Krylo Logistics and Cargo Services

Krylo Logistics and Cargo Services

Krylo Logistics and Cargo Services

Krylo Logistics is a Nigerian-based logistics company solely catering to the local needs of people in the diaspora. Even though our services include local and international delivery, we are well-rounded for all your dispatch needs ranging from food items to general merchandise.


What we do

Delivery of Local Foodstuff including vegetables, meat, crayfish, and ponmo.

Local Delivery of  foodstuff to your doorstep

Delivery worldwide of merchandise. Contact us for a list of what we can dispatch for you depending on the country of choice.


We Beleive That

It is important that logistics providers respond to messages quickly and are proactive in providing updates. When communication is slow and sporadic, it is often the case that the company is unorganized, or goods are not where they are supposed to be. We take all of this into consideration and over the years have remained steadfast in our approach to making sure we are time conscious.

We also believe that a professional, knowledgeable, and robust customer service team will not only facilitate clear communication, but it’s also a sign of a quality company. Clear and effective communication also saves traders time and energy in building and executing trades.

We know that the logistics of international trade are complicated. Attention to detail is necessary as goods change hands and pass-through ports. We believe that a diligent company will have the correct documentation for the goods and communicate effectively with the necessary parties, avoiding tax penalties, delays, and confusion that cut into revenue.

A good logistics provider will save their customer time and energy by transporting and clearing goods efficiently and ensuring they arrive at the delivery location on time. Good logistics providers fix mistakes and resolve complications quickly, without requiring significant involvement from their customer, the trader.

We are registered with the necessary agencies to do business in the jurisdictions we operate. It is important for you to confirm that the company you are dealing with is registered to conduct business in the countries where the goods are to be picked up and delivered and anywhere they may land in between.

The best logistics providers are capable, easy to work with, and reliable. At Krylo Logistics, we deliver every time because we communicate well and have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge after years of experience. The time and effort invested to find a partner is small compared to the benefits of peace of mind, help when you need it or when things don’t quite go according to plan, the time saved in executing the transaction, and the value of being known to your customers as a business that can be relied upon to deliver every time., these and all are what we can guarantee.

Krylo Logistics and Cargo Services

We have years of experience and a good customer relationship. Good reviews and customer satisfaction have kept us ahead of our counterparts over the years.

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Instagram: @krylologistics

Facebook: Krylo Logistics



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