[People Profile] All We Know Luchy Donalds Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

Luchy Donalds Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy


Luchy Donalds (born 1991) is a Nigerian actress who has been featured in numerous Nollywood films in the Nigerian Film Industry.

Profiling Luchy Donalds

A Quick Glance At Luchy Donalds
Full NamesLuchy Donalds
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth28, May 1991
State of OriginImo State, Nigeria
OccupationActress • Tv Personality
Boyfriend Not DISCLOSED
Marital StatusSingle
Academics Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State
MovieAt Age 18 (2021)


Luchy Donalds was born on May 28th, 1991 within Emi Owerri Imo State, the capital of Imo State. They parents of her are. as well as Mrs. Donald Nwocha. She is the sole daughter and is the youngest of three children two of which are boys.


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Luchy Donalds was a student at Mount Camel Premier School for her secondary and primary education. She was a student at Tansian UniversityUmunyaAnambra State for her post-secondary education in which she obtained an undergraduate master’s degree in Microbiology.


Luchy Donalds was a part of Nollywood at the end of 2006, and has appeared in several films. Her first film The Investigator, which was her first film put her in the spotlight in the year 2014. Then, she was featured in a variety of films with Nollywood actors within Nollywood. Nigerian Film Industry.


  • Seed of Sorrow (2020
  • Royal Sibling (2021)
  • Lust in Marriage (2021)
  • Marriage Bride Price (2021)
  • Songs and Sorrows(2021)
  • Crazy Fighter (2021)
  • Trust no one(2021)
  • Billionaire and his Blind Wives (2021)
  • Soul on Fire (2021)
  • The Classic Ladies (2021)
  • Chef Augusta (2021)
  • Cheating in Marriage (2021)
  • At Age 18 (2021)


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Awards and Nominations

Date Award Category Result
City People Entertainment Awards Most Promising Actress Of The Year (English) Nominated
2019 Nigerian Achievers’ Award The Best Actress in Support of the Year Won
Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards Best New Actress Of The Year Nominated


Luchy Donalds was named ambassador of Universal Services in May 2021.


Luchy Donalds isn’t married, however, it’s unclear whether she is married since Luchy Donalds has kept her life hidden from the public eye.

Net Worth

Luchy Donalds is believed to be worth $300,000. She has remained an iconic name in the world of film to date.



I’m Hated by People I Refused to Let in Between My Legs

Elegant and beautiful, Luchy Donalds is one of the new faces in Nollywood. She has a touch quality and is capable to become one of the top actors in the business. Luchy says to Tosin Clegg about the ugly side that sexual assault is a part of Nollywood she says her most valuable advantage is her gorgeous face as well as her boobs and anassies.

Luchy Donalds a rising actress

In all honesty, I’ll call it grace since all of my life, I’ve never gone for an audition. I have a Facebook buddy with whom we have an executive producer we were chatting and I didn’t even being aware that he was a producer, until when he asked me if I would be interested in acting and I replied that yes. He provided me with a script and informed me that I would be acting as a sub-lead and, as if a dream was realized, it became a reality.

Playing the roles

I’m not going to say that any job is a good fit since I’m comfortable with any job I’m given aside from anything something to do with nakedness. However, I’m currently working on a new film that I’m a part of called “My Husband’s Wife,” which isn’t yet made available.

This industry has been unable to expand

The rate is increasing as it is supposed to. A lot of producers aren’t ready to invest the funds to create quality films since piracy is too for them.

Also, I feel African Magic channels are affecting films because the majority of people do not buy CDs waiting until they discover that a certain movie they’ve been waiting for is aired on African Magic.

I believe that if the producers put in good cash and create good quality films, and if pirates are able to be eliminated and perhaps YouTube films that are made to be watched by people from outside Nigeria and the world, then the business will be more valuable.

What differentiates me from other HTML0 users?

I’m flexible, and I bring a little spice to the table; I do funny and crazy things that aren’t part of the script. The biggest obstacle for me is being demonized by those I refused to let between my legs. Success is unfathomable since I leave everything to God.

I was born in Owerri

I was not permitted to hang out with my friends due to my dad who is strict. Therefore, I wasn’t permitted to go out without difficulty and I still regret my decision because it helped me understand how to remain in my own space. I come from my family’s Mrs. as well as Mrs. Donald Nkwocha of Emii in the Owerri North Local Government Area, Imo State.

I’m the only daughter in a family of two daughters and a son. I was a student at the nursery and primary school at Mount Carmel Premier Secondary School. I attended a year at Madonna University but graduated from Tansian University. It’s a Christian who is adamant about God.

In all honesty, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actor

This is true even from my childhood to the point that I would imagine myself as a big star in my dreams. No jokes, it’s real. I’m so grateful that it happened I am very happy in my job, but I would have liked to be a businessperson.

I’ve appeared in a couple of films

This is from my first film such as the Investigator, Eno my Calabar Love, Osinachi My Wife, The Missing Princess, Bianca My Wife, etc. Absolutely, I’ll be going into directing and producing in the future. Well, I don’t exactly how it will happen, and all I’m able to say is it will be God’s plan.

Some things stick me out.

My greatest asset is my tummy, followed by my thighs that remain standing and my small waist, not to mention the beautiful appearance that I’m blessed with. My role models are many I have a lot of them, and I’m not able to even begin to name the many.

Affecting fame

Fame is gorgeous and is accompanied by a feeling of joy. As for males, I’d say that the majority of people believe that actresses are crayfish, and are purchased with money, which is what makes me extremely pissy. My fans are all mine and I appreciate them to pieces. The best method to deal with annoying comments via social networks is to not respond, but in the event that you cannot, offer the individual a dose of medication because they don’t realize that we are all human.

Excessive in the business

The level of sexual harassment that is happening in the business is far above my expectations I’m not sure whether there is any way to stop it. However, for me, life is straightforward, I prefer to be indoors since that’s the way I was raised. I enjoy watching films and sleeping. My daily life is regular.


“Talk to luchy Donald direct” Reactions of actor Destiny Etiko gives strong advice to women in relationships

The controversy Nollywood modelDestiny Etiko’s comments have sparked reactions on social media over her comments regarding women being the adversaries of women.

A TikTok clip that was uploaded online has Destiny Etiko giving strong advice for women on how to keep their relationships intact.

In the video Destiny, Etiko admonished women to hide everything their men is doing to them a secret. She also stated that women are enemies of other females.

“If your man is nice to you don’t tell your friends about it. The enemy of a woman is another woman be careful,” she told me.

Responding to the incident the public applauded Destiny Etiko for her video saying that she did exactly what she wanted to say. Some who believed she was making an insult at her coworker, Luchy Donald, urged her to be direct and avoid engaging in a snarky manner.

Sandramowarin: Luchy Donald is setting her the ring’s in a light

realsheila_chimdimma: Talk to luchy Donald direct no dey go through the corner

Kemi Filani reminisces the time Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds got back into a fight when the former showcased her lavish shopping bags.

The best of friends from the past began their feud in 2021 when Luchy Donalds rebuked Destiny Etiko over a comment she made about baggies she bought for shopping.

Luchy Donalds has slammed Destiny Etiko for undergoing a series of operations to get at her size and curvaceous figure and convincing her fans that her stomach and abs are not natural.


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