[People Profile] All We Know About Alex and Kellz biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Alex and Kellz biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Alex as well as Kellz are a couple that is romantic and short-form content creators who gained the limelight on social media, particularly TikTok. The real name of the couple is Alex Faciane and Kellie Whislers. Her boyfriend and she are more popular than 6.1 million followers on their verified account.

Alex and Kellz

They are famous due to their YouTube Vlogs as well as TikTok videos. Alex and Kellz are in a loving couple that allows they to be able to show their joyous moments with a crowd who finds their content entertaining and follows them regularly. They launched their channel YouTube on the 16th of March 2019. They play Pokemon as well as upload videos and interact with their fans on the channel on YouTube.

In terms of their online popularity they have 7.1 million followers and 138 million followers on TikTok. They have an Instagram handle that Instagram handle has earned more than 234k followers. With more than 600 videos uploaded to their YouTube channel They have 766k subscribers.

Personal Information

Profiling Alex Faciane and Kellie Whislers

A Quick Glance At Alex Faciane and Kellie Whislers
Full NamesAlex Faciane and Kellie Whislers
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthDecember 6, 1992(Alex)November 17, 1991(Kellz)
State of OriginAmericans
Tiktok7.1 million followers
Instagram 234,000 people followER
YouTube766K subscribers
Spouse/PartnerBoth of them are married to each other
Net Worth$1.5 million


Their fame began with the moment Kellz made an appearance in an TikTok video that was released in the month of September of 2019 in a prank clip that was filmed in the Walmart store. She also performed a well-known TikTok dancing in the tune of Jawsh 685’s “Laxed (Siren Beat)” in April 2020.

Alex and Kellz

Alex Kellz and Alex Kellz are popular Kellz and Alex are well-known on Instagram and Instagram, where the American influencer couple has accumulated 234k followers. They collaborated to create an online gaming-related channel on YouTube known as “The Public Dex”, but The channel has been shut down. It was their first venture into YouTube.

They were recognized in their comedic brilliance. In March of 2019 they started the YouTube channel. They post wholesome videos to their channel, which has 766k users.

They launched their first TikTok video in a joke in which Kellz was pranking Alex and tried to convince Alex that Kylie Jenner is his ex-wife.

Net Worth

By the year 2022 Alex as well as Kellz are estimated to have a net worth of $1 million-$1.5 million according to different sources found on the internet. Alex and Kellz can easily earn between $1.81k or $2.71k per post to promote content and advertisements on TikTok. There are 7.1 million users following the verified TikTok account.

Alex and Kellz produce content with Kellz and Alex Kellz and Alex create content together on YouTube which earns them around $70,000 per month through ad revenues on their own. Their main source of income comes from engagements on social media platforms as well as promotional content that is generated by high engagement rates.

Personal Life

Alex (Alex Faciane) and Kellz (Kellie Whislers) were born on December 6, 1992 and November 17th and 17 respectively and in The United States Of America. Alex as well as Kellz are both California-based TikTok sensations. Alex has admitted that her parents divorced when she was a young girl which was a factor in her desire to have a large family where she could spend lots of time.

Alex Kellz and Alex Kellz Alex and Kellz are Capricorn as well as Sagittarius respectively. They first came across each other on Instagram when he entered her DMs. She initially ignored him because she wasn’t sure if that he was the type of person she wanted to be. Kellan was patient, and Alex eventually decided to meet him for a drink because she was awed by his funnyness. One month after dating Kellan was present to Alex an identical engagement rings to demonstrate his dedication to their long-term relationship.

They are currently in a relationship with each the other. The couple first announced they would be expecting a boy in the month of April 2021. Since since then, Alex updated her followers on the pregnancy time time. Even before she went to labor Alex posted details of her final day of pregnancy. She has also written about how anxious she is to meet her son and her baby boy “Last day, little boy, goodbye!”

Alex and Kellz

On the 28th of September 2021 Alex as well as Kellz had their first son, Banx Brian Ness. Kellan posted the announcement on Instagram and posted photos of him with his girlfriend and their new baby. Kellan expressed his delight as dad in his caption and wrote a more detailed post about his son.

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Alex and Kellz are hoping to have three children altogether. Although they recently welcomed their first child however, they have discussed the number of children they’d like to have. Both of them decided that they would like to have three children. They have had two, and are planning on birthing and then adopting the third. Kellan is the oldest of his siblings and he stated that he would like for his kids to have an older sibling or brother to depend on. Alex also shared the same feeling, adding she would love to have a larger family that could spend the holidays with.

Other social media 

Alex and Kellz have also a YouTube channel. The content is like their content on Tiktok but with the difference that the videos tend to be between 8 and 10 minutes in length. Other types of content are available within the YouTube channel tend to be commentary and reaction videos. Alex Kellz and Alex Kellz boast more than 768,000 users to their channel on YouTube.

In addition to creating video content as well as video content creators on YouTube and TikTok Additionally, they are famous in the social media world as influencers and social influencers Instagram where we can watch the sharing of photos and videos which provide us with an insider’s view of their lives. They also post short videos on the accounts of their TikTok as well as YouTube accounts. They have a total of 237,000 followers the account has on Instagram is greater than 237,000.

Apart from TikTok, Alex also has an account on Onlyfans as well as their own website on which they sell their products.

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Q. How old are Alex and Kellz?

A. As of September 20, 2022 Alex was 30, and Kellz is 31 years old.

Q. What is Alex and Kellz’s net earnings?

A. As of 2022 Alex and Kellz are expected to have a net worth of 1 million-1.5 million.

Q. What is Alex as well as Kellz’s nationalities?

A. Alex and Kellz were born in California and are American citizens.

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