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The new spur in the craze for atheism is actually caused by christians who have now taken God to be a rewarder. It has become a give and take thing. Give God this so that you can get that. They have taken God to be an irrational being who punishes people when they dont give him something. So many have even lost sight and now mistake God for their village God. They see him as a provider of wealth. You pray to him, sing praises to bribe him, even pray naked to entice him, maybe. Which explains why a prostitute will wake up in the morning, pick up a daily devotional and pray ‘God bless me today oo’. They only see him as one who blesses. They dont see any other side of him. You only pray when you need something.

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You only praise when you need something. You give larger offering when you need something. You always need something.

An intelligent unbeliever will definitely see the stupidity in all these ludicrous acts. It does not take a genius to see the stupidity in people only acting godly and nice in church or religious related activities.

Atheism isnt what is growing in the world now. No. It is the mockery of mediocrity that is growing. You refused to write applications with the belief that God will work for you. Like he does not have things to do. Because sister mary got a job without even writing nada does not mean you should sit, fold arms, pray and attend church 4 times a week too. Do you know who sister mary knows? What if it was her sister’s husband that got her the job, and it was just coincidental with the 3 days fasting period?

Let’s look at this. Assuming no one believed in God at all in the world, won’t people still prosper? Won’t people still get surprise money or jobs?

Okay, your church has 100 members. Are you telling me that if it was not a religious gathering, some people wont still prosper in the 100?

We need to see God beyond this. Prosperity is something that should follow suit, not the target itself. Christianity is not MMM.

Its funny, so many people believe im an atheist. Which is very logical considering the way i think and the fact that I am not afraid to say the truth. Especially when I call a pastor foolish or some other not so ideal names.

If I see something wrong, and I think it, and Im too cautious or afraid to say it… Yet the bible says God knows what we are thinking. Then who am I deceiving?

If I have not experienced God first hand, and have not been made a first order prince, then maybe I would right now be lead atheist in the world. And trust me, if i’m an atheist, the number of atheists in the world would tripple or more. But i’m not.

Like a friend once said..

Christianity is a way of life, not a religion.

So I implore you, let’s live it… Not just talk about it or fake it.
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