[People Profile] All We Know About Kayla Malec biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kayla Malec biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Kayla Malec, an 18 year old social media influencer hailing from Indiana. She is a Tiktoker who do amazing things as a creator of content and gained fame through the popularity of her TikTok profile ( @kaylamalecc ). Her profile is always growing and has a total of 10.1 million users.

Kayla Malec

Through Instagram, Kayla shares fashion pictures and selfies. On YouTube she mostly posts video clips that are taken from TikTok. The most well-known TikTok videos show her escaping from a who is scary in the tunnel.

Kayla began posting content on a regular basis in the year 2019. In her other videos, she discusses various topics, and she also discusses the serious social issues, like racial discrimination.

Personal Information

Profiling Kayla Malec

A Quick Kayla Malec
Full NamesKayla Malec
Place of birth,USA
Date Of Birth

December 24, 2004
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
Spouse/PartnerBrayden McAlister
TikTok10.1 million followers
Net Worth$500k


Kayla began posting regular content through her various social media profiles. She has a TikTok profile can be found as “@kaylamalecc” which recently surpassed the 10.1 million followers number. In July of 2020 she uploaded the first of her videos on TikTok. It was only recently that she had discovered the video-sharing application. Kayla is now uploading numerous video clips to both her TikTok or YouTube accounts. The videos have been met with praise as well as criticism. Kayla however, on the other however, continues to make videos despite criticism. Considering the age of her, Kayla does an excellent job in creating video content that is digital for their app. She covers a variety of subjects in her videos which sometimes include an hour-long story for viewers, while at occasionally she shares some personal stories of her life, or sings along to various songs.

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This young TikToker has also discussed grave social issues, like the discrimination based on race and racial discrimination in her TikTok profile, as well. As of June 2022 the Tiktok videos have garnered an average of 560.5 million views. It’s quite impressive that this young woman has been successful in attracting an enormous audience in her video. Kayla has made the most of her use of the video sharing platform and is seen as an influencer of the future the making by many of her followers. It is interesting to note that, unlike many TikTok users Kayla does not upload dance videos or duets in her profile.

Kayla Malec

Kayla can also be found on YouTube with a channel of her own @kaylamalec. It’s not been long since she started the channel on YouTube. There are a variety of videos available on her channel, a majority of which were repurposed on her TikTok. However, we could anticipate more videos with long formats to be uploaded on YouTube in the near near future because she could create the kind of content that can be seen in her YouTube channel which includes videos such as “i have a stalker” and “most embarrassing moment of my life”. The first video she uploaded to YouTube is called ‘running away, encountering wildlife, getting trapped, and then parkouring in just 3 minutes. The channel has 831K followers and that’s not an awful number for a newbie.

Kayla Malec’s Net Worth

Kayla Malec’s wealth is believed to be around $200k, according to sources, including Biography Mask and Faser Media. The majority of her earnings come from her social media accounts as a creator of content. On TikTok the creator could possibly earn the estimated amount of $7k per posting, excluding deals with brands. On Instagram it is possible to earn upwards of $2k for a post that is sponsored by a brand. On YouTube the average earnings hover around the $2000 mark per video, which excludes brands-sponsored deals for which she may charge up to 10k for each video.

Social Media

Kayla Malec

Malec’s dominance in social media is obvious with more than 10.1 million TikTok followers. On Instagram there are 275k people following her. on YouTube she has 831k followers.

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Personal Life

There isn’t much information about the background of Kayla. Kayla is born the 24th of December 2004 and has recently was 18 years old. Her birthplace was in Illinois, the United States state. Illinois which is located in the United States. She holds American citizenship.

Based on her age and her age, it is possible that she completed her middle school or is currently started high school. There isn’t any information on the school she goes to or attended previously, because she herself hasn’t shared much about her academic background. There isn’t any information about the school’s online presence in addition.

Malec is currently in an affair to her partner Brayden McAlister. We’re not sure when they began dating one another. She talked about her boyfriend in one video clips on TikTok videos, and was also posting cute photos from them to her Instagram. In November of 2020 she posted photos of her brand new pet Bud on Instagram with her followers, telling them that she’s an animal fan.

Kayla Malec’s Top TikTok Videos

A video of experience titled “now I’m receiving Starbucks …”

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Another experience video is titled “Walking around aimlessly”

View on TikTok 

A video of an experience titled “I hope I’m right”

View on TikTok

A funny video with the title – “Karen alert”

View on TikTok

A storytime movie titled “I’m shocked …”

FAQs regarding Kayla Malec

Q. Who is Kayla Malec?

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A. Kayla Malec is an 18-year old social media influencer hailing from Illinois. She is a lip-sync short form and dance creator who gained fame thanks to using her Kaylamalecc TikTok account. Her profile is always growing and is currently gaining more than 10.1 million followers.

Q. What is the school Kayla Malec attend?

9jKayla MalecA. There’s nothing much to say about the institution she goes to or used attend since she hasn’t revealed much about her academic background.

Q. What is Kayla Malec’s Instagram?

A. Kayla Malec’s Instagram handle is “kaylamalec”.

Q. How old is Kayla Malec?

A. Kayla was born on 24th December 2004. She is now 18 years old. older.

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