[People Profile] All We Know About Tiktok Star Kelly Bahdie Biography, Family, Networth, Boyfriend, Career

All We Know About Tiktok Star Kelly Bahdie Biography, Family, Networth, Boyfriend, Career


Bhadie Kelly is a Tiktok star and Togolese Social Media influencer. Kelly was born in the early 20s. She became famous on TikTok after she posted a clip of her shaking, twisting, and whimpering her waist and also bouncing her Bumbum. The Tiktok model is from Togo.

Profiling Bhadie Kelly

A Quick Glance At Bhadie Kelly
Full NamesBhadie Kelly
Nationality Togolese
Date Of Birth1997
State of OriginAneho
LanguagesEnglish, French, Ewe
Current LocationUnited States of America

Kelly Tiktok Career

What Makes Kelly Tiktok Famous? Kelly Bhadie’s twerking style is what makes her famous. While she was a part of the New Orleans “bounce” music genre and helped modernize twerking which blew up in the early 1990s, Kelly’s twerking has become the latest fashion. She utilizes her lips and eyes to draw the attention of men.

She doesn’t bend as other women while twerking, instead standing tall, dancing, and flipping around like a caterpillar. Kelly can be seen twerking in a circle during this video that has exceeded the 1 million mark in views.

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In May of this year, the singer uploaded a video where she was dancing in a space wearing Nike shoes as the backdrop to an instrumental rendition of Mac Miller’s track J’s on My Feet which was written by Mike Will Made-It. The video went viral across every major social media platform around the globe, hence her TikTok career kicked off.

Kelly’s most-watched videos to date are her second video in which she sets men on fire. It boasts 4.8 million views. Kelly, who first downloaded TikTok in November 2021 previously uploaded a video that had 2 million views. she was wearing an untidy black shirt that revealed her stomach button. sporting the waistband, and was bouncing and bending her knees low.

A group of young men using the Chinese video-sharing application TikTok has named Kelly Bhadie Miss TikTok of 2022. In the span of a few days after her twerking videos became famous and her TikTok number of followers went up over 100%.

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On social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok Many users have taken on the persona of Kelly Bhadie. Her other accounts apart from @Bhadie.kellyy include @pyt.kellyy and @slayy.kellyy According to her original TikTok account.

Kelly Tiktok Net Worth

Kelly has reportedly become a millionaire. However, we can only assume her net worth is on an estimate for the moment however we will inform you when her net worth is assessed.


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