[People Profile] All We Know About Tabitha Swatosh biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Tabitha Swatosh biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Tabitha Swatosh (b. August 25 in 2000) was born on August 25, 2000. She is an American web-based personality and model. She is well-known for her sketchy comedy and lip-sync video clips on TikTok. She uploads a variety of music videos as well as green screen shows and stories. She gained fame through the app in 2019, and later became a member of the Hype House at the end of 2022. She was let go in the same year. She moved away from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Tabitha Swatosh

Swatosh was born in Kansas in the year 2000. She spent the entirety of her childhood there and began making posts on social networks as she was in her teens. She was a contestant in numerous pageants in her youth and took home the titles of Miss Merry Christmas 2017, Missouri Teen 2018 and Fair Queen 2018.

Profiling Tabitha Swatosh

A Quick Glance At Tabitha Swatosh
Full NamesTabitha Swatosh
Place of birthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Date Of BirthJuly 25, 2000
State of OriginAmerican
Youtube1.71 million
Tiktok11.9 million
Spouse/Partner N/A
Net Worth$1 million

She began posting on TikTok in early 2019 and then became famous quickly. She was able to make public appearances in mainstream media, along with her growing social media presence.

In 2022 in 2022, she had 11.9 million users in TikTok, 1.71 million followers on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 2,244 followers on Twitter.



Swatosh was a member of TikTok in the year 2019, and has posted music videos as well as green screen performance videos and stories. She has also posted video clips, and her videos have been viewed by more famous creators on TikTok throughout the many years. She’s also an active member of the Hype House since 2022.

Her engagement rate is above 2percent, which means that her earnings per year from TikTok is projected to range from $50k to $130k considering that she is able to charge a bit more of money to promote or sponsoring a company on TikTok. The cost ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per 1,000 fans of an artist who is on TikTok.

In 2022 in 2022, she has 11.9 million users on her platform, with 533.6 million followers.

Tabitha Swatosh


Tabitha Swatosh has 1.71 million users on YouTube. She typically posts Vlogs, challenges, and Pranks to her YouTube channel. These videos often include fellow collaborators, such as Hype House members.

She is reported to earn over $300k a year through the YouTube channel. This is an estimate that is conservative as she could be making at the very least 25.61K between $ 79.27K each month from all her content, which includes brand partnerships as well as advertising revenue from her non-sponsored videos. She earns between and $ 67.93K between $ 210.26K each month, and 126.39K and 391.2K 391.2K on a weekly and monthly basis, respectively. According to several media reports.

Brand Deals

Swatosh has worked with and was sponsored by brands such as Dick’s Sporting Goods. She also has worked with YouTube to promote their Coachella campaign, in which they will provide Coachella tickets to those who make YouTube shorts on the reasons why they would like to attend the highly acclaimed and well-known music festival.

Net Worth

By 2022 Tabitha Swatosh is worth $1 million according to numerous media sources. The majority of her income comes from her posts on social media and brand partnerships.

Social Media Presence 

In 2022 the number of followers she has reached is 11.9 million users of TikTok, 1.71 million followers on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 2,244 followers on Twitter.

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Personal Life

Tabitha’s family includes her mother as well as her father Matthew Swatosh, a businessman and her younger brother Blake who has appeared on her Instagram frequently.

Swatosh is currently living currently in Las Vegas, Nevada, after having left Las Vegas, Nevada. She had previously lived in the Hype house in Los Angeles. She moved into Los Angeles, after moving from her home town in Lamar, Missouri, where she was a resident until 2022.

Tabitha Swatosh

She was a lover of another influential Matt Ryan from 2020 till 2021 when they broke up because of irreconcilable disagreements. Swatosh was engaged in a prolonged battle within the Hype House when fellow member Renata Ri continued to provoke her, which led to her expulsion from the group.

Q. What is the age of Tabitha Swatosh?

A. In 2022 she was aged 21. She will be 22 in August 2022.

Q. What is the value of Tabitha Swatosh?

A. The net worth at present of Tabitha Swatosh is $1 million as per different media sources.

Q. Are you and Tabitha Swatosh in a relationship?

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A. No. In 2022 she’s reported to be single and not engaged.

Q. What do you think Tabitha Swatosh from?

A. Tabitha Swatosh is from Lamar, Missouri.

Q. Is Tabitha Swatosh and Thomas Petrou are friends?

A. Yes. Thomas Petrou and Tabitha Swatosh are believed to be close friends and also members of the Hype House in 2022. Thomas has reportedly requested Tabitha to be a part of his Hype House.

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