year 2018 due to their schedules, but they later resolved their disagreements. They’ve been in a relationship since then and, in 2021, they’re engaged. After launching the YouTube channel she had in June Lomeli released the first of her videos in July.

The video is titled “Slime Prank for Lucas as well as Marcus! The video has been watched over 24 million times so far. Her videos have millions of views each. Her channel also has fitness and health video clips on her YouTube channel. Her most popular videos include “COUPLES handcuffed for 24 hours!” with over 28 million views, “Wait til the end #shorts” with more than 27 millions views “PICKED up my boyfriend in an Uber disguised as! (shocked)” With more than 15 million views and “IGNORING my boyfriend for 24 hours! (bad idea) With more than thirteen million viewers, in addition to other videos.


Sources Of Income

A majority of her earnings are from her social media accounts as a content creator as well as brand collaborations.


On TikTok the creator can possibly earn the equivalent of $8k per post, not including brand-sponsored deals.


On Instagram the user can make upwards of $5k for a post sponsored by a company.


On YouTube her earnings hover around the $7.6k mark for each video, which excludes brand-sponsored deals, where she might charge as high as $10,000 per film. According to various sources, she has made over $2 million on her YouTube account on its own.

Brand Collaborations

In terms of collaborations with brands, Lomeli has associated herself with numerous top brands throughout the span of her social media as well as content-creation career. There aren’t the numbers to prove how much she might earn from these sponsorships however, we can guess that they are quite a large sum.



Ivanitaa Lomeli

Lomeli has featured a number of cars in her various social media pages Some of them include BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Tesla, and a handful of others, of which, she seems to prefer the Mercedes group more since they’re featured more often. The car’s price range is $50k and goes to $500. We are unable to give you the model of the mentioned automobile manufacturers however, if we look at the sum she has invested in the cars she’s displayed on her social networks, she could easily have paid more than $800k.

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Other than that, Lomeli has been able not to reveal her expenditures in the radar. It is possible that Lomeli has invested funds in equipment to improve its quality. It is also possible that she purchases lots of clothing, accessories and cosmetics which fans are able to view in her online social accounts.

Regarding content, she might have invested in equipment for video recording and other subsidiaries, such as cameras, lighting and tools for editing, props, microphones and more. Of course, this is speculation since there is no way of knowing the exact items Lomeli would have spent her money on until she makes it available to the general public.


Q. What is the reason Ivanita the famous Lomeli?

A. Ivonne Ivanita Lomeli better popularly known by her stage name Ivanita Lomeli is an American model and social media influencer and creator of content. The model has recently gained fame due to her relationship to YouTube author and web star Lucas Dobre. After the Dobre twins are now aware that they’re together her online fame has grown to millions.

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Q. What is Ivanita the Lomeli worth?

A. Her net worth has been believed to be around $3.5 million.

Q. What is the place Ivanita Lomeli?

A. Ivanita Lomeli’s parents emigrated out of Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico to the United States and eventually settled in Virginia. The place she lives is Maryland.

Q. What is the height of Ivanita Lomeli?

A. Ivanita Lomeli is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

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