[People Profile] All We Know About Newly Promoted Serie a Side Empoli Biography, Networth

[People Profile] All We Know About Newly Promoted Serie a Side Empoli Biography, Networth

Empoli Football Club often known as Empoli is an Italian football club that is based within Empoli, Metropolitan City of Florence. Established in 1920, the club is part of an elite category that includes Italian soccer clubs which are not affiliated to a capital city of the province which have played in the top division.


Empoli has spent the majority of its existence in professional football. In Europe the most impressive results achieved was its part of the.


From the 1920s to the 1970s

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In the month of August 1920 Foot Ball Club Empoli and the football club Unione Sportiva Empoli were born. Following their participation in an event at San Miniato, the two joined to form a single soccer club in the local area. In the following season the new club, having gained affiliation with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) approved with the Tuscan Regional Committee, was incorporated into the Group A of the Tuscan Promozione 1921-22. The team was not able to participate due to financial difficulties but decided to go to Terza Categoria’s league. Terza Categoria. In that league, the team finished second within the A group.

In the 1922-23 campaign, Empoli placed second at the bottom of Group A for the Terza Categoria. Empoli was able to advance to the final round following having won the playoff in Florence that took place on the 15th of April 1923, against Pontedera 1-1. The season ended with a third-place finish in the final of the group.

The subsequent three seasons, starting in 1923 and ending in 1926 Empoli played within the Tuscan third division. In the 1926-27 seasons, Empoli took the title of Division A of Group A in Tuscany and was invited to play in the Interregional Finals due to a fourth-place finish in Group G and a fourth place in Group G, the Tuscans were promoted to the North Division of the Second Division 1927-28, which was the third Italian football division in the time. In the next season, Empoli was then placed in Group C of North Division, which concluded in fourth position However, for financial reasons, they declined the opportunity to participate in the next championship in Prima Divisione. The team was relegated to the Seconda Divisione from third to fourth the tier. But the following season, during the 1928-1929 Seconda Divisione, the club was promoted, and won the Tuscan championship, and was then promoted back to in the North Division of Prima Divisione.

Empoli was part of Prima Divisione, later Serie C, until the 1935-36 season when Empoli’s team was disbanded halfway through the season due to the mobilization of the players. Empoli began to compete again after the Prima Division the following season, with the name OND Empoli, with the colours blue and gray. the team was crowned the Tuscan Group A once more, and gained the right to play in Serie C. Until the closure due to the effects of warfare, Empoli played in Serie C and achieved a top performance of sixth in 1938-39. In the meantime, the club was changed to OND Interaziendale Italo Gambaccioni Section Soccer between 1938 and 1941, and then it changed its name into Associazione Calcio Empol. On the 15th of September, 1935, Empoli made its debut as a team in the Coppa Italia tournament with a 1-0 victory at home against Pontedera.

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Following World War II, Empoli was renamed the club as Empoli Foot Ball Club after having been named Sports Group Azelio Landi for an interminable period of time in the months of October through November and then was accepted into Serie B thanks to a third-place finish during the season 1945-1946. For Serie B, Empoli played for four seasons in a row which ended in third position during the 1946-47 season. Empoli was relegated that had by then adopted the blue color – was announced at the conclusion of the 1949-50’s championship. The permanent status in Serie C lasted for six seasons. During 2005, during the season, the team decided to sell the majority of its players, and after the conclusion of the season of 1955-56 in the same season, the Tuscan team was relegated into Serie D. After three seasons in the fourth division in 1959-60, the Azzurri could be relegated to regional league after finishing 15th, which was the same points as Carrarese and Rieti. The club was able to avoid being relegated, but they did so by meeting with Carrarese, and later overtaking Lazio and Lazio in Pesaro after an unassisted goal by Vezzosi. In the 1960-61 season, Empoli returned to the third division in Italian football, however for just one season, losing the league.

The club was relegated in Serie C on 9 June 1963 after defeating Tempio by 2-0 in the play-off match in Genoa. The club’s stay in the third division of Italian football, which was then referred to as Serie C1, lasted for twenty years up to 1983-83.


