[People Profile] All We Know About Chase Keith biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Chase Keith biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Chase Keith is an American TikTok actor also known as social media’s influencer who has caused an uproar on the social media scene through his content creation. Popularly known for his funny sketch videos, Chase has received a large number of followers throughout the years which makes him one of the top searched celebrities online.

Chase Keith

Keith makes use of his social media channels to the fullest extent to interact with his followers on the platform. He also creates captivating posts that become viral as soon as they are posted. In addition to his comedy sketches Keith regularly uploads video such as dance contests and prank videos, vlogs as well as other interesting content.

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He was part of the renowned clubhouse of social media, that includes social media celebrities like Abby Rao, Daisy Keech among others, all from 2020.

Personal Information

Profiling Chase Keith

A Quick Glance Chase Keith

Full NamesChase Keith
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth
24 October 2002
ProfessionAmerican Tiktok Star, Social Media Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
5.3 Million Followers
Instagram996k followers
Net Worth$1.5 Million


Keith’s career took off in April of this year, when he joined the platform and uploaded video games in his channel “Chaser”. For reasons that are not clear the YouTuber was unable to continue uploading content on the platform. In the year 2016, Chase relaunched his YouTube channel, but this time with his name on the channel’s name and has been running the channel until today.

He uploads a lot of videos to his YouTube channel that includes videos such as daily vlogs, comedy, Dancing, Eating, and also shot clips. The similar year Chase Keith has also created a TikTok account to broaden his audience. The Tiktok videos are extremely captivating and keeps his fans in the forefront. One of the primary reasons for his continued increase in popularity on his channel is that Chase stays actively on Twitter and interacts with his followers. Chase is also a part of various collaborative projects that involve companies like Aeropostale as well as Disney.

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In addition Chase is also a part of the social clubhouse along with fellow members Abby Rao, Daisy Keech. In addition, Chase has appeared in two music videos as an additional. Also, it is known it was Chaser worked for Xespansione Fashion XM Corporation for acting as a model.

Chase Keith

Chase Keith’s Net Worth

When it comes to determining the worth of a person and assets, such as their sources of income plays an important part. If you take a look at Chase Keith’s profile and his huge number of followers on his social media channels and could earn massive profits from his sponsors. According to the website, bigstarbio.com, it is reported his net worth has been estimated at $1.5 million.

Other Social Media Presence

Chase Keith has a massive number of followers with his Tiktok account that goes under the name of his profile “@chaser”. With around 5.3 million users, Keith has created a good foundation in the market for social media. However, his Tiktok account isn’t the only one on which there is a stream of viral content.


According to the Instagram account, Chase Keith is a verified account user with over 996k followers. The profile is titled “@chasekeith”, the creator of content is known for posting engaging and trendy content that is adored by his followers. The majority of the videos uploaded to his reel content consist of pranks, comedy sketches, videos, and parody that are connected to the trend.


Chase Keith has a YouTube channel, which is known by his name. It is one of the major social media platforms where began his career. His YouTube channel Chase has around 1.34 thousand subscribers. His videos are mostly gaming videos and videos. Other videos that are available to his channel include his video pranks, dance videos or any other funny short videos.

A popular and most viewed content on the channel’s YouTube is, “THE CAUSTIC SHOW EPISODE 1 | VINNIE HACKER GIRLFRIEND? ” It has more than 3.2 thousand views.

Personal Life

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Born on October 24, 2002. Chase Keith was brought up in the city located in Ohio within America. It is said that Chase is a follower of Christianity to the fullest extent. Being part of a large family of seven, Chase was the son of David as well as Jamie Keith with one brother named Nathan Ceglio and three sisters Bailie Keith, Lexi Keith, and Alexa Lauren Keith.

In discussing his education background, he finished his studies at the local secondary school located in Toledo. In the following years, he was acknowledged to have finished his higher studies at the nearby private University situated in Toledo. As of today there are no public statements regarding the creator’s previous or current relationship to the company.

Chase Keith

The most popular Chase Keith TikTok videos

Here’s a reaction video that features Chase Keith, where he was seen expressing an exaggerated reaction to a specific story.

This video is a lip-sync from the creator of the content. In it, he the creator was seen lip-syncing to songs such as, “You think I’m crazy”.

This sketch of comedy shows Chase Keith portraying like that one annoying person who screams loudly when the film begins.

Here’s Chase Keith doing a hilarious parody of the way he believes the sound of movie trailers.

Another parody video in which we watch Chase Keith mimicking a singer singing a few lines his own style.


Q. Who is Chase Keith’s cousin?

Chase Keith

A. While there isn’t been any mention of Chase’s cousin’s on any of the platforms online however, the creator of content does have four siblings from him. They include Nathan, Bailie, Lexi along with Alexa Lauren.

Q. Is Chase Keith stream on Twitch?

A. At present, Chase Keith has uploaded his gaming videos to his YouTube platform. However, at present, he has no Twitch account registered under his name.

Q. What is the Chase Keith’s eye and hair color?

A. According to bigstarbio.com, TikTok and YouTube celebrity Chase Keith has blonde hair color and eyes of light brown.

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