[People Profile] All We Know About Btypep biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Btypep biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Btypep also known as Steven is a American author who seized the TikTok platform by demonstrating his impressive ability to create content. Steven has been a social media influencer and content creator since the beginning of his journey. He’s delighted his followers through the app.


Steven is well-known for his hilarious sketches and hilarious lip-sync videos and leaves his fans with a sense of happiness and joy. The primary goal of his the creation of content is to make his followers satisfied, and that’s the reason why his career in the field so lucrative until now.

Personal Information

Profiling Steven

A Quick Glance Steven

Full NamesSteven
Place of birthUnited States of America
Date Of Birth
August 27, 1973
ProfessionTiktoker, YouTuber, Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator, and Influencer
State of OriginAmerican
6.2 million followers
Instagram141 k followers

Net Worth$1Million


With a fan base of 6.2 million users following the TikTok accounts, Steven aka Btypep started his career in the beginning through the platform by putting hilarious and humorous videos to entertain his followers. His TikTok account, which goes by the handle “@btypep” has amassed a total of 239.5 million followers across the social media platform.

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The majority of videos on the platform have humor. In addition there are videos and videos where he can be working together with fellow TikTok stars. In addition to his comedy clips, Steven is also well famous for his lip-sync videos which make people smile.

Btypep’s Net Worth

In 2022 Btypep Steven Steven will have an approximate net worth of 1 million, according to various online sources. A majority of his earnings are earned through his social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. There have as of yet been no official announcements to confirm any other source of income the creator of the content is earning.

Other Social Presence


Although we know that Steven is a successful TikTok account that has 6.2 millions followers. He has other social media platforms on which Steven has posted his content to be seen by larger viewers.


Steven owns an Instagram account with the handle @btypep. It has amassed a following of 141k users using the site. After publishing over 1000 photos to the social media platform Steven is a verified user. The account typically showcases the most popular posts, reels, and other events from the creator’s personal life that he share with his followers.


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In relation to his YouTube channel Steven owns a channel running under the name Btypep that has a subscriber base of 12.2 1 million users. Steven has uploaded 98 video clips to the platform, with the majority of them being videos that are short. Of the short ones one of them “I paid 100 people to walk backwards,” is the most popular and has been watched by more than 30k people across the website.

Personal Information

Very little has been disclosed about Steven in any of the online sources given his temperamental nature. Born on the 27th of August 1973, Steven is an Virgo. In terms of his family His mom was Linda Roper, who is also a TikTok celebrity by profession. The information is not available regarding his father or siblings.

When it comes to his relationship situation, Steven is married to Edward. At present, there hasn’t been any information about Steven having children within his family.

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Top TikTok Videos of Btypep

This video is a vlog of the creator of content when invited at attend the TikTok Superbowl Tailgate.

This is an advert video in which Steven is showing the functions of a portable battery charger.


This video shows how the man demonstrates how to get ready for his normal day.

The video below Steven discusses his experiences of his house being renovated in a hilarious manner.

Here’s a video in which Steven wanders through the supermarket’s toilet paper section, and is having a difficult time figuring out which kind of paper is the best one to use.

FAQs for Btypep

Q. What is Btypep’s height? weight?

A. In light of his stoic personality, Btypep aka Steven has not disclosed any details about his weight and height.

Q. Which is the gender of Btypep, and gender?

A. Btypep is male and is gay.

Q. Is Btypp’s dad the same as his father?

A. At present, Btypep aka Steven has not given any details about his father.

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