The first time in my young adult life that I went for a blood test and I saw Blood Group B positive in my result, I was scared to my bones. I was confused, too.

Image result wey dey for hiv aids

It was a test result from the school clinic during registration and I didn’t get the chance to ask the health officials as it was just written in our cards and handed to us to bring along to the clinic whenever we were visiting.

In my innocence and naivety, I had later asked my roommate who was equally naive but in order to seem woke, had told me I had tested positive to a viral disease, probably another variation of HIV.

I had tears welled in my eyes and “Jerusalem on high” on replay in my mind throughout that day. Like how? Why? Where? When? Ah!
I couldn’t even call my parents to break the ‘bad news’. If I would die, let me just make heaven at least. I wouldn’t be caught dead singing Naeto C’s Ten Over Ten, my favourite song then. 😁

But my curiosity wasn’t sated. First thing the next morning, I visited the clinic and asked to see a doctor. I asked him how long I had left as I had tested positive to ‘virus B’. He first had a good laugh before he explained to me that it was just my blood group and rhesus factor, nothing more. Chai!
I was first relieved, then angry. I wanted my roommate’s head on a platter. Lol

Why I remembered this? Last week, while I was at the hospital, the nurses were lamenting about a woman who has refused to do an x-ray because her friend had told her she would get cancer; that the radiation from the x-ray machine would give her cancer in the next few years. So, madam would rather carry around a broken limb that would most likely get worse than risk getting ‘cancer’. She would rather just take painkillers.

See ehn, ignorance can sometimes be a death sentence. I might have as well fallen into depression or attempted suicide if I didn’t seek knowledge then. Sometimes, it’s not wise to believe everything you’re told even if everybody thinks so. Ask professionals.

I once talked about how I went to sell the baby shoes I made one time at a maternity centre and the mothers refused to buy a pair of fine yellow shoes because they all believed wearing their baby yellow shoes or clothes would give them jaundice or yellow fever, when the truth actually is that wearing yellow won’t give a baby jaundice but may only make it harder to detect if the baby wears yellow often.

Las Las I had to dash the shoes to someone who was more enlightened. They missed those very fine shoes because, ignorance.

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