How To Build Positive Energy

How To Build Positive Energy

What is Positive Energy?

According to VeryMildMind; Positive energy refers to an attitude that is encouraging, productive, and beneficial. People who exhibit this positive energy often do so by: Being kind and generous. Believing that good things will happen in line with the law of attraction.

Building Positive Energy

If you read lifestyle, health and tech blogs, then you’ll find that there is really no shortageof
advice out there when it comes to increasing your productivity and getting more done in a day. Of
course not all of that advice is equally useful but nevertheless, if you know where to look, thenyoushould have not problem finding ideas that can help you out. The question is then: what nwould happen if you were to take all those most effective tips andstrategies and combine them on one single day? Could you create yourself an optimal state of
mind and an optimal environment for getting the most work done possible? And what wouldthat
look like?

In this short guide, we’re going to look at what happens when you do everything right and whenyou take all the best advice for boosting your energy levels and improving productivity. At thesametime, we’ll be incorporating some slightly more advanced stuff and high-level tips that you won’t
come across in your typical productivity blog. Follow this blueprint for the most productive, focussed and high-energy day ever.

How is Energy the Key?

Make no mistake though; energy is very much the key here. Your productivity is predicated onyou being able to not only increase your energy levels but also anticipate them and work withthem in order to ensure that you’re raring to go when you need to be and able to unwind andrelax when you need to as well. And this is a big change of pace for many people, as far too many of us will take energy for granted. We think an awful lot about time management but very often we completely overlook energy management. But if you sit down at the desk to work and you feel completely exhausted and overworked fromthe day before. If you feel like you didn’t get enough sleep, or your body is fighting off the remains
of a cold… well then you’re not going to find yourself motivated enough to get productive. So the best tips to follow for that ‘most productive day ever’ are the ones that focus on
energy primarily.

The Importance of Yesterday

To be highly productive tomorrow, you need to start getting things into place today. This is very
important to recognize as your energy levels and focus on any given day are very often the result
of cumulative results from the days that preceded it. The first thing you need to do today in order to be more productive tomorrow then, is to leaveabit of work unfinished. This might come as a big surprise and seem counterintuitive; but actually, leaving work incompleteis a great way to encourage yourself to work harder tomorrow. The simple reason for this is that wedon’t like leaving things unfinished. You’ll be driven by an unconscious urge to complete the taskyou half-finished tomorrow and this will help you to dive back into ‘work mode’. And of course the other thing you need to do is to get the best possible night’s sleep. This is goingto help you to wake up feeling as good as you possibly can tomorrow and it’s actually far moreimportant than any other aspect of your routine. If you want to perform your best, then gettingbetter sleep is the single best upgrade that you can possibly benefit from. So how are you going to make sure you get the best night’s sleep?

How To Build Positive Energy

First: make sure that you take a good half-an-hour-to-an-hour of downtime before you hit thesack. The big mistake that too many of us make, is to work incredibly hard all day, then to comehomeand watch loud TV or play computer games while checking our phone. This is devastating for our ability to sleep. All that action on the screen stresses out the brainand makes it more active and alert. Meanwhile, the light is interpreted by our limbic systemas
being daylight, meaning that we feel more awake and our brain will be flooded with cortisol. But if you take half an hour to unwind and settle down, then the low-light that comes fromoutsideor from a small, orange, desk-lamp, will help your brain to realize it’s bed time. Meanwhile, concentrating on something to read for example, will prevent your mind from wandering andhelpyou to get into an almost meditative, restful state. Reading also has the considerable advantage of making our eyes tired as we strain to read the text. This causes them to feel heavy and eventuallyit will be hard to keep them open!

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Doing all this will ensure you get to sleep much faster and when you do sleep, you’ll sleep moredeeply. At the very least, try to avoid keeping your phone in the room with you when you sleep. Second: make sure your environment is dark, comfy and quiet. This should go without saying but it’ssomething that many people don’t take seriously enough. If your room is flooded with light fromanearby streetlamp or if you can hear the neighbors entertaining their guests, then you won’t sleepas well and you’ll feel it tomorrow. At the very least, you should try to cover up bright LEDs (another
reason to charge your phone in another room!)

Finally: get your temperature right! Your room should be slightly cool when you’re sleeping soyouhave to stay under the covers for warmth. And while you’re at it, consider taking a nice warmbathbefore bed. This will relax your muscles and help you to regulate your body temperature
throughout the night.

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