[People Profile] All We Know About Jason Waud biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Jason Waud biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Jason Waud is an American viral sensation who has impressed millions of viewers with his hilarious sketch videos, dancing along with collaborations with twin brother Joe. With his charismatic charm and knack for making captivating short form videos Jason has made himself one of the most admired TikTok creators.

Jason Waud

On the 14th of March 2003 Jason Waud entered the world two minutes before his brother Joe was born in Everett, Washington. The twins grew within Everett together with the parents, as well as their older sibling creating an unbreakable bond in their early years. Their mother was employed in the educational field.

As children, Jason and Joe filled their time with pranks, singing, dancing and imagining comedic sketches and adventures. They were always enthralled for entertaining and performing to the people who were around them. Their families embraced their artistic talents even when their playful behavior got them in trouble.

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Jason also developed a sense of competitiveness through youth sports such as soccer, basketball and football. Although he envisioned being a professional an athlete became obvious that Jason’s real talent was in the creation of captivating video content.

Personal Information

Profiling Jason Waud

A Quick Jason Waud
Full NamesJason Waud
Place of birthEverett, Washington
Date Of Birth14 March 2003
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican

2.6 million followers
Net Worth$5 Million


Jason and Joe gained popularity in 2017 when they created their YouTube channel, dubbed “Waud Twins.” Jason started to build his own following on Instagram by sharing images of fashion and travel in a unique humor. It was not until TikTok became a huge hit that Jason discovered his talent. Jason along with Joe began creating and uploading TikTok videos that showcase their latest comedy concepts sketches, dances singing and sibling banter.

Jason Waud

Jason’s first TikTok with the title “Dogs are Amazing,” is now averaging over five million people viewing it. Other early viral hits include “Twin Telepathy Challenge,” “When Mom Finds Your Report Card,” and “POV: The Cool Kid at School.”

Presently, Jason has over 2.6 million loyal TikTok followers, while the Waud Twins boast over 39K YouTube users. Brand sponsorship offers poured in and Jason began to earn money from his passion. Jason is focused on a single goal that is to make people smile. Jason’s videos are designed to bring happiness, laughter or just a moment of relief from the stress of everyday life.

Net Worth

With his huge following on platforms such as TikTok along with Instagram, Jason has built an estimated net worth of $500,000-$5 million. Jason earns his income from ad income, sponsored posts as well as an online shop for merchandise.

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Other Social Media Presence


With a following of 321K with 321K followers Instagram, Jason Waud boasts an remarkable participation rate of 10.72 10%. His posts, which include photos of himself, outfit photos, and glimpses of his life with his family and friends and is well-received. This is evidenced by an typical of around 34K liked posts and the 184 commenting on each post. He has shared 64 posts. Waud’s Instagram presence demonstrates a blend of influencer marketing and popularity potential.

Jason Waud


Jason Waud’s channel on YouTube launched in 2017, may be somewhat modest, with 29.7K viewers and seven uploads, however it has racked up a massive 523,681 views. In collaboration together with twin brothers, the duo have an unofficial channel that features video blogs and other videos that adds the depth of their presence on the internet.

Personal Life

Jason Waud was born on 14 March 2003 at Everett, Washington. The twins he shares with his brother Joe lived in Everett as did an older sister. Their mother is an academic. Jason and Joe have a strong bond since childhood and Jason saying that his brother was the “best friend.”

In addition to creating media, Jason makes time for video games, sports, and jam sessions with music. Jason is a fan of singers such as Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes as his musical heroes. Jason is also a big fan of his pet cat Theo when he is looking to be at home and relax.

For his private lives, Jason likes to keep his private life a secret for the time being. While he may post pictures with his rumored girlfriend Ashley Flow and his fellow influencer Ashley Flow, Jason tends to remain quiet about his relationships or romantic connections.

Jason Waud’s Famous TikTok Videos

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Take a look at some of Jason’s top TikToks that has over one million views.

Jason Waud shares some motivation through this TikTok.

Jason Waud shares a chemotherapy update on TikTok.

Prepare yourself for Jason Waud to go for an event.

Jason Waud


Jason Waud gets a fresh shaving with this TikTok.


Q: Who is Jason Waud?

The answer is Jason Waud is a social media influencer and performer most well-known for his comedy and lip-sync video clips on TikTok with Joe, his brother. Joe.

Q: How old is Jason Waud?

A. Jason Waud was born on the 14th of March, 2003. He is now 20 years old. older.

A: What are Jason Waud from?

A: Jason Waud was born and was raised in Everett, Washington, and later relocated into Los Angeles.

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