[People Profile] All We Know About Justin Drew Blake biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Justin Drew Blake biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Justin Drew Blake is an American tattoo artist TikToker, YouTuber entertainer, influencer, and social media superstar. The 23-year old has more than 4.2 million followers on Twitter and 689.2 million followers on TikTok at the time of writing in March 2023.

Justin Drew Blake

Blake was born in Minnesota, United States, in 2000. The year 2015 saw Justin Blake revealed that his gender identity was transgender. Alongside Instagram, Blake is also well-known and active across other popular social networks, such including TikTok, YouTube, and YouNow. In terms of his family and his brother, Danny is frequently seen on his Youtube videos. Justin additionally has an older brother called Jacob.

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Justin has been a lover of Raegan Beast previously. After ending a relationship with Raegan Beast The social media star began being with Tyler Brown in 2017. According to sources, Jordan Brooke and Damon are two of Justin’s closest friends. Additionally, Damon often joins Justin in his Youtube videos.

One of Justin Drew Blake’s distinctive characteristics is the tattoos that display their passion and creativity toward gothic culture. The same theme is incorporated to his tattoos.

Personal Information


As of March 2023 Justin Drew Blake has 689.2 million followers as well as 4.2 million users to his TikTok account. Blake is known in the world of lip-sync on TikTok. Blake also has his own Youtube channel on which he candidly discusses his personal experience as transgender. In addition, when he revealed the fact that he was transgender to his family, friends as well as the school, everyone were supportive of the transgender person as much as they could. Justin Drew Blake is also known for his tattoos on TikTok. He has designed and drew tattoos on bodies of numerous famous clients.

Additionally, when the teen celebrity announced that he was transgender in his Facebook and Twitter profiles and his followers gave him a lot of love and support. Blake also uploaded vlogging videos for his Youtube channel, where he describes his life experiences and daily routine. Additionally the channel has a large following on Instagram and Instagram, where he shares interesting content for his followers.

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Net Worth

Justin Drew Blake

His estimated worth Justin Drew Blake is $5 million, based on different sources. He is considered to be one of the richest TikTok celebrities. Blake has a variety of sources of income, including sponsorship, brand collaborations merchandise, brand collaboration and more. It’s risky for a creator of digital content to depend solely on one source of income.

Additional social media platforms


In 2023, Instagram superstar Justin Drew Blake has 1.1 million followers on his Instagram account. The young star is active on Instagram because he is always posting his life updates to his followers through Instagram Stories and post.


Blake began the Youtube adventure in the month of June of 2013 along with his brother and one of his closest friends. Blake named the channel he created on Youtube channel “Blake Boys,” and in March 2023, Blake had 58.5K subscribers and has 12 videos on the Youtube channel.

Blake has a second YouTube channelcalled “Justin Blake,” which has 223 videos and 439K subscribers at the time of March 2023.

the Justin Drew Blake’s Popular TikTok videos

Justin Drew Blake

This TikTok clip, Justin Drew Blake shows the tattoo he made on Damon, his friend. Damon.

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This is an “Then v/s Now” picture posted as a YouTube video on behalf of Justin via the TikTok feed.

In the following TikTok clip, Justin Drew Blake shares his journey over two years of tattooing, starting with his latest tattoo that Justin Drew Blake created.

This TikTok footage, Justin Drew Blake reverts to a comment made by his viewers. comments regarding his Piercings.

In the following TikTok footage, Justin Drew shares his recent body tattoos.


Q How did Justin Drew Blake become famous?

A: Justin Drew Blake became famous for his tattoo videos posted on TikTok along with Instagram. His admission to being transgender earned huge support across the Internet.

Q: How old is Justin Drew Blake?

Q: Justin Drew Blake is 23 years old in March 2023. He was born on February 1, 2000.

Q Do you know if Justin Blake and Tyler still together?

Answer: Justin Blake and Tyler are still dating and in love with one another.

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