[REVIEW] Young IceHood Ft. Kyng Jmf – No Time


A typical definition of what a typical music guy in Nigeria calls a cover. But the idea I think., was to dump a fresh idea on an existing idea.

So what do I think about the song?

Well, not the kind of song that will garner that replay value as quickly as possible. I will not try in any way to dispute the fact that…sense was intended to be seen on this considering the choice of subject and lyrics.


No serious work was done here, especially knowing that the instrumental was obviously gotten online with some of its quality stolen away via online compressors and stuff like that but., it was not a bad choice for a Naija tune after all.

Sound quality wasn’t all that, but it was worth the effort. Clarity is of the essence here., I keep saying that. It came into play here though, but it didn’t make the mark.

I must add that the importance of a great sound quality is heavily under prioritized in Nigeria today. Maybe it is true then, it is only those who are ready for big things do big things., even out of their small things.



Same ol’ same ol’. Nothing spectacular, just there. They have tried to convey a message, Yes! But how uniquely was this concept brought into play? That exactly is my problem with most of the tracks I have had to review these days. Everybody is writing for writing sake, just to lace it on a beat that would believe to hide all the inefficiencies., comprising of delivery, flow and control.


Was this song nice? Well i’d say unless it’s been forced on the masses via heavy promotion and radio rotation, it might not be willingly replayed. But the effort put into the output must not be overlooked.

I give the jam a 5/10.

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