[People Profile] All We Know About itspierreboo biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

itspierreboo biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Itspierreboo is also known as Pierre Amaury Crespeau, a 35-year old TikTok star. He is also a social media influencer who focuses mainly on TikTok. Pierre was a child actor and a fan of cinematography. To fulfill his childhood dream, he moved to the USA.


He went to audition for acting, and he met Nick Champa accidentally. The rest is history. The duo has created a highly profitable and entertaining social media presence. Although they have their own Instagram accounts (where Pierre started posting trendy pictures in 2014), and Tik-Tok, the duo had already begun documenting their relationship online.

He has approximately 1 million Instagram followers, 12.7 Million on TikTok, and 1.22 Million subscribers to the YouTube channel he shares with his boyfriend, Nick Champa, who is also a content creator.

Personal Information

Profiling Pierre Amaury Crespeau

A Quick Glance At Pierre Amaury Crespeau
Full NamesPierre Amaury Crespeau
Place of birthFrance
Date Of BirthSeptember 12, 1986
State of OriginFrance
Tiktok12.7 Million Followers
Instagram 1.1 Million Followers
YouTube1.22 million subscribers
Net Worth$1 Million


Pierre graduated high school, but it’s not known if he attended college. He decided to start posting videos on TikTok where there was a lot of activity. Nick is his current boyfriend and he often uploads videos.

He began to make comedy videos, including lip sync, pranks and dancing. They pulled a variety of pranks on one another and also did Q/A sessions. Their video titled “Sweatshirt Prank On My Boyfriend (Gone Wrong”)” has been viewed more than 11,000,000 times. Later, many big brands like ASOS and Ariana Grande began sponsoring their Instagram accounts, including Spotify, Spotify, and Spotify.

Pierre was very interested in modeling and acting from a young age. In 2014, Pierre’s first social media experience was Instagram. He uploaded his modeling photos to the platform that was only available to his friends.

He decided to move to America to pursue an acting career and met Nicky Champa during an audition for a movie. Soon, they began sharing their love story on Instagram and YouTube. They gained many followers. They are now followed by approximately 1 million people per day as of 2022. Pierre was an active YouTuber since 2017 but became a YouTube star in 2020 when he and his boyfriend posted the series “Nicky and Pierre”.


Pierre is quite popular these days, with his channel having over 750 million viewers. Pierre and his boyfriend are what makes people love their chemistry. They have over 1.26 million subscribers to their YouTube channel. Their videos are viral and get around one million views. Pierre and his boyfriend, according to multiple sources, are creating a fashion brand together. They are currently scouting market parameters.

Pierre began posting on Tik-Tok in 2019, as it was the newest platform. His TikTok content consisted mainly of lip syncs, pranks and dancing. He also made comedy videos. His boyfriend often collaborates on TikTok. They often post comedy videos that feature Nick, and rarely include other influential influencers.

On Sep 21, 2020, he uploaded his first YouTube video titled “We’re back!” Nicky and Pierre”.

Their most watched video, “Spraying the car in cologne and getting his reaction”, has over 20 million views.

Net Worth

According to various internet sources, itspierreboo’s net worth is approximately $1 million as of 2022. Pierre can easily make around $2 – $5 per thousand Tik-Tok subscribers for advertising and promotional content. His verified TikTok account has over 12.7 million followers.

Pierre and Nick collaborate on YouTube content. Social Blade estimates that their monthly earnings range from $6.9K to $109.8K, and their annual income is $82.3K to $1.3M via YouTube. Engagements on social media platforms are his primary source of income.

Personal Life


Pierre Boo was born in Paris, France on 12 September 1986. He also grew up there. He is French. Both his mother, Virginia Crespeau and father Jean-Pierre Crespeau are French nationals. Pierre is the brother of Giancarlo and Arnaud Crespeau, as well as a sister Marie-Sophie.

Pierre is now dating Nick Champa. The two first met at an audition in 2017. Pierre was instantly attracted to Nicky’s beauty. He reached out to his agent, and it was discovered that they had the same agent. They met up and have been together since 2017.

Other social media presence

Pierre, aside from TikTok has more than 1.2 million Instagram followers. His Instagram account often features his modeling photos. He has a YouTube channel called his own and has more than 1.22 million subscribers as of 2022.

Top TikTok videos

Pierre uploads videos every day to TikTok. Most of his videos feature his boyfriend dancing and lip-syncing. Pierre has over 12.1 million followers via his verified TikTok profile and 362.4 millions likes to his videos.

This video shows Nick telling Pierre that he would have loved to spend more time with Pierre. Pierre doesn’t know what to do so he starts speaking gibberish. It has been viewed 34 million times.

Pierre drops protein powder that was not meant to be dropped in this video. This video has been viewed 22.2 million times.

Nicky and Pierre dance together in this video. They tell people about their age gap, i.e. 10 years. This video has been viewed over 8.6 millions times.

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Q. Q.

A. Pierre is now 36 years old, having been born September 12, 1986.

Q. Q.

A. Pierre’s net worth is estimated to be over $1,000,000 as of 2022.

Q. Q.

A. Pierre has been married to Nicky Champa since October 2022.

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