[People Profile] All We Know About Olabisi Ajala the Traveller Biography, Career, Family, Networth

[People Profile] All We Know About Olabisi Ajala the Traveller Biography, Career, Family, Networth

Moshood Adisa Olabisi Ajala, also known as Olabisi Ajala, was a Nigerian journalist and actor, writer and, later, a Lagos socialite. He is well-known for being an international traveler who had adventures throughout Israel, Egypt, Palestine, India, the United States and other countries. The only book he published covering his travels was called A Journey to Africa African Abroad published in 1963. His name is in Nigeria nowadays, is associated with the word ‘travel’. His name is commonly used as a slang term in Nigeria to mock people who are unable to stay in one location. The term is “Ajala the Traveler”.


Education and early life

Olabisi Ajala was born Ghana in 1929, or in 1934. He was a member of an Nigerian family. The family was polygamous that had around three hundred children as well as four wives. Olabisi was the twenty-fiveth. As a young child his family moved to Nigeria. In Nigeria, he was a student at Baptist Academy in Lagos and Ibadan Boys High School located in Ibadan.

At the age 18 in 1952, he emigrated in America. United States to study pre-medicine student[5 on the University of Chicago. He was the first black student to join the Delta Upsilon pi ‘fratority an co-educational Greek letter group. Later, he enrolled at Roosevelt University then called “Roosevelt College” to pursue a degree in Psychology.

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Travel in the United States

Ajala was a student in Chicago, Ajala conceived of an all-country journey from Chicago to Los Angeles on a bicycle. The journey “covered about 2,280 miles in 28 days. He started the trip on the 12th of June 1952, and arrived in Los- Angeles City Hall on July 10.” The trip won him numerous awards, and was featured in the top papers of the time. When he arrived at Los Angeles two days ahead of time, Ajala was received by the city’s mayor Fletcher Bowron.

He didn’t return to Chicago.

Then, in Los Angeles, he became a celebrity in his own right and did a number of interviews. He was later featured in a film called White Witch Doctor, based on the novel of 1950 by Louise A. Stinetorf, and was produced by the 20th century Fox. He was given the suggestion of Ronald Reagan whom he had previously met three years before. He was also signed to be a part of the film “Killer Ape” but never began work on it.

His fame was accompanied by a number of women. One of the women were a Chicago nurse known as Myrtle Basset who gave him his first child, Oladipupo Andrei Ajala on the 21st of January 1953. Oladipupo refers to “wealth has increased” in the Yoruba language. However, Ajala was the first to deny the paternity of his child. [10][11] He would be forced by the court in order to contribute ten bucks each week to the mother after the child refused to appear in court for the blood test that he demanded. Olabisi was then gone and he did not see Oladipupo in the same way until 1976 when Oladipupo was a musician. Oladipupo died on the 19th of January 2020.

Legal issues and deportation

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The following year, following several encounters with American immigration officials for minor infractions such as issuance of false checks He was sentenced to a one year in jail suspended for a period of. Additionally, because he was not completing his schoolwork–he had apparently moved into Santa Monica Junior College but did not keep up with his studies — he was ordered deported to Nigeria. He protested against the order to deport him and claimed he was likely to be executed by his father according to the tribal custom. He first climbed an 80-foot radio tower warning himself to commit suicide if the order was changed. After thirteen hours of vigilance, the man fell down from a height of about 15 feet and suffered the back injury with a sprain. Then, he began an hunger strike, which was referred to as a 30-day Ramadan fast, which must be observed as a faithful Muslim. In the end his deportation was denied however, he was sent instead, he was sent to London instead.

Return to America

When he died in the month of December, 1954 Olabisi was back in his home in the United States with another wife known as Hermine Aileen She was who was a New York model. They moved to Chicago. Then, in 1955 she divorced him for adultery and philandering, a one he denied. In December of 1955 the couple remarried and this time with an 19-year-old London actress who was named Joan Simons.


A trip around the globe as well as “An African Abroad”

On the 27th of April the year the year 1957. Ajala started a journey “around the world” from London.These would be the basis of his biography of 1963 “An African Abroad”, with an introduction written by Tom Mboya. He had planned to visit forty nations.

In order to write the book Ajala had traveled to India, Soviet Union, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, and, finally, Australia. He traveled through every one of them with the back of his Vespa motorbike, that carried famous signatures of famous people he encountered. While traveling throughout the world and across the globe, he also met numerous of them, including Jawaharlal Nehru Golda Meir, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Gamal Abdel Nasser, The Shah of Iran as well as Nikita Khrushchev. He also went to Poland, Germany, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Rumani, Hungary, and Turkey.

He also had encounters with law enforcementagencies; at one point during the Soviet Union where he was accused of trying to assassinate Nikita Khrushchev because he was too close to him in public. He also had a similar experience in another instance, at Palestine, the frontier between Israel and Palestine which there was a chance of being shot for speeding across the border without authorization. These incidents were all documented through his autobiography which was released in.

The book was composed as a travelogue as well as journalistic work. He shared his opinions on the way residents lived their lives in areas the author visited, as well as his opinion on the current political climate of Israel and Palestine as well as regarding the global leaders he had met.

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In Sydney which is where the book was published, he was married to Joan who had 3 kids with Joan. She had three children with.

Return to Nigeria and more weddings

Then, Ajala returned to Nigeria and became a well-known socialite. He also worked as an publicist and entertainment promoter, who collaborated with artists such as Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. The two later fell out.

He was honored in songs particularly by Ebenezer Obey who said “You have travelled around the world. Ajala travelled all over the world. …”. Since then, the phrases “Ajala travels” became synonymous with adventure and travel.

In Nigeria He was married to Alhaja Sade. Sade was said to have children with a couple of other women.


Death and dying in the final days

While in Lagos, Ajala suffered a stroke in the first days of 1999. He did not receive proper treatment. He died from stroke on February 2, 1999.


Ajala is today regarded to be Nigeria’s most famous traveler who travelled across the globe on his motorbike. Ajala’s name is often associated with traveling and adventures. His job as a journalist isn’t as well-known nor are his extravagant ways. His children are still living across the globe. The autobiography “An African Abroad” is currently out of production.

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