Victoria Beckham Said Her Husband David Beckham Loves Her New Look

Victoria Beckham Said Her Husband David Beckham Loves Her New Look

David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham has expressed the wish to be extremely slim as an “old fashioned perspective” with her rather assuming that women nowadays enjoy being shapely.

Victoria Beckham the style designer, has made the remarks amid the liftoff of her new VB Body shapewear collection, which she later said looks extremely good on more voluptuous bodies.

She also disclosed that the motivation for the new line – which is the cost between £90 and £650 a piece is an urge among women to keep a “round, curvaceous bottom” she added,

“It’s a retro attitude, desiring to be thin. I believe women these days want to look fit, and full-figured. They enjoy to have some boobs – and a bottom,” she remarked.

Victoria Beckham, also made the comments to Grazia magazine, having posed in pieces from her shapewear content for the surface of the magazine – funneling a Playboy bunny.

Mrs. Victoria Beckham said there are “a lot of truly curvy women” in Miami – where she and David Beckham, 47, spent time due to his ownership of Inter Miami FC USA.

She expressed that such people “actually own” their bodies and “show their bodies off with such enthusiasm,” with their perspective and style defined as “releasing” said Victoria Beckham.

She said that as a mother she is, she values that her youngest child Harper, 10, has been around women who “really celebrate their bends and appreciate how they peek

Victoria offered to the platform that her VB Body collection lets women have a curvier shape, with it featuring tight-knit fashion that creates a “truly positive profile.”

Additionally concerning the latest line – which runs in sizes from a UK 6 to 18 – the Spice Girls partner remarked: “The curvier you are, the more useful my VB Body clothes look.”

Promoting the line on social media in April 2022, she kept it was “meticulously prepared prepared” and “designed to complement the body an,” with it examining “great on all various shapes and measures.”

Victoria had said the tops, skirts, and dresses in the permanent lozenge collection are made of a “truthfully tight-knit jersey” that clings to the “parts of our bodies we want to honor. this helps married women feel more comfortable while they are in it, and that is very very good reach in the world of fashion’

David Beckham’s wife Victoria Beckham expressed it runs back to the origins of her eponymous technique brand – which she had founded 14 years ago, in 2008 – as she had enjoyed clothes that were “tight, sexy and fitted.”

I never think but I know my husband loves my new look and David Beckham always support my look and never complain about it,
he always been a supportive husband since day one,

being a fashion designer requires a lot of hard work, not just for the fashion but also for bodywork, fashion is all about science, you keep making a search for better work,
new things must be included also on your shape to make sure you are not working out of point,

Victoria Beckham added to her speech, having a supportive husband and family keeps going because they witness good things in everything you do, which gives the upper hand to work more and that has been working for me in my company,

it’s not all about the money but the courage behind the success, that can be enough for someone who knows where she/he is going and working for, have your plan and work on it and see your family and friends support you, she said


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