[People Profile] All We Know About Drew Afualo biography, Career, Family, Networth

Drew Afualo biography, Career, Family, Networth

Drew Afualo (b. September 18th in 1995) is an American internet star. Her fame is based on TikTok her sketches that are funny and her mocking of those who discriminate. Her most well-known feature is that she films videos in her bathroom and this is the norm in the majority of her videos.

Drew Afualo biography
Drew Afualo

Growing up within Santa Ana, California, Drew was raised in an Christian family. Drew is Samoan descent. She went on to at the University of Hawai’i, earning two degrees and a variety of certificates that covered the background of Pacific Islander people. She was hired for her first position in the NFL. When the Covid-19 epidemic, Drew became unemployed after the company laid off hundreds of workers. So, her boyfriend was at the time asking her to post on TikTok with the intention of making money. Afualo was the first to post her first TikTok on March 24, 2020.

Profiling Drew Afualo

A Quick Glance At Drew Afualo
Full NamesDrew Afualo
Place of birthSanta Ana, California
Date Of BirthSeptember 18, 1995
State of OriginSanta Ana, California
TikTokTikTok: 7.3 million;219.2 million likes
InstagramInstagram: 765k
Spouse/PartnerPili Tanuvasa
Net Worth$400k

Following that her followers count increased from a mere 500,000 in August 2021, to 7.3 million users on TikTok.

One of the most distinctive aspects of her videos is the fact that she is adamant in educating people about discriminatory and bigoted practices that have landed her in many heated water and hate emails. She exposes misogynistic or transphobic, body-shaming or even just plain disgusting content posted available on TikTok and then she smears the content as well as the users who share these videos.

(Source: Instagram)

According to her own words, according the interview she did with Teen Vogue, she gets her sense of humor from her Samoan family. They, claim to laugh all the time and smack the other. The actress also states that she was taught not become a snob and be a voice for the community whenever there’s an injustice committed or when people are being unkind to them.

Her other accomplishments include being the host for the popular podcast “The Comment Section with Drew Afualo” accessible on YouTube through the channel “Past Your Time to Sleep’. The podcast is currently running 16 episodes. In addition, she hosts the show “Two Idiot Girls”.

Afualo has spoken out about the prejudice she is confronted with and the expectations she receives as a member of her Pacific Islander community. In her interview on Refinery 29, she says that people have accused her of crimes which she claims white women are not accused of. There is a report that she been accused of having her content taken from a woman of white descent which is why the latter received more views but Drew was not. As an ethnically diverse woman, she is asked to “educate” and “inform” white people on what’s insensitive the community she lives in and what’s not. She says that it’s not her duty to teach people even though there are resources for the internet that are similar to hers.

Drew Afualo

Recently, she was involved in an uproar because she was a partner with Shein, an organization that has been accused for unprofessional business practices.

As of now, according to the publication Insider, she’s well-known enough that her fans to flood the comments of TikToks that they believe are sexist to get her to see themand her signature laughter has become a favorite audio on the application which women use to respond to racist or sexist comments.

In 2022, she had 7.3 million users on TikTok.


(Source: Instagram)

After graduating at the University of Hawai’i, Drew had her first job as a division of corporate for the American National Football League (NFL) in 2019. Since she was a brand new employee who was then laid off as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the country in 2020.

Then she uploaded the first TikTok on the 24th of March in 2020. A few of her videos in which she criticized racist and racist content on social media led to the account’s followers to be lost four times and be removed once in 2022.

She recently joined forces with Shein brand, a fast-fashion fashion label, in 2022. But, she received some backlash because of the company’s unprofessional business practices. Drew addressed the criticism with a statement that sustainable fashion can be expensive and doesn’t cater to the those with a plus-side or who are not part of the wealthy community.

She recently also partnered with the fashion brand that is sustainable CHNGE in which she promoted T-shirts , whose proceeds could be used to assist Ukrainian those affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine between the country and Russia.

Her and her partner Pili Tanuvasa are launching the fitness program “Strong Like Drew”, in which she provides workout classes. The program has gone through two versions up to now.

She hosts The Comment Section podcast “The Comment Section” and co-hosts the podcast “Two Idiot Girls” with her sister.

Because of her increasing popularity, Afualo has partnered with more brands that are commercial, such as DIRECTV and mattress manufacturer Casper.

She has been featured in the magazine Teen Vogue and Rolling Stones as part of the magazine’s Creators Issue. She was also featured in the “Encounters” column from The New York Times.

Then, in 2022 she was picked as one of the TikTok’s 2022 trailblazers, in celebration of AAPI (Asian-American as well as Pacific Islander) Heritage Month.

Drew Afualo

Net Worth 

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According to BiographyDaily Drew Afualo’s current net worth is $400k. Her main source of income is through endorsement deals as well as through the posts on social networks.

Social Media Presence 

In addition to TikTok She is also actively on Instagram. She produces two podcasts via YouTube.

Personal Life 

Drew has been with fitness instructor Pili Tanuvasa for the past couple of years. Drew is known for his comments on every single Instagram post of Pili’s Instagram posts.

Questions about Drew Afualo 

Q.Is Drew Afualo of Polynesian origin?

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A. Yes. She is part of the Samoan ethnic group of Polynesians.

Q. What number of siblings do Drew Afualo have?

A. She has an older sister, named Deison who is two years older. Deison is 28 years old. older.

Q.Is Drew Afualo related to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

A. No. She’s no relation with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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