10 Old Songs Sampled For Current Hits

10 Old Songs Sampled For Current Hits

As a young man or woman, you must’ve come across some very great songs in recent times. What you probably do not know is that most artistes have a tendency of sampling great hits of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and even up to the 90s which is as recent as it can get. Here we will reveal ten great hits you probably didn’t know were sampled, to begin with. I hope you enjoy the list.


The song by P.Diddy is highly popular because it was in honor of his friend who passed away, The Nutorios BIG and the song did very well during the time of its release.


NUMBER 2. A-AH TAKE ON ME sampled for A1’s Take on Me which was released in the late 90s




Even though this song was first written by Roy Orbison in the 60s, the ladies keep bringing it back to life, first by Cindi Lauper in the 80s then sampled by Celine Dion later in the late 90s which also became an international hit. See the videos below.




NUMBER 4. BILL WITHERS – AINT NO SUNSHINE, sampled by Akon in the early 2000s after his music career blew up4



NUMBER 5. JUICE NEWTON – ANGEL OF THE MORNING. You probably didn’t know that this brilliant masterpiece by Juice Newton motivated Shaggy to write his own brilliant masterpiece ANGEL in the early 2000s.



NUMBER 6. NINA SIMONE – FOUR WOMEN. Later sampled by the legendary Jay Z on his 4:44 album as THE STORY OF OJ.



NUMBER 7. MTUME – FRUITY JIUCE, a spectacular song of its time which will later inspire THE NUTORIOS BIG to solidify his name as one of the greatest in world hip-hop with his smash hit JUICY a decade after the release of the original song.



NUMBER 8. STEVIE WONDER – PASTIME PARADISE which will later inspire an ever-green song from COOLIO titled GANGSTA PARADISE. FUN FACT: Stevie WOnder would only allow Gangsta Paradise to be released only if there is no profanity in the song, it will allow the new sample air without restriction and this made it so it gained the wide attention it later got.


NUMBER 9. CARLOS SANTANA – MARIA MARIA inspired one of the greatest hits of the late 2000s. DJ KHALID AND RIHANNA’S WILD THOUGHTS.


NUMBER 10. KODAK BLACK – NO FLOCKING. It might be a known fact but it is cool to note that this unintentional freestyle by Kodak Black at the start up of his career inspired a major hit by Cardi B at the start of her own career titled BODAK YELLO.

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EMINEM – SING FOR THE MOMENT was inspired by

Aerosmith – Dream On



Let us know if you enjoyed this compilation, hopefully, we will be inspired to drop a second episode. You would be surprised to know that there is a long list of hit songs that may have been inspired by an older song out there.

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