50 Ways to Overcome Shyness – Part 2

50 Ways to Overcome Shyness – Part 2

26. Smile

Smiles are the most common thing you can do to make friends. It makes people feel like you’re friendly and encourages them to speak to you. In many cases, if you simply smile, they’ll begin conversations.


27. Eye Contact

Eye contact when speaking to someone is crucial. It lets the person you’re talking to know that you’re truly curious about what they’ve got to say. It might be difficult initially, but start doing it with your family members and the ones you’re comfortable with.


28. Utilize more “I” and More “You”

If you are having a conversation with someone Try to focus the conversation on the person you are talking to in the most effective way. People are fond of discussing themselves, and If all you do is attentively listen to other people they will consider you an outstanding conversationalist.



The idea of dating can be very frightening for shy individuals or someone with low self-esteem. However, we all require friendship. The next set of suggestions will provide some ideas for dating the shyest people.

29. Online Services

There are many ways to connect with people online nowadays. These sites are fantastic since they allow you to meet people via email and chats before meeting in person. Be sure not to limit yourself to online dating. Ensure that you move to the next stage and meet people in person.

30. Group Dating

It’s great to bring an entire group of people and have a blast doing something together. It’s not like there are two of us connected However, there are girls and boys with plenty of room for conversations. A lot of people prefer gatherings over one-on-one dating due to less pressure.

31. Phone Dating

There are numerous firms that offer services such as a “meet local singles” type service. A lot of shy people would prefer to begin there, as calling on the phone is more comfortable than meeting in person. Similar to online dating but phone dating should be used as a means toward a conclusion that is to meet the person in person.

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32. Bring a Buddy

If you’re going to a party, be sure to take a companion. It’s much easier to glance around and feel comfortable with a person you know. The more relaxed you feel, the easier it will be to communicate with people of the opposite gender.

33. Flirting

If you’ve got your eye on that one special person and are hesitant to engage with them, consider flirting! Here are some suggestions to try: Smile. Get flowers delivered. Send a message to them or for them.


There are a variety of treatments available that can help you overcome low self-esteem depression, shyness, depression, and other similar issues. This next set of suggestions will give you an idea of what’s available there.

34. Medications

There are a variety of medications available there to help you deal with depression and, consequently aid in overcoming self-esteem and shyness. Your physician can help determine which medication is the best. Here’s a partial list: Prozac Serzone Zoloft Effexor Paxil Netazadone Luvox 35. Hypnosis


A lot of people have found relief in dealing with shyness and depression through the use of hypnosis. It can be expensive, however. If you choose to do this, ensure you conduct your research, and find a hypnotist who has achieved many successes in this particular field.


36. Counseling

Counseling has assisted millions of people to overcome their anxiety, depression, or low self-confidence. The key is to find the right person to counsel you. If you’re in search of an experienced counselor Don’t quit; you might need to look through a few before you discover one that can truly assist you.


37. Coaching

Coaching is similar to counseling, as it is a person who is not in your life helping you get through the challenges of your life. Coaching is different in that the coach is somewhat closer to your life and more aggressive.

38. Meditation

Meditation can be an efficient tool to overcome anxiety and low self-esteem. It requires turning inward and being aware of your own self at that level. There are a variety of helpful CDs to help you with the process of meditation.

39. Relaxation

Relaxation is a wonderful technique that is being used increasingly and more. It’s especially helpful for people who are anxious or nervous. If you’re in a stressful social setting try to take a break and relax. Nobody else but you must be aware of what you’re doing and it’s a great way to assist. Here are some suggestions for how you can try to take deep breaths and relax your body and limbs one at a time. Relax your mind.

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Once you’re at a point then you need to play active steps to overcome your self-doubt and low self-esteem. This next set of advice will give you some suggestions to explore.

40. Take a Class

It’s always beneficial to discover new things. An environment that is based on classrooms can provide you with plenty of social possibilities. In addition, you’ll have the possibility to shine in a field you have a desire to learn about.

41. Join a Gym

A gym membership is a fantastic method to feel good about yourself. A healthy body can help to maintain a healthy and happy self. In addition, if you take classes, there are many opportunities to have conversations with others.


42. Take a Walk

Walking for a few minutes every day will make you feel better about yourself. If you set your goal to take daily walks whether it rains or shines it can really help beat depression.


43. Hobbies

Find a passion that you’re excited about. Be it golf, painting or singing, or even crafts finding something you are passionate about, and you perform regularly is crucial.


There are many more helpful techniques, tips, and concepts available to assist you in overcoming depression and shyness. This set of advice will provide you with more methods to employ.


44. Books

There are many great self-help publications that will help us to become the person we want to be. Here are a few good books: Self-Esteem: A Proven Method of Cognitive Methods to Assess, Improve, and Maintaining Self-Esteem written by Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning Living completely with social shyness and Anxiety A Comprehensive Guide to Increasing Your Social Confidence written by Erika A. Hilliard. Naturally and Depression-Free 7 Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, depression, and Anger from your life Written by Joan Mathews Larson

45. Keep a Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to stay more in touch with your identity. It is also a great way to make use of your journal to make goals and record everything good that happens to you in your life.

46. Visualization

Visualization is a powerful method to help people get positive results in their daily lives. If you’re planning the date, but you’re worried about it, spend some time imagining yourself as you would be on the date. Imagine yourself enjoying yourself, smiling, and engaging in a lively conversation. You’ll be amazed at how this can benefit you.

47. Reward Accomplishments

When you are trying to overcome your confidence issues and lack of self-esteem make sure you acknowledge and acknowledge even the tiniest achievements. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant reward, but a small amount can be a nice reward.

48. Help Others

Finding ways to help and help others is vital, particularly when you’re trying to conquer depression. Set a goal of finding ways to assist someone each day, no matter how easy it may seem.


49. Make Your Life Pleasurable

Be sure to make your life a place of activities that you love. While doing activities take part in activities that you love. Be around, nice people. Play fun music. When you are looking for work seek out work you’ll be happy doing.

50. No Drugs or Alcohol

A few timid people believe that taking alcohol and drugs can aid them in social settings. It’s not true. Instead, you’ll grow ever more addicted to alcohol as you help yourself through your social life, and your true self is never out.

51. Be Yourself

If you’re trying to overcome self-doubt, shyness, and depression, it’s essential to stay in your own truth. When you do this you will begin to appreciate yourself and other people.

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