[People Profile] All We Know About Dyesharisby biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dyesharisby biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Dyesharisby also known as Dyerisby is a popular producer of content who’s won many hearts through her hilarious comedy videos. Born on the 12th of August 1998 in Topeka, Kansas, United States with a height of 5’2 inches in height and weighting around 67 pounds, the charisma of Dyesharisby goes beyond her comedy talents to her charming personality.


Outside of TikTok, Dyesharisby maintains a presence on Instagram and has amassed more than 54.4K followers. The platform gives the possibility of connecting with her followers in a new way by sharing pictures of her daily life, beyond the sketches that make up the TikTok presence.

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In a time where social media influencers are everywhere, Dyesharisby stands out with her natural comedy talent, relatable content and her charismatic persona. From her earliest days at Topeka to her current status as a TikTok celebrity with a substantial net worth, the story of Dyesharisby illustrates her capacity to charm and delight which makes her a popular persona in the world of digital.

Personal Information

Profiling Dyesharisby

A Quick Dyesharisby

Full NamesDyesharisby
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of BirthAugust 12, 1998
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
4.8 Million Followers
Instagram54.4K Followers
Net Worth$5million


The path of Dyesharisby’s professional career was launched through YouTube beginning in the month of September. In this period she branched out into making videos that focused on comedy and challenges as well as jokes. But it was her move to TikTok that really brought her into the limelight. With her enthralling lip-sync video clips, Dyesharisby has managed to build a popularity of 4.8 million users on TikTok by itself. Her videos, which are distinguished by their likable and funny style, have earned more than 160.5 million views, confirming her place as a popular TikTok celebrity.


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The diversity of her content is evident in her participation in viral challenges like”the “Don’t judge a book by its cover” challenge as well as her participation in the DuetWithAndraDay challenge. The way she is able to effortlessly blend into the current trends in media and content shows her versatility and creativity that resonate with her followers.

Net Worth

With a total net worth of about $5 million in 2023, the financial success of Dyesharisby is proof of her business strategy. Her main source of income is her TikTok career which is where her comedic talents is evident. Furthermore, Dyesharisby has ventured into collaborations with brands like Cacique and has also launched her own line of merchandise to further diversify her revenue streams.

Other Social Media Presence


Dyesharisby’s Instagram profile boasts a devoted following of 54.4K users. Her posts, which consist of videos that lip-sync and snaps of moments shared of family and friends have the average 3.9K followers per post which is an amazing participation rate of 7.35 7 percent. Since joining in 2016, the account of Dyesharisby has developed into an online platform that is popular with her followers, providing interesting and relatable content.


“Dyesharisby’s” YouTube journey, which started the 25th of September, 2012 shows her diverse approach to content. The channel has 47.1K viewers and a total viewer number of 838K, her channel is thriving with fan mail review, as well as engaging video blogs. Her desire to interact with her viewers shows through and creates a space for interaction and exploration of different subjects.

Personal Life


Dyesharisby is born the 12th of August 1998 at Topeka, Kansas, United States and will be 25 in 2023. She has a sister whose name is Mykera. While the professional life of Dyesharisby is well documented, her private life is largely private. There’s no information available regarding her relationships or activities other than her online profile.

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Dyesharisby’s Famous TikTok Videos

More than 1 million viewers have watched it This is among Dyesharisby’s most viewed videos.

Dyesharisby participates in a hilarious Disney contest for princesses in the video.

Join Dyesharisby on this ASMR video, where she gorges on Jalapenos.

Dyesharisby is in a rant about her special day in the video.

This video Dyesharisby discusses a humorous video from CapCut.


Q: Does Dyesharisby actually have any siblings?

A Absolutely, Dyesharisby has a sister named Mykera.

Q Is Dyesharisby have any boyfriends?

D: Dyesharisby has a current relationship.

Q How did Dyesharisby get involved with TikTok?

A: She began her journey on TikTok by sharing her humorous lip-sync video clips.

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