[People Profile] All We Know About Derek Trendz biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Derek Trendz biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Derek Trendz is an American TikTok popular YouTuber and creator who has revolutionized the way content creators create content using his distinctive style. Most well-known for his pranks and video challenges, Derek has gained a large number numbers of fans on TikTok, and it continues to grow in the current day.

Derek Trendz

Derek is consistent in increasing his output from the beginning and has delighted his followers. He is a fervent animal lover and this is an incentive that his followers appreciate him even more.


Profiling Derek Trendz

A Quick Derek Trendz

Full NamesDerek Trendz
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth26th July 2003
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
4.7 million followers
Instagram793k followers
Net Worth$2million

While Derek Trendz began in his profession as the YouTube video creator, his popularity was soon gaining prominence through his TikTok platform. With the username “@derektrendz” the content creator has amassed 4.7 million users and 255.5 million followers.

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The majority of content posted on these platforms are funny short videos that are uploaded to entertain his followers. The most popular of these are his Prank videos as well as video challenges that are more loved and adored by his fans. Thanks to his tireless efforts and consistent use of the platform, many of his videos are viewed by millions after they’ve been posted, with thousands of views on every video.

DerekTrendz’s Net Worth

As of February 2023 American TikTok celebrity and creator of content Derek Trendz is reported to have the wealth of around $2 million according to the platform “The Wikifeed“. Net worth can be calculated using the revenue he makes through his social media platforms.

Other Social Media Presence

Derek Trendz

Being a fan of the Tiktok account, it’s only reasonable that Derek is going to try and expand his popularity on others social media sites.


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The account is known as “@derektrends” the content creator has accumulated 793k users on his platform and 140 posts published to the site. The account was launched in October 2018, and mainly presents videos and content about the life of the content creator to his followers.


Derek Trendz

It should be not forgotten it is worth noting that Derek Trendz started his social media venture through his YouTube channel that goes under his name. The channel boasts 2.81 lakh users to its account and 134 videos posted. The videos on this page are composed of regular YouTube videos as well as YouTube shorts. And of them all, the top watched video is called “NEW SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE ! SUPER GROSS SMOOTHIE”. This video has an average of 6.8 million views.

Personal Information

Derek Trendz was born on the 26th of July, 2003. This means he is 19 at the time of his birth in February 2023. In terms of the members of his family, at the moment there’s not any information regarding Derek’s parents, however it is reported that Derek has a sister that is known as Ahiella Borgen. She has an Tiktoker also.

In a conversation about his relationship, at present the TikToker is in a relationship with Michelle Otp, who has been featured in numerous in his YouTube videos. TikTok as well as YouTube. There isn’t any evidence of his previous relationships at the moment.

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Top TikTok Videos of DerekTrendz

The video is a lip-sync in which Derek Trendz sings a song while sitting in his car.

This is a dance clip in which Derek appears to show some dance movies to his followers.

The video is a lip-sync in which Derek appears to be doing a few movements with girlfriend in accordance to the track.

This video clip shows Derek Trendz shows his prediction of what he’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day.

This is a lip-synched version of an Spanish song in which Derek is shown having a hair-brushing session.

Derek Trendz

DerekTrendz’s FAQs

Q. How tall is Derek Trendz? weight and height?

A. Derek Trendz stands at 5 ‘ 8″ tall and weighs approximately 60 kilograms.

Q. What is Derek Trendz’s eye and hair shades?

A. Derek Trendz has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Q. Who is Derek Trendz’s twin brother?

A. Derek Trendz only has a sister that is known by the name of Ahiella Borgen. She is the TikToker in the field of work.

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