#NoBraDay: Women Go Bra-Free To Create Awareness For Breast Cancer (Photos)

A #NoBraDay participant

Women all over the world are celebrating today as #NoBraDay to create awareness for cancer.

Many women have joined their counterparts all over the world to celebrate today, October 13, 2019 as world’s annual #NoBraDay.
Many who participated took to Twitter with the hashtag  #NoBraDay to show support.
To celebrate #NoBraDay, women across the globe ditched their brassieres in a bid to create awareness for breast cancer.
The #NoBraDay campaign was introduced in 2011 by a Toronto-based plastic surgeon, Mitchell Brown.
Breast cancer is a serious threat to women (although a few men have also been diagnosed), hence the need to create awareness in a bid to combat it.
See more photos below:

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