[People Profile] All We Know About Bisola Aiyeola Biography, Net worth, Spouse, Career, Controversy

All We Know About Bisola Aiyeola Biography, Net worth, Spouse, Career, Controversy

[People Profile] All We Know About Bisola Aiyeola Biography, Net worth, Spouse, Career, Controversy

Bisola Aiyeola is a Nigerian actress and singer. In 2017, Bisola became the first runner up of Big Brother Naija. In 2018, she won the AMVCA Trailblazer Award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Profiling Bisola Aiyeola

A Quick Glance At Bisola Aiyeola
Full NamesBisola Aiyeola
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth21, January 1986
State of OriginSouthwest Nigeria
OccupationActress, presenter, MC, singer
Marital StatusSingle
Academics University of Lagos
EpThe Playlist


Bisola Aiyeola (born on January 21, 1987) is a dazzling Nigerian actor and singer. Her popularity began when she competed in the 2008 version of MTN Project Fame.

She was the first runner-up in the well-loved Nigerian TV program Big Brother Naija in 2017. In 2018, she won the AMVCA Trailblazer Award at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

In her role as an actor, Bisola Aiyeola is been featured in films such as Picture Perfect, Forever with Us, The Life of a Nigerian Couple, Sugar Rush, The Becoming Of Obim, This Lady Called Life and a myriad of other.


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Early Life

Bisola Aiyeola was born into an affluent household in Britain on the 21st of January, 1986. She comes from the Yoruba tribe in southwest Nigeria.

Her father died when she was only 3 years old. She was looked after by the mother of her child. At the age of eight, Bisola Aiyeola was just eight an old, she and her family was facing financial difficulties and they moved to a remote area in Nigeria.

Bisola Aiyeola was forced to stay with her cousins and began her work at a young age. She sold cosmetics for women. But working as an salesperson wasn’t what she wanted to do.


Bisola Aiyeola was a student at the highly regarded National Open University of Nigeria in Nigeria, where she completed classes related to Business Management.


Bisola Aiyeola‘s career has taken a turn for the better following her appearance in the 2017 edition of Big Brother Naija competition, placing first as a runner-up.

She was also among the contestants in MTN Project Fame West Africa in 2008, finishing 5th and Iyanya was the winner. From 2011 until 2013, the fast-growing entertainer worked as a television host on Billboard Nigeria, which aired on Silverbird Television.

In 2017 Bisola Aiyeola was awarded an award nomination in the City People Movie Award for Revelation of the Year (English) along with Somkele IyamahZainab Balogun as well as Seun Ajayi. In 2018, she won the Trail Blazer Award at the AMVCA. In the following year, she made her debut as producer in a movie called the Kujus.

In her professional profession, Bisola Aiyeola has starred in a variety of exciting Nollywood films such as Ovy’s Voice (2017), Picture Perfect (2017), Gold Statue (2017), Payday (2018) along with the upcoming Chief Daddy (2018). Bisola was also nominated for The Future Awards Africa Nigeria Award for Acting as well as the City People Movie Award for Revelation of the Year (English).


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Awards & Nominations

Bisola Aiyeola discovered her place in the film Industry. This is due to the fact that most of her awards result from her performances in movies.

In 2017, she received nominations for Best Actress Supporting Actress (English) due to her role as a character in Picture Perfect, at the Best of Nollywood Awards.

In addition, she won an award in the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award Trail Blazer Award and 2020 Best of Nollywood Awards under the category of the Best Actress in an Supporting role (English) due to her role as Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush.

Additionally, Bisola Aiyeola was nominated for Best Actress in a Lead role (English) for her performance in This Lady Called Life.

She is vying to win the 2022 African Magic Viewers” choice Awards, in the category of the Best Actress in a Comedy for her part as Dwindle in Dwindle as well as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Sugar Rush. Sugar Rush.

Social Media

Bisola Aiyeola‘s fame has spread across Nigeria and has also landed on the global scene. The Nollywood actress has the distinction of a large fan base on social media, with over 22,344 people liking her page on Facebook.

Additionally, she has significant number of fans as well on Instagram as well as Twitter.

