[People Profile] All We Know About HolyGxd74 biography, Career, Family, Networth

Everything We Know About HolyGxd74’s Biography Family, Career, Networth

Javante Carter, aka as HolyGxd, is an American social media influencer who is well-known for his humorous content on Instagram. He experienced a difficult childhood due to his home being an area that was rife with crime in New Orleans and suffers from ectodermal displasia that has affected his facial shape. Although the initial problem was solved when his family relocated to Louisiana however, the condition is an issue for him because it has resulted in the ability to have a jaw that is flexible and can be lifted to the point that the lower lip over the nose.


In his early years HolyGxd had to endure a lot of harassment and bullying due to being different from other kids who were his age. In later years, he turned this flaw into strengths by joining the online social network called ‘Vine.’ The platform did not provide any success and considered abandoning the platform. Then, people started to make his memes, which prompted HolyGxd’s creation of comedy videos.

Profiling Javante Carter

A Quick Glance At Javante Carter

Full NamesJavante Carter
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthJanuary 9, 2001
State of OriginUSA
YouTube 82.1K subscribers
TikTok15.5 million followers
Twitter10.5K followers
Instagram1.5 million followers
Net Worth$1.5million

The company was founded by Instagram in 2015 , but struggled to achieve the popularity he desired. He was too young to comprehend the importance of social media and its business aspects. It was only when he encountered an Instagram user with the name of @youngsamer. Together, they studied ways to build a long-lasting web presence. When Carter and Sam joined forces and started their own Instagram, the @HolyGxd account became a huge success.

Carter gained more than two million users on Instagram within the first year of partnering together with Sam and his Facebook following was able to grow to more than 160,000. In the wake of the popularity and success that Carter gained through Instagram and Facebook and Facebook, he was inspired to expand his reach into YouTube.

On April 29 of 2017, HolyGxd started his YouTube channel and began uploading funny videos. At present, HolyGxd has around 82.1 thousand users on his channel on YouTube. The sole video on his channel to reach 1 million views is “Black Ninja PT. 2.’ The description area of the channel on YouTube HolyGxd is described as comedian, actor face-up champion and Karate champion, as well as a race-car driver.

Javante first entered the world of technology by joining the now defunct video-sharing application, Vine. Because of the issues Carter was faced with due to his ectodermal disorder, it was not a place where he received the sort of interest he’d like to have and even considered going off Vine.

When he discovered that people were creating memes on his behalf, Carter took it as an honor and then made a decision to make comedy videos. Carter began using Instagram in 2015 but had the same issues that he had on Vine. A fellow Instagram user helped HolyGxd as well as later becoming his boss. When HolyGxd was preparing to abandon his comedy career, he connected with Twitter user Sam who had the Instagram handle of ‘@youngsamer.’ Sam was his business partner and manager. Together, they gained knowledge about how to create social media content as well as the best techniques for increasing their popularity.

People were more open to his uniqueness on the photo sharing app and he soon began to build followers. Because of his enthusiasm and professionalism the hilarious Instagrammer became the biggest fan of the app in a short time. Within a year, the HolyGxd Instagram page had accumulated more than 2 million followers, and he had more than 160 thousand followers on Facebook.


Although he is still subject to criticism, he rarely lets them get him down. Instead, he’s discovered a way to laugh at himself and his physical limitations and has inspired millions of his fans.

HolyGxd was never a fan of becoming an Instagram phenomenon, and fame on social media came to him through chance. After he got over his resentment towards bullies, he emerged as a positive individual and began posting videos on social media platforms to have amusement. The change in his outlook brought him lots of interest.

Carter started his channel on YouTube under the title HolyGxd on the 29th of April 2017 and the channel quickly became the preferred destination for his hilarious videos. The channel currently has over 82,000 subscribers . its content is seen more than 1,668,342 times.

Its @HolyGxd TikTok account has more than 16 million users in July 2022. Carter has amassed over 179.8 million followers on the platform during the course of.

Carter even has a non-profit group of his own , which works to educate people about the genetic condition, as well as the stigma that comes with it. Through his non-profit organization and his work, he also tries for the prevention of bullying generally.

Through his group He also works in order to stop being bullies generally.

Net Worth

As of July 20, 2022 Javante “HolyGxd” Carter has an estimated net worth that ranges between $1 million and $5 million, stated by many sources. He earns from YouTube AdSense revenue, and through the endorsement of brands and products through his social media accounts that are popular such as TikTok as well as Instagram.

Social Media Presence

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Because of his capacity to never quit and keep his faith in the face of all the bullies and hatred he was subjected to, Carter has managed to accumulate more than 15 million users through the TikTok account, while the account has more than 1.5 million people following the Instagram account. The relatively new HolyGxd YouTube channel has more than 80,000 subscribers under its name.

Personal Life

Javante Carter a.k.a Holygxd was born on the 9th of January, 2001 located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The native of the ’12th Ward’ of New Orleans’, Carter was not a happy childhood. The neighborhood was rough and had an extremely high rate of crime and, after witnessing the murder of a man right in front of his home the Carter family decided to relocate into Slidell, Louisiana on the outside from New Orleans.

Carter’s biological father left the family while he was young and so Carter was raised by his maternal grandmother and mother. Due to his ectodermal disorder, Carter was bullied and was sexy throughout his childhood. After a difficult and challenging period, Carter finally decided to accept his condition and utilize it as a means to entertain his fans.

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Q. Who is HolyGxd?

A. Javante Carter, known online as HolyGxd is an American social media influencer, who is known for his funny videos on Instagram.

Q. How old is HolyGxd?

A. Javante Carter, known popularly as HolyGxd is currently 21 years old. He was born on January 9, 2001.

Q. Is HolyGxd rich?

A. Yes, Javante Carter, known online as HolyGxd, is rich with an estimated net worth ranging anywhere between $1-$5 million as reported by a number of different sources. Some sources suggest his net worth may be as high as $35 million though these claims are unverified.

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