[People Profile] All We Know About Oge Okoye Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

Oge Okoye Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

[People Profile] All We Know About Oge Okoye Biography, Career, Spouse, Net Worth, Controversy

Oge Okoye is a Nigerian actress. She was born in London on November 16, 1980. Then, a couple of years later the family relocated from London to Lagos State, Nigeria.

Oge Okoye graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe UniversityAwka with a degree in Theatre Arts. Okoye joined the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood when she joined the industry in. The actress came into the spotlight in 2002, after appearing in the movie ‘Spanner’ in which she appeared alongside Chinedu Ikedieze also known as “Aki” as part of her role in the Nigerian production industry. She got married to her long-time partner Stanley Duru in 2005 and has two children. She divorced her husband in 2012. In 2006 she was nominated to win an African Movie Academy Award for “Best Actress in a supporting role” for her performance in the film “Eagle’s Bride”

The actress who is the star of the show is a mother of two children, two daughters, and a son. Crystal Okoye.

Profiling Oge Okoye

A Quick Glance At Oge Okoye
Full NamesOge Okoye
Nationality Nigerian
Year Of Birth16, November 1980
State of OriginAnambra State, Nigeria
OccupationActor, Film Actor
Instruments British and Nigerian
Marital StatusDivorcee
Academics Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Networth$1.5 Million
MovieBlackberry Babes  2010


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Oge Okoye is from Anambra State, Nnewi to be specific she is the only daughter of her parents. When she was growing up, she resided in Enugu. She began acting in movies during her time in Enugu state.

The father of the actress was a disciplinarian/engineer who was said to love her throughout his entire life. He passed away in 2000.

She also said that her mother was an affectionate mother and a professional who believed in hard-working, and the right of women to be a hard workers. One of her favorite quotes is: ” Whatever a man can do, a woman can do better if given the chance to“.

The actress has attributed a variety of quotes to her mother The quotes include:

“Do the one thing that you think you can’t do, and you’ll fail. Do it again. Better the next time”.

The actress received her basic education at the University’s elementary school)/secondary (Holy Rosary College) school days in Enugu.

The actress who received a degree from the School of Theatre Arts from Unizik joined the Nigerian film business (Nollywood). According to history, Oge Okoye had the highest rise to star status.


The actress began her career in Nollywood in 2001. In 2002, a mere year later, she gained notoriety after her appearance in the blockbuster film “Spanner” where she featured alongside Chinedu Ikedieze, the star of the film.

This actress loves to club. In her chat in the interview with a Nigerian news outlet, she quoted:

” No Big Deal In Married Woman Going To Club, I love going to clubs, to unwind all stress.”

The year was 2015. Oge Okoye appeared in the hit television show “Hotel Majestic”, and in the series, she was the character “Patricia” who is a Chamber Maid.

These are the most prestigious awards that were awarded by this actress. Oge is having some problems with actress Ini Edo however everything is fine with the legendary actress.


Oge Okoye’s birth date was 16 November the 16th of November, 1980. She’s 38 in 2019.

Net Worth

The net worth of celebrities is usually calculated from endorsement agreements they sign, their investments businesses, and others. Oge is one of the actresses who typically stays away from the spotlight.

However, the reality lies in the fact that Oge Okoye is one of the most powerful and wealthy actors in Nigeria and it’s estimated that she has an estimated worth of $1.5 Million.


