[People Profile] All We Know About Plastique Tiara biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Plastique Tiara biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Duc Tran Nguyen also called Plastique Tiara Edwards more commonly Plastique Tiara is an Vietnamese American drag queen, performer, model, dancer as well as a social media influencer as well as a creator of content. Nguyen is well-known for her role as a contestant on Season 11 of the television reality show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. The net worth of Nguyen has been reported to be around $2 million.

Plastique Tiara

Nguyen didn’t finish the contest, however she was able to finish in the 8th position. After and during her time during the program, her profile was spread to other social networks, which is where she’d regularly begin posting videos. At present she has 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 9.9 million users on TikTok as well as Twitter and YouTube. Twitter and YouTube there are more than 227k and 180k users.

Tiara was dubbed “Asian Barbie” on RuPaul’s Drag Race and her drag mother was Alyssa Edwards. Tiara’s Drag Queen success was evident in January 2019 , when she was named one of fifteen contestants selected to participate on the eleventh season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Tiara was the youngest contestant ever in the television show’s history. Tiara made her debut on the show and was instantly well-loved.

Profiling Duc Tran Nguyen

A Quick Glance At Duc Tran Nguyen
Full NamesDuc Tran Nguyen
Place of birthVietnam
Date Of BirthApril 11th, 1998
State of OriginVietnamese
instagram2 million followers
Youtube180k subscribers
Tiktok10 million followers
Twitter227k followers
Net Worth$2 million

She took part in the first show’s six-way contest for lip-sync that featured Scarlet Envy, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Shuga Cain, A’keria Davenport as well as Honey Davenport in the 3rd episode. She was her main contest in the episode 7. Tiara ended up being exiled in the ninth episode, after losing in a competition for lip-sync in the final to Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, finishing eighth. Tiara received a lot of attention on Instagram which helped her establish the record for having the most Instagram followers in the contestants. Tiara’s popularity increased when Tyra Banks shared some of her Instagram photos.

In addition to the popularity, Nguyen is also popularly acknowledged as hairdresser. Tiara has created hair wigs for a variety of drag queens among them Aquaria, Naomi Smalls, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, PatrickStarrr and many more. Tiara has also been a popular music artist. He released his first single titled “Irresistible” on April of 2019.

Duc Tran Nguyen, born April 11, 1997 at Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. The family relocated into Dallas, Texas, the United States at the age of eleven. It is believed that the identity of Nguyen’s parents remain unknown. Nguyen attended an aesthetics school and can speak equally Vietnamese as well as English languages well. Nguyen is still within Texas and his current romantic with his wife is unclear.

Plastique Tiara

The Sources of Income

The majority of her income comes from her social media accounts as a content creator model collaborations, brand partnerships hairdressing, television Live performances, Music and even merchandise.


On TikTok users can possibly earn 10k for each post, which does not include brand-sponsored deals.


On Instagram the user can make an estimated $7k from the post that is sponsored by a brand.


On YouTube her earnings hover around the $1.6k mark for each video, excluding brand sponsored deals, where she may charge as high as three thousand dollars per clip.

Brand Collaborations

Tiara has been associated with numerous top brands during her career, which has influenced her. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough data to show how much she might earn from these sponsorships However, we can guess that they are an enormous amount. This could be one her main sources of income.


Tiara has been model for several other brands too and we aren’t sure of the amount she can earn as a model but we can confidently assume that it will be quite a amount.


As a hairdresser Duc Tran has served a number of high-profile clients, creating hair wigs for many of the most famous names in drag, such as drag queens like Aquaria, Naomi Smalls, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, PatrickStarrr and many more. In addition to hair wigs, Duc Tran has serviced numerous celebrities.

It’s unclear at the moment the amount Tran earns from this venture since Tran hasn’t revealed the figure his earnings, nor have there been any reports suggesting that it. It is safe to assume that Duc Tran earns a considerable sum from this project.


Tiara was a contestant on the television program RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is believed that she achieved among the top ten in the competition. A few could have earned up to $100k in a season, but that is not confirmed.

Tiara may have made between $2k and $5k per episode, but we are unable to verify it. It is safe to assume that she’d earn in excess of 6 figures every season.

Live Performances

In terms of Live performance, Tiara has performed at numerous events over the duration in her profession. However, it’s not known what she would charge for live performances or how much she can earn from ticket sales according to the event’s organizers.


Plastique Tiara

Tiara also has an incredibly successful career in music. Her music is through streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify. It’s unclear at the moment the amount she can earn from sales of her records and streaming. We can be sure that she is earning more than five figures per year through her music.


Tiara also sells products on her website and other websites that cater to her followers. The store primarily sells clothing and prices range from $15 and $35, we could speculate that Vertes earns around the five-figure annual sales.


It’s unclear at the moment what Tiara might have spent her money on, since she has kept it under wraps. It is possible that Tiara might have put her money into fashion and beauty products, including clothing and accessories that she has featured through her various social media channels along with hair products she often uses on her clients and herself.

Tiara is an experienced hairdresser. We might speculate that she has the right place to carry out her work. It’s unclear whether she has or not however, we can speculate that she is a specialist with the kind of clients she has developed throughout her time in the sector.

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Tiara is also running an extremely popular YouTube channel. This would need her investment in video and audio equipment in order to create more high-quality content. This could involve lighting and props, top-quality cameras and sound recording equipment audio editing software, top-of-the-line machines to run these applications and various other subsidiary companies which would improve the quality of the quality of the content. She is very active in producing short-form content and also requires an entirely different set of equipment.

In the future, Tiara could also outsource the creation of videos to other experts who may charge her a premium according to the capabilities of the individual or team. Additionally she could have created a team of people to help produce the content she creates, which might also be a part of managing all her social media accounts.

Plastique Tiara

Tiara may also need to pay management fees when she’s under the supervision of an agency for talent. It is possible that she will pay a premium amount as a cost for logistics and management services according to the company and the number of stars/talents they manage. This is, naturally an esoteric notion, but it is the possibility. We do not yet know what she would pay for this.

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Q. How much is Plastique Tiara’s net worth?

A. Plastique Tiara’s fortune has been reported to be around $2 million.

Q. Is Plastique Tiara gay?

A. Yes. Plastique Tiara is confirmed she is gay.

Q. Is Plastique Tiara still dating Tim Kim?

A. No. According to reports, Tiara and Tim aren’t currently in a relationship.

Q. What is the height of Plastique Tiara?

A. Plastique Tiara stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall.

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