  • Instagram: @iambisola
  • Twitter: @iambisola
  • Facebook: Bisola Aiyeola

Personal Life

Bisola Aiyeola‘s beautiful smile is her distinctive selling point. is among the most beautiful actors in Nigeria.

She stands at a height of 5 7 inches tall and weighs around 74kg. The British-Nigerian star had darker brown eyes with black locks.

Bisola Aiyeola is currently the mother of an infant daughter called Leyla Olakitan Olanrewaju. But, the father of Bisola Aiyeola‘s daughter, Malcolm Olanrewaju was diagnosed with a disease in August of 2018.

Bisola Aiyeola remains single since, and has never been reported to be involved in any relationship

Net Worth

Bisola Aiyeola is among Nigeria’s most powerful and wealthy actresses with a value of US$500,000.


  • Picture Perfect (2016 film)
  • Ovy’s Voice (2017)
  • Skinny Girl in Transit
  • Gold Statue (2019)
  • The Bling Lagosians (2019)
  • Sugar Rush (2019 film)
  • The Becoming Of Obim
  • This Lady Called Life
  • Two Grannies And A Baby
  • Payday (2018 film)
  • The Kuju’s (2020)
  • Breaded Life (2021)
  • Dwindle (2021)
  • Castle and Castle (2021)


Bisola Aiyeola remains single since, and has never been reported to be involved in any relationship after the Malcolm Olanrewaju(her daughter’s father) was diagnosed with a disease in August of 2018.

Bisola, Leyla and Malcolm


BBNaija’s Bisola Aiyeola responds to Reno Omonkri after he said he has no sympathy for single mothers

BBNaija reality star Bisola Aiyeola has come out against Reno Omokri after he said that he does not have empathy on single motherhood.

Reno was reported to have tweeted“Except that she was victimized by a rape or widowed woman I don’t have any compassion with single moms. The Black world is facing a growing baby-mom epidemic. We should not allow it, or make famous from bleached, surgically increased Jezebels who don’t care about their sexual prowess!”

And Bisola mother of one, Bisola replied: “Sir you’re just giving yourself headache. Single mothers gan no rate you. Saint Reno.”



I didn’t dump Bisola at the altar – BBN star’s baby daddy

The second season of Big Brother Naija reality show concluded, however the effects will remain felt for while.

It is certainly among the top reality series in the history of Nigeria the controversy and drama that transpired during the show remain being discussed on the internet.

The most impressive people in the house was Bisola Aiyeola. She caused a Twitter meltdown due to the intense kisses she showers on another contestant, Thin Tall Tony, and the claim that she gave him a blow up. Following the controversy the internet reported that Bisola is the mother of one daughter , and her baby daddy was allegedly abandoned by her in front of the altar at St. Leos Catholic Church, Ikeja, Lagos, on the day of their wedding years back.

In an exclusive interview on Sunday Scoop Bisola’s daddy, Olanrewaju Malcolm, who is an artist producer and manager has denied that he did it. He stated, “It is a big lie that I threw Bisola on the altar; it was not true. In actual fact, I’m trying to find the person who posted that report online, because it’s fraudulent. We broke up because of certain traits in our personalities that did not work together and there was no union.”

In expressing his thoughts on her behavior inside the home, Malcolm said, “I believe she was able show up, present herself very well, and also show her talents. She was vibrant and fun at home and I think that’s what viewers are looking for.”

If he’d any doubts that Bisola might one day be a participant in an actual reality show of this kind, he replied, “I have always known Bisola to be a skilled person, and she always does what she’s looking for. In fact, she’s participated in reality shows prior to Big Brother.”

When asked about Bisola’s closeness with Tony when they were at home Tony said “She is a grown woman and whatever she did on the show is her business.”

He also mentioned that their daughter Leyla hasn’t said much about the competition, but “naturally, she’s happy that her mother won.”

In response to a question about whether they’d still be to be back in the same place, Malcolm stated “Everything still is the same. That doesn’t mean since she did well on Big Brother Naija, we are returning to each other. It was an explanation behind our breakup and that was personality differences. Those different personalities are still evident.”



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