[People Profile] All We Know About Amar Mujkanovic biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Amar Mujkanovic biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Amar Mujkanovic is a rising social media sensation and content creator who is well-known for his humorous and humorous video clips on TikTok.

Amar Mujkanovic

His birth date was the 14th of November of 1998 within Bosnia and Herzegovina. He attended school in Bosnia before relocating to United States as a teenager to pursue his love of the creation of content along with social media. Amar is now a resident of Florida.

Personal Information

Profiling Amar Mujkanovic

A Quick Glance At Amar Mujkanovic

Full NamesAmar Mujkanovic
Place of birthBosnia and Herzegovina
Date Of Birth14 November 1998
State of OriginBosnia and Herzegovina
ProfessionTikToker and content creator
Followers 3.4 Million Followers
Instagram 48.7K Followers
Net Worth$5 million


Amar began his journey as a media influencer in 2019 after making his own TikTok account under the name @imdopemar. He started posting funny short videos, lip-syncs and sketches, and dances. His distinctive sense of humor, along with his charming personality quickly enabled him to gain popularity on TikTok. Within a year Amar had accumulated more than a million users over the social media platform.

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The most well-known content is prank videos in which the effects are based on text and screen. He also has humorous skits on everyday circumstances. Amar has a talent for finding humor in the most mundane of things. His witty and funny performances have earned him over 75 million followers on TikTok up to now. In 2023, he had more than 3.4 million users. Amar’s account is among the comedy channels that is growing at the fastest rate on TikTok.

Amar’s constant entertaining content has earned his profile on TikTok’s sought-after “For You” page several times, increasing his exposure. Amar has also collaborated with companies like Bang Energy drinks and Rolex to help promote their products. Amar has exclusive behind-the scenes footage and also debuts shorts and sketches via his TikTok before the other platforms.

Amar Mujkanovic

Apart from TikTok, Amar has a presence on Instagram as well, with more than 100,000 loyal followers. But his primary focus is on creating content every day to his faithful TikTok followers.

Net Worth

Based on reports Amar’s net worth is anywhere from $1 million and $5 million. The main source of his earnings is advertising and sponsorships for brands through his large fan base on TikTok. Amar also makes additional money through the TikTok Creator Fund program, which rewards creators of videos based on engagement and views. The occasional merchandise sales and drop on his store online contribute little to his income.

Other Social Media Presence


In Instagram, Amar has over 100,000 loyal followers, despite not being much active on the site. He has posted about 30 times in the past, mostly sharing photos and occasionally a Reel. But, his posts have great engagement, and average 125,000 comments and likes per post. This amounts to an engagement rate of more than 240% per post, which is considered to be extremely high. While his audience on Instagram isn’t as large as TikTok however, his posts appear to be popular with his followers on Instagram. Amar uses Instagram to use Instagram to share some of his photos and other behind-the-scenes of his life in general with followers.

Personal Life

Amar Mujkanovic was born on November 14, 1998 on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. His early years were spent in his hometown, where the school he attended was completed. It isn’t much known about his family or his childhood. As a teen, Amar moved to the United States to pursue a career as an influencer and creator of online content. He is currently residing in Florida.

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Amar Mujkanovic is adamant about keeping his family and personal life extremely private. There isn’t much information on the internet about his relationship history as well as relationships, and any other interests or hobbies apart from the creation of content online. He has decided to focus only on his job and isn’t sharing much of his personal life.

Amar Mujkanovic

In his spare hours, Amar enjoys hanging out with his close friends and going to the gym and relaxing after a long day of brainstorming and creating content on the internet. He has opted to work to be an influential person and entertainer online over anything else for the moment.

Amar Mujkanovic’s Famous TikTok Videos

In this TikTok video, Amar mujkanovic uses the “what song is your current playlist trend but with an added twist.

Amar Mujkanovic and his sister rate Naruto the character’s screams in this TikTok.

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On this TikTok, Amar Mujkanovic shows a trick you can pull with your teacher.

Amar Mujkanovic shows us exactly what he thinks about schools lunches on this TikTok.

Amar Mujkanovic

Amar Mujkanovic recounts the time that he helped a cat on this TikTok.


Q How many followers do Amar Mujkanovic have on TikTok?

A 2023: Amar has amassed more than 3.4 million users on his TikTok account, @imdopemar.

Q: How old is Amar Mujkanovic?

The answer is: Amar Mujkanovic was born on the 14th of November on the 14th of November, 1998. At the time of his birth, 2023, he’s 24 years old.

Q: Is Amar Mujkanovic on Instagram?

A Sure, Amar is an Instagram account that has more than 52,000 followers. In reality, TikTok is his main platform.


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