[People Profile] All We Know About Eric Artell biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Eric Artell biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Eric Artell is an actor as well as a comedian and creator of digital content. He has appeared in a variety of T.V. shows and films. He is known as the host of Daily ReHash. He is well-known as a creator of content on TikTok. He has more than 4 million TikTok followers who are creating original and entertaining content.

Eric Artell

He has also performed voice-overs for various television commercials, animation projects as well as video games and much more. He is a well-known artist who is known for his multi-faceted talents.

Personal Information

Profiling Eric Artell

A Quick Eric Artell

Full NamesEric Artell
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth
August 31, 1980
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
4.1 million followers
Instagram92.1K followers
Net Worth$1million


Eric has a long, prosperous career. He began his career by appearing in T.V. shows with minor roles. His first appearance was in the show “7th Heaven “. He was in a variety of roles in a variety of series like “Zoey 101”, “The Work ‘” ‘The Story” and many more. He is also part of the Emmy winner series “Dragonfly.” He also was offered an appearance in the film “Superhero Movie” as Sneezo. He has also appeared in the featurette of his own “Net Worth”.

He collaborates with Collab to enhance their content as well as teach the people how to produce and create content. He hosted his weekly show on social media “Breakfast With Champion “‘ (2021to Present) via the Clubhouse app, which attracts the attention of more than 80K users. Eric also provides his services to companies and corporations.

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Eric creates unique content on TikTok. He has more than four million users on TikTok with more than 81.8 million followers and 81.8 million likes. He shares entertaining videos, voiceovers along with flicks.

The videos are enjoyable to take in. Additionally, he uploads instructional videos to YouTube to help students learn about acting. His videos have millions of followers due to the quality of his videos, which feature impressive acting, a solid knowledge of the language and a clear understanding of the needs of the audience.

Eric Artell

He uploads a variety of videos on TikTok which include hilarious voiceovers of funny animals, hilarious interviews hilarious skits, improv and much more.

Net Worth

In March 2023, Eric Artell has a net worth of approximately $1 million. His main source of income comes from creating content, ad campaigns consulting, and other. The engagement rate of those who follow him is 4.10 percent. He earns between $6,562 and 984$ per article. There are many streams of revenue, ranging from social media to business ventures consulting, and more.

Personal Life

It is not known much about the private life of Eric Artell at the time of his death in March 2023.

Other Social Media Presence


Eric Artell has more than 1000 followers on Linkedin and has more than 500 connections. The majority of his posts are about his work, the projects which he has worked on or is working on. He also shows how to produce original content that will captivate viewers.


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Eric also has an account on Instagram and is a user with the name @ericartell. There are more than 92 thousand users on Instagram. Eric writes about his day-to-day life experiences, projects and adventures. Also, he posts funny skits and voiceovers. One of his most popular videos among his followers is his voiceover for animals, which is hilarious and cute.


Eric Artell

Eric has about 1.9 million people following him on Facebook. He writes about his travels along with his daily life and also other content that is creative here.

The work of Eric Artell Popular TikTok videos

The following TikTok video Eric Artell interviews various women in Disneyland about their princess makeovers.

This TikTok video Eric Artell interviews Dixie D’Amelio about her new song for Pasta.

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Here is the Eric Artell’s paid-partnership video in conjunction with UberEats.

This is the clip where Eric was introduced to Khaby Lame..

In the TikTok video clip, Eric performs a hilarious voiceover based on footage of animals.


Q. Are you married? Eric Artell married?

A. As of right now, Eric is not dating anyone.

Q. How old Is Eric Artell?

A. Eric is 42 years old.

Q. Is it true that Eric Artell worked in movies?

A. Yes. Eric has worked on several films and T.V. shows such as Dragonfly as well as Superhero Movie.

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