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Blackberry Babes  2010
War Game  2006
The Snake Girl  2006
11:45… Too Late  2005
Beyond Passion  2005
Black Bra  2005
Crazy Passion  2005
Desperate Love  2005
Eagle’s Bride  2005
Emotional Battle  2005
Every Single Day  2005
Face of Africa  2005
Friends & Lovers  2005
The Girl Is Mine  2005
It’s Juliet or No One  2005
The King’s Son  2005
Marry Me  2005
Orange Groove  2005
Paradise to Hell  2005
Shock  2005
To Love and Live Again  2005
Trinity  2005
Trouble Maker  2005
Arsenal  2004
Beautiful Faces  2004
I Believe in You  2004
Indecent Girl  2004
I Want Your Wife  2004
Little Angel  2004
My Desire  2004
Separate Lives  2004
Spanner 3  2004
Spanner Goes to Jail  2004
Blood Sister  2003
Forever Yours  2003
Handsome  2003
Magic Love  2003
My Command  2003
Sister Mary  2003
Spanner  2002


  • Youth Empowerment Award (2004)
  • Accolade Most Decorated Female Celebrity of the year(2009)
  • UPWF lady of the year (2010)
  • National Heritage Award (2011)
  • United Nations Youth Ambassadorial Award (2011)
  • African Peace Global Patron Award (2012)
  • African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) Ambassadorial Award (2012)
  • Most Prolific Actress of the year(2012)
  • Classic Africa Merit Award (CAMA): Actress of the year (English) 2012
  • Recently I was given an honorary award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature.

The actress also runs an NGO known as “The positive Life For Children Foundation (PLCF)”. In her time as an actress, Oge Okoye has received numerous awards, such as;

  • Best Actress of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards.
  • Best Actress in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
  • Most Prominent Actress at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.


In contrast to other individuals who work in her field (Acting), Oge Okoye doesn’t like being the center of attention and, even when her marriage broke up, she didn’t give interviews on the subject.

Inaccessible to her millions of fans across Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, South Africa as well as around the globe, Oge Okoye’s marriage to Holland big boy, Stanley Duru, and the union produced two children.

Oge Okoye and Children

Like countless celebrity marriages that have taken place in Nollywood and Hollywood and Nollywood, this marriage won’t endure the test of time since the actress and her husband ended up breaking their vows. Their split was mostly due to allegations of infidelity by Duru And Oge Okoye.

The actress has revealed to a close friend that Duru isn’t just an opportunist, but also a woman-beater.
In public, Oge Okoye has denied that her marriage to Duru was ruined, despite the fact that there are numerous reports that claim her marriage collapsed.


Oge Okoye and her husband Stanley Duru got married in 2005. The two children were born together. However, the marriage fell apart a few years later.

However, the gorgeous actress found her love back, and it was revealed that the new partner is actually a single father. He is believed to be estranged from his infant mama. travels across Nigeria and Europe to work.


Actress Oge Okoye attends the church of a pastor who faked his resurrection

A well-known Nollywood model, Oge Okoye, has visited South Africa’s Alleluia Ministries International.

The church is run by a controversial minister, Alph Lukau. He staged a viral hoax on resurrection in February.

Mr. Lukau who broke the Internet when he claimed to have revived an unidentified man, was hit with lawsuits over the spectacle he staged.

The actress was featured in a viral video that appeared on the internet on Thursday. The actress can be seen crying when she received an omen from the controversial Man of God.

It’s unclear if the actress consulted the pastor prior to or following the resurrection act.

In the clip, he informed the actress she needed to pray for specific individuals in her life.

“I am speaking acceleration…somebody gat to help you because there are some people we gat to root out because they do not want you to become a media story, do you understand. I do not want to be a media story. There are certain people who must be thrown out, and they’ll be aware that you went to visit Alph Lukau (sic),” he declared.

Then, he called Oge’s daughter. He asked, “Is this your daughter?” Oge said, “Yes, she’s my daughter.” He then replied, “She’s special”, and Oge responded, “I know so.”

He then asks her what number of children she has. She replied, “Just two, a boy and a girl.”

He also spoke to the actress in the prophetic meeting and informed her about her issues as well as other issues she was struggling with.

A controversial and well-known media celebrity, Daddy Freeze, has commented on the clip. He also has asked his viewers to recreate the video and be in the running to be the winner of prizes.

The actress was married to a businessman from Amsterdam, Stanley Duru, in 2006, but they split in the year 2012. The actress, who has appeared in more than 100 films has remained off the radar since.


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