People Profile – Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

Ada Ameh Biography And Net Worth, Age, State, Husband, Family, Career

Ada Ameh Biography


Ada Ameh, a well-known Nigerian actress was born on the 15th, 1974 in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria to Mrs. as well as Mrs. Ameh. Ada was born in Idoma, Benue State, one of the states in the south of Nigeria although she was born in Lagos.

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There’s not much info regarding her education, however, the theory is that she quit school at fourteen years old. The public has no information on whether she pursued an education.

Who Is Ada Ameh

Ada Ameh is a well-known actress from Nigeria. The discussion today will focus on Ada Ameh, a cast party in the television show The Johnsons. She is the main character of the TV show “The Johnsons,” and Nigerians are awestruck by her.

She is famous across Nigeria as an actor. She is well-known for her role in the hit television series “The Johnsons.” She is bilingual and proficient in Idoma, Ibibio, and Yoruba. She also speaks a bit of Igbo.

Ada Ameh State Of Origin

Where is Ada Ameh From? She is an Idoma by a tribe of Benue state. She was born on 15 May at Ajegunle, Lagos State, in which she also spent her early years. This article will focus on the biography of Ada Ameh, her age, professional career net worth, career, and additional details in this article.

Ada Ameh Age – Date Of Birth

How Old Is Ada Ameh? What Is Ada Ameh Age? Ada was born on the 15th of May, 1974. In 2022, her age is thought at 48. Her birthplace was at Ajegunle, Lagos, at the Naval Barracks on Malu (Mobil) road.

Profiling Ada Ameh

A Quick Glance At Ada Ameh
Full NamesAda Ameh
Nationality Nigerian
Date Of BirthMay 15, 1974
OriginBenue State, Nigeria (Idoma-Ibibio)
Place of BirthAjegunle, Lagos State
Marital StatusUnknown
Popular Tv SeriesThe Johnsons
EducationGraduate of English Education at the University of Lagos.

Ada Ameh Family – parents

Her family hails from Idoma within the State of Benue. Ada was a tomboy, and the sixth child is born to a clan consisting of 11 children, which included 5 younger sisters and 6 older brothers.

She was the daughter of a businesswoman who was strict Her father was serving in the Navy. Her family was of this family. While in primary school she was a student at Army Children’s School 4, which is located in Ajegunle, Lagos. She was a part of three secondary school transfers.

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Education – Qualification

In the beginning, she attended her first class at the Idoma Community Secondary School located in Otobi, Benue State, before being transferred to Wesley High School in Otukpo also in that same state. When she attended Adeolu Secondary School located in Ajegunle, Lagos, Ada was able to complete the secondary school she attended.

The time that Ada Ameh became pregnant at age 14 and her mother died in the same year the schooling she was enrolled in was put off. She dropped out of secondary school and was taken away from her home and was later called back.

She went to prostitution to take care of her son which was fathered by unknown military personnel. After that, she went back to complete an exam for the GCE with an open-minded candidate. Ade Ameh afterward went on to complete a cosmetology degree.

Ada Ameh Husband – Children

She is the mom of a 14-year-old child. Unfortunately, she passed away in the year 2020. As an adult, her daughter Aladi Godsend. is not married, but she plans to get married in the near future. She would rather keep the romance a secret.

Ada Ameh Acting Career

As for her professional experience, Ada is an actress who first appeared as a part of the Nigerian film industry, also called Nollywood in 1995. In the end, Ada became famous for her role in the 1996 film which was later a huge success.

She was featured in the movie “Domitilla” under the name Anita. Her other notable role is her role as Emu Johnson in the cult Nigerian television show The Johnsons.

It was not easy for Ada Ameh to become a famous Nollywood comedian, actress-producer, and television host. When she was in 1995, the actress enrolled to work for Nigeria’s Nollywood. Her first film appearance was the movie “Domitilla,” which Zeb Ejiro and her husband directed.

Ada Ameh appeared in the 2003 film “Aki na Ukwa” with Amaechi Muonagor, Chinedu Ikedieze, and Osita Iheme. She played Gladys in comedic films. Ada Ameh continued her remarkable career when she appeared on the popular TV series “The Johnsons” in 2016.

Ada Ameh credits Zeb Ejiro for bringing out her talent and helping her make it within the world of film. She had originally planned to be either a physician or a singer however, she ended up on cameras in “Domitila” playing the role of “Anita.” She was still a novice at the time, in addition, Pat Okiri and Basorge taught her to write scripts.

Ada Ameh, throughout her career, was nominated for numerous awards, including the Best Actress Award in Comedy in Comedy – City People Entertainment Awards, Most Promising Actress in Nigeria in the country – Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards The Best Comic Act to see in Africa – Africa Movie Academy Awards

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Ada Ameh Net Worth

How Rich Is Ada Ameh? How Much Is Ada Ameh Net Worth? The total worth of Ada Ameh is believed to range from $350,000-$600,000. Of course, it is in relation to her status as the most famous and influential entertainer and actor.

Ada Ameh Challenges and Death

According to Business Post

Her death is coming nearly two years after she lost her only daughter, Miss Aladi Godgift Ameh, to the cold hands of death after medical surgery.

Ada Ameh is well known for her character as Emu in an award-winning family drama aired on African Magic, The Johnsons.

Last month, a filmmaker accused the actress of failing to honor a production she was paid to play a role in spite of paying for her flight tickets.

After she was called out, Ada Ameh announced that she could not be at the movie location because she was battling mental health.

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