[People Profile] All We Know About Enzo Schiappa biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Enzo Schiappa biography, Career, Family, Networth

Enzo Schiappa is an American YouTuber, voice impersonator, and TikTok Star. He is most well-known for creating videos that revolve around Donald Fauntleroy Duck’s plush toy, also known as Donald Duck. This cartoon character was created by The Walt Disney Company. His content focuses on him impersonating Donald Duck in various situations, which often leads to hilarious reactions.


Schiappa prefers anonymity and does not post any photos or details about his private life. Schiappa only shared a few details about his private life, including that he was a big fan of Duck Tales as a child. DuckTales, an animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation in the USA, is called Duck Tales. Clarence Nash, the talented voice actor for Donald Duck, was the cartoon’s star. Schiappa was obsessed with the TV show, and Donald Duck in particular. He tried to imitate his iconic voice.

Schiappa was able to impersonate Donald Duck after years of practice. He started making people laugh with his Donald impression.

Profiling Enzo Schiappa

A Quick Glance At Enzo Schiappa

Full NamesEnzo Schiappa
Place of birthUnited States
Date Of Birth18th July 2003
State of OriginAmerican
YouTube 1.37 million subscribers
TikTok24.7 million followers
Net Worth$1 million

Enzo decided to go one step further, and built his entire online identity around his ability sound exactly like Donald Duck. In an effort to avoid Disney’s copyright strike, he registered his YouTube channel under the name Donald Ducc on July 28, 2017.

His first YouTube video, titled Donald Duck rages on Minecraft! It went viral the next month, and quickly exploded in popularity. The video currently has more than 575,000 views. In an attempt to duplicate the success of his original video, he uploaded his second video entitled Donald Duck Sings Gary Home XD. This video was not as popular and has only 66,000 views so far.

The Donald Ducc YouTube channel now has more than 1.37 million subscribers and has been viewed over 622,947.947 since its inception. YouTube’s Shorts feature has greatly increased his reach.

Enzo joined TikTok, the newest addition to social media. The up-and-coming platform for video-sharing was a gift that seemed divine. His short videos were greatly helped by the algorithm, which eventually allowed him to reach over 24.7 millions followers. According to Socialtracker.io, Donald Ducc TikTok is currently ranked 90th in most followed TikTok accounts. This puts him right behind Justin Bieber, who is the prince of Pop. His TikTok account has over 472 million followers.

Enzo had an active Instagram account with the same name up to August 2019 and had over 900,000. In a tragic turn of events, the TikTok young sensation lost his Instagram account access and lost all his videos.

Enzo Schiappa entered the digital age on July 28, 2017. He registered his YouTube channel as Donald Ducc. His first video, Donald Duck rages on Minecraft!, was viral due to his impressive impression of Donald Duck. He even used the Donald Duck skin to sell his personality. The video currently has more than 576,497 hits.

Enzo did not want to be restricted to Minecraft. He tried out several games, including Epic’s Battle Royale, Fortnite and Blizzard Overwatch.

Enzo, regardless of his game, was determined to Donald Ducc and had a lot success which helped him grow his social media following.


YouTube Shorts was what helped Enzo most. In December 2021, he uploaded his most-viewed short, Donald Duck is worried #Shorts. This video has been viewed more than 20 million times. Enzo currently has more than 1.37 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He has also started including vlogs that feature the daily life and adventures of Donald Ducc.

After giving TikTok an attempt in 2018, Enzo became a household name and achieved mainstream success. His videos were viral because he created an algorithm that was geared to the content he made. He has over 24.7 million subscribers. He currently ranks 90th among the 100 most popular TikTok accounts according to Socialtracker.io. This puts him just behind Justin Bieber.

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Enzo has an Instagram account, which he uses to share a glimpse of his private life.

Net Worth

According to a variety of sources, Enzo Schiappa’s net worth is anywhere from $1-$5million as of July 2022. This figure was primarily derived via YouTube AdSense revenue, and sponsored content on his TikTok account.

Social Media

Enzo Schiappa’s Donald Ducc Channel has been one of the most popular social media accounts in the world. His Instagram account has more than 8,000 followers, while his TikTok account has 24.7 million. Donald Ducc’s YouTube channel has more than 1.37 million subscribers. His Twitter account, Donald Ducc, has only 578 followers.

Personal Life 

Q1 Who is Donald Ducc, and how do they know it?

A. Enzo Schiappa is an American YouTuber, voice impersonist, TikTok star and face behind the Donald Ducc YouTube channel and TikTok accounts.

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Q2 How old do you think Donald Ducc is?

A. Enzo Schiappa, currently 19, is a senior. He was born 18 July 2003.

Q3 Is Donald Ducc rich?

A. Enzo Sciappa, who is only 19 years old, is indeed quite wealthy. His net worth is estimated to be anywhere from $1-$5million, according to a variety of sources.

Enzo Schiappa was 19 years old when he was born 18 July 2003. He lives in Colorado with his family, currently living in Littleton. In 2019, he posted an Instagram picture about Milo, his pet dog. Other than that, very little information about his personal life is available.

Enzo graduated from Little High School recently and was awarded the Golden Play Button by YouTube for reaching more than 1 million subscribers.

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