The 1980s and 1990s

It was in the year 1986 that this small town club was elevated into Serie A. In their first home matches in Florence Empoli’s Serie A debut resulted in an 1-0 victory over Internazionale. Aided by a nine-point deduction from Udinese and avoiding relegation, they came out with the score of 23 points and 13 goals over the course of 30 games. Empoli themselves were hit with an additional five points penalty in during the following season and were sent to the relegation zone even though they had a better performance. They were again relegated in 1989 to Serie C1 in 1989.

The club then spent a number of years playing in Serie C1 before returning to Serie B in 1996 and getting a second consecutive rise in. In 1997, with Luciano Spalletti at the helm, Empoli defied the odds to finish 12th and stay out of the fate of relegation. Relegation in the year following began the three-year period within Serie B, in which Empoli became famous for its exemplary young talent.

Promoting in Serie A in 2002 and 2005 have led to the club emerging as champions in the fight against being relegated. They finished the 2005-06 season in tenth position in the top flight. In the wake of the Serie A match-fixing scandal at the close of the season, they were able to qualify to play in the UEFA Cup to be played in the next season, but didn’t participate as the management of the club did not apply for an UEFA license. The 2006-07 season was the time when the club again was able to play in an appearance in the UEFA Cup.

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The year 2000 and the participation of the UEFA Cup

With the possibility of European football looming The management strengthened their team, notably by signing a variety of youngsters from big Serie A clubs, such as Rincon of Inter, Ignazio Abate and Lino Marzoratti from Milan as well as Sebastian Giovinco, Claudio Marchisio and Rej Volpato from Juventus with co-ownership or loan agreements. Empoli made their debut with the UEFA Cup with a two-legged game against Zurich which they lost 4-2 in the aggregate. An unsatisfactory performance during the beginning of the season resulted in the chairman Fabrizio Corsi to fire Luigi Cagni, who led the Tuscans to UEFA Cup qualification, and replace him with Alberto Malesani. The club’s fortunes were not changed and Malesani was fired following the defeat of 2-0 to Sampdoria that left the club at the lowest on the list. Cagni was appointed on March 31, 2008, however, the team was stricken by an untimely relegation. Cagni quit to be replaced Silvio Baldini prior to this season. Baldini’s stint, however was not effective in the end, as the Tuscans ended the season fifth in the league and then were beaten in the playoffs for promotion by Brescia.

Between Serie B and Serie A

Despite mediocre results, Baldini was sacked. In December 2011 the club had gone through four coaches during the 2009-2010 season. Empoli kept the club’s Serie B status dramatically in the 2011-12. After a disappointing season, Empoli finished 18th, just one point off the safety line, which meant an relegation play-off with Vicenza in two games. The first leg was without a goal, but Vicenza was 2-0 ahead in the second game after 30 minutes. Two goals in just two minutes saw the Azzuri draw the game before Massimo Maccarone sealed victory with a score of 3-2 during the 4th minute penalty time. The 2012-2013 season saw them finish in fourth in the league, an impressive improvement over the previous year, however they losing the play-off for promotion in the final to Livorno in two games. The club was promoted into Serie A the following season in which they finished as runners-up Palermo and remaining in the top division for two seasons and finished 15th in 2014-15, and 10th in 2015-16. In the final day in the season 2016-17 Serie A season, Empoli had one point ahead of the relegation zone, ahead of Crotone However, they were removed into Serie B after they failed to beat Palermo and Crotone defeated Lazio. After the success of 2017, the season of Serie B, Empoli promptly was promoted into Serie A, after winning Serie B on 28 April 2018, with four games ahead of. The final day during the 2018-19 Serie A season, Empoli had one point clear of the relegation zone, ahead of Genoa but were eliminated into Serie B after they were defeated by Internazionale and Internazionale. Genoa was drawn against Fiorentina and both teams ended with the same amount of points however Genoa had a higher goal differential by one. Yet, Empoli finished first in the 2020-21 Serie B season, to become the third team to win the history of the competition.

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