110-Year-Old Man who Found Alaba Internal Market International, Nze Igwe Okoro

110-Year-Old Man who Found Alaba Internal Market International, Nze Igwe Okoro

Alaba international market (international) is an electronic market that is located within Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is the biggest electronics market that is located in Nigeria. In addition to the sale of electronic goods, the market also offers repair of appliances at home. appliances. The market’s extensive array of business activities provides the opportunity to electrical and electronic experts who specialize for the maintenance of damaged home appliances

and transacting business through dealers in electronics. The market is open every day, with the exception of on public holidays and Sundays. The daily business activities and its popularity has attracted new investors and electronic dealers from across Africa which has led to an increase in the market’s size and population, which has important impact in the overall economy Lagos State

Nze Igwe Okoro who was the person who founded the famous Alaba International Market, has denied rumors of his death as revealed in a video online post.

It is the Alaba International Market in Lagos is without doubt one of the more well-known commercial hubs in the nation. While most people know about its importance and impact on the lives of people however, they are not aware of the man behind the famous landmark.

The market is located in Ojo, Lagos State, Ojo, Lagos State, Alaba International Market is known for being the biggest electronics markets in Nigeria. For a long time Alaba has been the preferred location for those looking for reliable and durable electronic appliances.

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The site is also involved with the repair of appliances at home and has attracted buyers and dealers of electronics across Africa This is due to the centenarian who began the journey in the year 1956.

Nze Igwe Okoro was born in the year 110 years ago today in Imo State and is presently living in Ami Umaka, his village in the state. He founded Alaba International Market in 1965. Alaba International Market in 1965 when he was a young man. several decades after, he is still able to maintain his energy and agility in spite of his years of age.

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A Healthy & Strong 110-Year-Old Visionary

In the video footage, Okoro reacts to rumours of his death, saying absolutely that he’s healthy and alive, while showing the vitality that is still flowing throughout him despite his age.

Okoro Debunks Death Rumours

A wrapper wrapped around his waist with a white singlet over the upper part of his body and an wrap tied around his neck, the old man exudes a sense of awe in his acknowledgement of his high-profile position.

Pa Okoro said, “I am extremely, very well and am very thankful. It’s an amazing surprise to learn the false announcement that I’m not in this world.

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“They are lying I’m still alive. I’m not sick,. I’m who you see me as. I’m healthy and am still what I am! There is nothing wrong with me.


“I am at 110 today but I’m healthy. I have nothing to worry about about me. I haven’t visited the hospital since my birth however, I’m healthy. …”

He is putting his right foot on the ground in order to highlight his argument, Okoro repeatedly states that his health is good and there is nothing wrong with him.

The Founder of Alaba International Market

In addition, Okoro said, “I’m really known as Chief Gwariwam, the founder of Alaba International, Mile 12, Old Mile 2, Alaba. Alaba International was founded in the year 1965.”

He said, “I started from Alaka where I’ve got all the documents, Alaka to Old MIle 2. Old Mile 2 to Mile 12. Mile 12 up to Alaba …”

Okoro said the company he was registered with is Okoro disclosed that he registered his business with Nigeria Market Association. He also revealed that he had organized an exhibition during the year of 1968.

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