[People Profile] All We Know About Anwar Jibawi biography, Career, Family, Networth

All We Know About Anwar Jibawi biography, Career, Family, Networth

Anwar Jibawi, born August 9, 1991, is an American YouTuber and social media influencer. He is also an actor, dancer, and comedian from Chicago, Illinois. Shots Studios is his production company. He also appeared alongside Rudy Mancuso and DJ Khaled in the movie Keys of Christmas.

Anwar Jibawi

He has worked with companies and organizations such as Universal Orlando and The Walking Dead to produce sponsored videos. He and Stephen Curry, a basketball player, appeared in a Brita water filter commercial.


Profiling Anwar Jibawi

A Quick Glance At Anwar Jibawi
Full NamesAnwar Jibawi
Place of birthUnited States
Date Of BirthAugust 9, 1991
State of OriginPalestinian-American
YouTube 7.78 million subscribers
TikTok12.5 million followers
ViewsYouTube: 2,403,259,854

TikTok: 171,400,000
Net Worth$4 million

Vine was the first platform Jibawi started his online career. Vine was closed in 2016 but Jibawi had more than 3.7million fans. He posted hilarious situations and racial comedy vines. In July 2016, he started his YouTube channel. He worked with Shots Studios. Mike Tyson and Jibawi worked frequently together, and Jibawi helped Tyson launch his YouTube channel in January 2017.

Jibawi was featured in Keys of Christmas alongside DJ Khaled and Mariah Carey. John Shahidi, of Shots Studios oversees Jibawi. He accepted Dolce & Gabbana’s invitation on June 17th to take part in the Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2018 runway show.

Jibawi directed the music video for Anitta’s Vai Malandra remix by Alesso & KO:YU in February 2018. Jibawi was seen with his friends dancing on a farm to the remix.

Along with Rudy Mancuso and Hannah Stocking, he appeared in the comedy series Amigos, which Shots Studios produced. With the help of Shots Studios, they produced two YouTube videos together with Marlon Wayans (comedic actor), for each channel. Ric Flair, a legend wrestler, appears in Jibawi’s “Best Excuse Ever” video.

Jibawi’s November 2018 music video for Aitana (singer), and Lele Pons’ Telefono (Remix), has been viewed over 35 million times on YouTube. In June 2018, he launched a new series called One Star with Anwar on Instagram’s new IGTV platform. It features him reviewing bad products purchased online. Jibawi has collaborated with companies like Universal Studios Orlando and The Walking Dead to create sponsored videos. Both he and Stephen Curry, a basketball player, appeared in a Brita water filter commercial.

His video “Got to Keep the Thot Walk Strong”, in which he creates a unique walk that millions of people are imitating, has been a funny trend.

Net Worth

Anwar Jibawi

According to Celebrity Net Worth estimates, Jibawi’s net worth is $4 million as of July 2022. Anwar Jibawi’s YouTube channel is viewed by 368.19 million people each day. YouTube channels average $3 to $7 per thousand videos viewed.

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According to Net Worth Spot, Anwar Jibawi earns $44.18 million per month, or $662.74 000 annually, if he falls within this range. His earnings on other platforms are sure to increase his YouTube revenue.

Personal Life

Anwar Jibawi was conceived in Chicago, Illinois on August 9, 1991. Jibawi was born to Amal Jibawi, his mother. He has five siblings: Malik, Omar Anas Wisam, Wisam, Wisam, and Omar. We don’t know much about Jibawi’s family or upbringing.

He spends lots of time with Inanna Sarkis and Rudy Mancuso as well as King Bach and other social media icons.

Other Ventures

Anwar Jibawi

Jibawi prefers YouTube to any other platform. Jibawi earns the majority of his income by producing and posting videos to YouTube. Jibawi is a popular Instagram user with over 10.3 millions followers. This makes him an attractive candidate for sponsorships and brand deals. His platforms are mostly filled with comedic sketches, in which he parodies and exaggerates many trends.

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Q. Is Anwar Jibawi rich?

A. According to different sources, Jibawi’s net worth is $4 million as of July 2022. He was born in Chicago and is most well-known for his Vine videos and YouTube videos.

Q. Q. Does Anwar Jibawi have siblings

A. Jibawi is the father of five children. His brothers’ names are Malik, Omar and Anas. Wisam, Mohammed, Wisam, Wisam, Mohammed. His mother’s name was Amal Jibawi.

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