[People Profile] All We Know About Jennie Kim Biography, Age, Career, Networth, Boyfriend, Family

Jennie Kim Biography, Age, Career, Networth, Boyfriend, Family

Who is Jennie Kim?

Jennie Kim is one of the South Korean pop singers and part of the female K-pop group ‘Black pink. Following her move to Seoul, South Korea after finishing her education in New Zealand, Kim was recruited at ‘YG Entertainment‘ as an apprentice. Her fame was boosted by appearing in G-Dragon’s video for ‘That XX.

Profiling Jennie Kim

A Quick Glance at Jennie Kim

Full NamesJennie Kim
Stage NameBlackpink Jennie
Date Of BirthJanuary 16, 1996
NationalitySouth Korean
Record LabelYG Entertainment
OccupationSinger, Rapper and Writer
Relationship/Marital StatusSingle
Place of BirthCheongdam-Dong, Seoul, South Korea
No of ChildrenNone
Net Worth$10m
Known ForBlackPink

Then she also appeared in his hit single “Black.”YG Entertainment” has been pushing for the release of Black Pink for quite some time, and Jennie finally made her debut as a member of the group along with Lisa Jisoo, Jisoo as well as Rose on August 8th, 2016. Jennie has also worked with musicians like Lee Hi for his single “Special,” Seungri for ‘GG Be’ and G Dragon for ‘Eventually. As with the band members, Jennie Kim also has an enormous fan base and is often thought to be the head of Black Pink.’ Jennie Kim’s label ‘YG Entertainment’ believes she is its strongest card and she is often called the YG Princess. Jennie Kim is one of the most highly rated K-pop stars and has the ability to speak Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean.

Rise to Fame

At fourteen, Jennie Kim was signed by YG Entertainment in South Korea. But, she didn’t begin her singing career right away after signing the contract. She went through a six-year period of training. In addition to working on her vocals, but also improved her skills in singing and rapping. “YG Entertainment” has been working on the band “Black Pink” for several years and began advertising their debut in the year 2012. The last members of the group were announced on June 29th June 29, and the 29th of June. The members of the band Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa officially began their journey on August 8th the 8th of August. Their debut album, ‘SquareOne was a collection of songs, like ‘Boombayah’, and “Whistle.”Whistle” became the number one song on the “Goan Digital Chart” and the video for the song went popular on YouTube. This led to the band becoming an instant hit and they were the top graded female K-pop group on the Billboard Social 50.’

Jennie Kim, along with the rest of her crew reached an important milestone in their careers after they released their latest single, ‘As If It’s Your Last,’ which was released on June 22nd in 2017. The song’s music differed from the music of their previous singles and debuted at the top of Billboard’s World Digital Song chart. They didn’t stop there from stealing the spotlight. They made their debuts in Japan on the 30th of August 2017 by performing their extended musical “Blackpink. The EP debuted at the top of the “Oricon Chart of Albums. In January 2018, Jennie was chosen as the model for the new “Chanel Beauty. The model made her debut photo shoot for the brand using the name ‘Harper’s Bazaar Korea’ as their new model. In April 2019 she made history as the only Korean Solo artist who performed at Coachella.’

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Jennie Kim’s Controversy

Although Jennie Kim has attempted to stay clear of controversy, however, she was implicated in a controversial incident during an episode of the comedy series “Knowing Brothers“. In a fake interview in a fake conversation with Kim Youngcheol, she was asked about the city in which she resided for the past few years in New Zealand. In response, she said “Do you have any cities that you know of within New Zealand?’ The response of many people was a source of anger and she chose to not respond to the criticism.

Jennie Kim’s Personal Life

Jennie Kim was born on the 16th of January, 1996 in the Seoul Capital Area, South Korea. She relocated to New Zealand to pursue higher education at the ‘ACG Parnell College. After graduating in 1996, she relocated back to South Korea and was signed by ‘YG Entertainment. Her father is the proprietor of a hospital, and her mother is part of the company that produces media, ‘CJ E&M.’

Jennie Kim’s Boyfriend

Reports from the media have revealed a connection between Jennie Kim with Big Bang rapper G-Dragon romantically. But, there are reports that in May 2022 they split up.

Family / Relationship:

Jennie is the only child of her parents. Her father is an owner or director of a hospital in Seoul and her mother is the director and shareholder of CJ & M.

In BLACKPINK pre-release single “PInk Venom” Jennie Kim appeared in a Manchester United T-shirt

In the MV “Pink Venom”, released on August 19th, all BLACKPINK members attract attention for their spectacular visuals, but Jennie stands out to soccer fans. In particular, the female rapper was dressed in a Manchester United shirt, with the word “Jennie” and the number “96”, which represented her birth year, in the back.

In this regard, netizens are showing various reactions, saying, “This can’t be…,” “There’s a possibility that they don’t even know what Manchester United is,” “We told Manchester United to recruit new player but turns out they just recruit idols,” and “They should have to wear Man City or Liverpool’s uniform”, “I guess it’s a trend for female idols to wear soccer uniforms,” ect. Netizens’ response is related to the current situation of Manchester United, which has recently been sluggish.

Previously in 2020, Kpop boy group Stray Kids also received a lot of reaction from soccer fans when they wore vintage shirts from large clubs like Celtic and Real Madrid in their “My Pace” MV.

Pink Venom” marks the return of BLACKPINK after 2 years of no group activities. Following this pre-release single, BLACKPINK will also drop their 2nd full album “Born Pink” on September 16th.

Meanwhile, the MV for “Pink Venom” recorded about 8 million views within just 30 minutes of release. BLACKPINK is also going on a world tour from October 2022 to June 2023.

Social Media:

  1. Instagram – @jennierubyjane/
  2. Facebook – @BlackPink.Jennie/
  3. Twitter – @jeennierubyjane – Fan page
  4. YouTube – @JennierubyjaneOfficial_BLACKPINK/
  5. Website – N/A

Interesting Facts:

  1. Jennie’s date of birth is January 16, 1996. She is 26 years old as of 2022.
  2. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  3. She was 14 years old when she joined YG Entertainment.
  4. She is known as the YG princess in the group.
  5. She has a lot of nicknames Jendeugi, Jendeukie. One of her nicknames is ‘Human Gucci’ because she often wears expensive clothes from Gucci.
  6. She was the first member to be revealed as a member of Blackpink.
  7. She has a total of 9 piercings. There are 5 on the left ear and 4 on the right ear.
  8. She is fluent in English and can speak Korean and a little Japanese. She also learned Spanish when she was in New Zealand.
  9. Jennie studied in New Zealand for almost five years.
  10. In an interview, she accepted that she prefers sexy guys rather than cute guys.
  11. She knows how to ride a horse. She learned it when she was younger.
  12. Her favorite Disney movies are Tangled, Aladdin, and Toy Story.
  13. Her favorite song is Dua Lipa’s New Rules.
  14. She has two dogs named Kuma and Kai.
  15. She also has a YouTube Channel. She uploads vlogs on this channel.

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