[People Profile] All We Know About Arianalee99 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Arianalee99 biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Ariana Lee is an American creator of content as well as a social media influencer. She’s well-known for her lip-sync videos in her TikTok account and also vlogging for her channel on YouTube. Her profile has more than 682.7 million fans in her TikTok profile, which is increasing by the minute.


When she launched with her TikTok account in the year 2018 she didn’t consider erself as a prominent and popular content creator, but when a handful videos became viral, she was rewarded with an abundance of fame and followers. Since then, she’s uploaded more than 2.29k video clips on the TikTok profile and has accumulated an impressive fan base via her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram account.

Lee has also worked with a variety of other creators, including her twin sister Analese as well as Geno, Ashnikko, Robert Caroll, Greta Mueller, Josh Richards, and Megan Rose among others. Lee also endorses a variety of beauty products through her social media channels. Her twins, Analese and Geno, are frequent guests appearing on Tik Toks as well. They are extremely well-known in TikTok, Analese has 700k followers on TikTok and Geno has more than 1.7 million followers.

Personal Information

Profiling Ariana Lee Bonfiglio

A Quick Glance At Ariana Lee Bonfiglio
Full NamesAriana Lee Bonfiglio
Place of birthUSA
Date Of BirthJuly 15 1999
State of OriginAmerican
Tiktok11.8 million followers
Instagram 846k followers
YouTube64k subscribers
Spouse/PartnerEythan Carroll
Net Worth$2million.


Lee established her TikTok account in the year 2018 and at first, she didn’t consider herself to be a top or popular content creator, but later some of her videos became viral for her posting lip-sync and dance content. In the beginning, it was mostly funny pranks and lip-syncing videos. However, when her popularity grew she began making makeup tutorials, cooking videos slow motions, and dance videos.

The great thing with her video is they’re simple, fun, lighthearted and reflect the current fashions. Often her family and friends appear on TikTok. Since then, she’s posted more than 2.29k video clips on her TikTok profile and has gained greater than 11.8 million fans on her personal TikTok account.

The spotlight was thrown on her in the month of December 2021 following her break-up. up with her long-time lover identified as Robert Carroll who also happens to be a well-known online influencer. The rumor was confirmed when Lee began dating Army professionally-trained social media influencer Eythan Hervey. Her current content typically includes lip-syncing, cooking makeup tutorials, as well as other humorous videos from everyday life. These videos are extremely amusing and lighthearted, and they explain the reasons behind her fame.

She began her YouTube career on the 7th of March 2019 when she posted her first video “PLAYLIST LIVE 2019 | DISNEY WORLD | FIRST VLOG” on her channel self-titled. She usually posts cooking makeup, recipes, and videos of a short length in her channel. At present, she has more than 65k subscribers to her channel.


Lee has also been linked with others TikTok stars, such as Analeese (her twin sister), Ashnikko, Robert Caroll, Greta Mueller, Josh Richards, and Megan Rose. Lee is active on different social media platforms such as Instagram and has 846k users. She has appeared as the main character on several applications and has appeared in numerous advertisements. She also has her own merchandise called “Ariana Lee Beach VSCO’ which provides a variety of styles of clothing for her followers including Hoodies, Tee shirts, pullover sweatshirts, hoodies and other.

Net Worth

Lee’s net worth has been estimated to be estimated at $2 million. The majority of his income comes from her online presence as a creator of content as well as brand collaborations and even merchandise.

On TikTok the creator of the app could possibly earn 10k for each post, but this excludes brands-sponsored deals. On Instagram the creator could earn up to $5k for a post sponsored by a brand. On YouTube the average earnings hover around $2k for each video, which excludes brand-sponsored deals, where she can charge up to 5k for each video.

In terms of collaborations with brands, Lee has associated herself with several brands in the course of her career in social media however, we don’t know the numbers for the collaborations, although we can be sure that it’s a significant amount.

Lee earlier released her own merch , ‘Ariana Lee Beach VSCO’, which she sold on other e-commerce websites and also on her own. However, she is currently mulling new merchandise ideas that may be developed soon. Her last batch of clothing items were priced at about $25 on average, and, since we do not have sales figures for these products so we are able to only guess that she earns more than five figures every year.

Social Media

Lee’s dominance on social networks is evident in her over 11.8 million TikTok followers. On Instagram she has more than 846k followers. On YouTube she has over 64k followers.

Personal Life

Ariana Lee Bonfiglio, born the 15th of July, 1999 Grass Valley, California to parents Eugene and Lisa Bonfiglio. She was born to a Christian family with twins Analese and Geno and both appear regularly with her Tik Toks as well as being extremely well-known on TikTok their own. Analese is followed by 700k people in TikTok while Geno has more than 1.7 million followers.

In her early times, she hoped to be an educator in elementary school. She graduated from Marysville high school. According to reports, she is studying for a master’s degree, however it’s not known which field she plans to pursue in the college or what college she’s attending. Based on the timetable, she could have finished her education in 2022. She likes to travel and is as well with the company. Her other passion is acting, modeling and cooking. Lee lives with her family in Dobbins, California, United States She also bought her own home.

Lee is a girl from the family and regularly shares pictures of her family members on her social media accounts. According to her Instagram her Instagram, she is extremely connected to her sister. Her parents Eugene as well as Lisa have kept their social media accounts secret. A few sources suggested that her father is a factory owner , and her mother is homemaker.

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Lee was engaged to fitness Trainer Robert Caroll since 2019, however recent reports suggest the couple have split up over the course of two years marriage and no longer see one another. The report was confirmed by Lee began dating Army pro-social media influencer Eythan Hervey, based on social media proof.


The speculation began when people removed each other’s followers in their own Instagram accounts. Fans of Ariana are shocked at the split decision since they enjoyed watching the two together. The couple has not yet confirmed the rumors.

She was introduced to Robert Carroll in high school and they remained together until the end of December in 2021. After a few years of being friends, they blossomed into romance and began dating in the year 2019. They also appeared in a variety of TikTok films together. They were confirmed in an episode of one of their TikTok videos with Robert named “My Love,” which caused a stir in the dating rumors. In the year 2019 the couple has been posting pictures and videos of them on various occasions. Bonfiglio has even said that they’ve built a healthy relationship and they enjoy their company.

Q. Who is Ariana Lee?

A. Ariana Lee is an American content creator and social media influencer. She is well-known for her lip-sync videos via her TikTok account as well as vlogs in her YouTube channel. There are more than 682.7 million followers to her TikTok profile, and it’s increasing by the minute.

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Q. Is Ariana Lee as well as Robert Caroll still dating?

A. Ariana Lee and Robert Caroll are currently not together, but they did end their relationship in December 2021.

Q. Which is Ariana Lee’s sibling’s name?

A. Her sister’s name was Analese Lee Bonfiglio.

Q. What is Ariana Lee currently seeing?

A. Ariana Lee is currently in a relationship with Army professionally-trained social media influencer Eythan Hervey.

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