Liquorose Is Broke And Can’t Pay Her Rent, She Beg For Help Online

Liquorose Is Broke And Can’t Pay Her Rent, She Beg For Help Online

Ex-BBN  Naija ‘’ Housemate Roseline Omokhoa Afije better known as Liquorose is presently trending on the Twitter hashtag ‘Pay Liquorose’s Rent’
It has been alleged that the landlord of Liquorose promised to kick her out of her flat over neglect to continue the rent earlier paid by lovers
According to Twitter, the fans ignored the fee after Liquorose revealed that her relationship with Emmanuel finished in Dubai.

Multiple fans were dissatisfied as they kept looking ahead to the ‘craft of Liquorose and Emmanuel sailing for a long period or perhaps directing to marriage.

While some individuals voiced respect for Liquorose, others teased her over the condition.
when whetting this information, Liquorose has not given any information living under stress to continue her rent paid by her fans.
@LiquoroseSister wrote: My fave can never be homeless. let me pay rent for an hour

What Twitters Are Saying About Her

Black Girl Fly
This pay Liquorose’s rent trend must be a joke. Y’all are contributing money to pay rent for someone who’s probably richer than you lots? I’m unable to wrap my head around it.
12:03 PM · Mar 27, 2022Twitter for Android
purity Goldie
On my way to sell my landlord’s property after stealing his documents so I can pay my baby’s house rent Eii my mufasa must not be evicted
It’s how some idiot will sit somewhere and think their opinion really count, this is lions tag and I can’t remember when u guys start sharing tags with us so y the tear for Godsake #UrgentRentMoney PAY LIQUOROSE’S RENT
DollyPee Chelsea First Lady 
A blogger said Liquorose is broke, her lions are now trending Pay Liquorose’s rent since they’re saying she’s broke. People have been sending money and one person even sent them 500k. I love this. Cruise don turn real thing
1:29 PM · Mar 27, 2022Twitter for Android
Olayinks 7
Replying to

Am happy that as you all are helping your fevourite BBN ex housemate liquorose raise money for her rent abeg when we that now spend our own money for pastors or alfas abeg make nobody insult or questions us oo.
2:02 PM · Mar 27, 2022Twitter for Android
Haaaa and people dey wey never chop SMH and it will shock u when u see the people transferring this money they them sef no dey okay
3:04 PM · Mar 27, 2022Twitter for Android
ᥫ᭡Killua Zoldyck
So you people disappear when Liquorose trends with good tags….you only wait for her downfall to talk about her….the tag is a cruise and we are very much glad it caught your attention…thank you for helping us get more attention… #UrgentRentMoney Pay Liquorose’s rent
Kholi’s Mum Gist Mate⋆
As it stands now, information reaching me says ur fav will be lodging under ikorodu bridge cos the landlord don check her house lock collect key Japa….. Lions save ur fav ooo
Liquorose House Rent
Lions you are really trying but the money is still not enough to pay me am overdue this night oooo where will your fave sleep likes this
Liquorose Landlord’s Wife
Please pay my husband and my daughter are fighting your fave I have been begging them since morning. Please come through, I like that girl I don’t want her to go UrgentRentMoney PAY LIQUOROSE’S RENT P27 CHALLENGE
Sweet psycho
To all the Liquolions using Liquorose conference call as their name, please come drop something into the flutter wave so Liquorose can buy enough data and airtime to organise the next conference call bikonu #UrgentRentMoney PAY LIQUOROSE’S RENT
Diva De StoryTeller
Rose on her way to Kholi’s huz bcz Landlord sent her packing nd she doesn’t hve money to fuel her car LIONS pls cme through ooo let’s shame the devil your 1k, 2k, 5k, challenge can go a long way
Kholi’s Mum Gist Mate⋆
Chineke my heart can’t take this oooo, Lions oooo am on call with kholi’s Mum as am typing this oooo Chile if u pple don’t come through eeeeh y’all are finished…. Ewooooooo
Zombies waiting for Lions to strike on April 1st… keep waiting o, una go old pass methuselah

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