8 Nollywood Celebs Who Became Evangelists

8 Nollywood Celebs Who Became Evangelists

What is the probability for an actor to turn into a full-time pastor or evangelist? It’s 100% true. It’s common to think the actor that performs various criminal and shady acts on the screen will never be a minister of the gospel. However, in real life and anything is possible anything.

In this article, I will be discussing the 8 Nollywood stars who became pastors. They quit acting and went into preaching the gospel. Faith in God can inspire people to accomplish amazing things such as a Nigerian actor turning into a pastor. The love of God has led certain actors from Nollywood to quit their lifestyles in this world and give up unhealthy habits, and make significant changes in their lives.

The Nollywood actors and actresses often merged both worlds or resigned from the entertainment industry and film professions acting and actresses to focus on the gospel of God as pastors.

Below is a list of eight Nollywood actors who quit acting and went on to become pastors.


Patience Ozokwor

8 Nollywood Celebs Who Became Evangelists

Patience Ozokwor is also known as Mama G is a renowned Nollywood actress, who is well-known to everyone for her amazing step-mother character as well as her wicked mother-in-law role in a variety of Nollywood films.

Patience Ozokwor has been a part of Nollywood film for more than two decades. However, it’s unclear whether she has resigned from acting to promote evangelism, or if she has taken on both evangelism and acting.

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She has been seen preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to people through social media and in churches since the year 2016. In the year 2019, she was spotted serving in an evangelical church in Lagos, St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Alaba, Lagos State. Patience Ozokwor spoke about the personal aspects of their experiences and her personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Zack Orji

Zack Orji, a veteran Nollywood actor has been part of the Nigerian film industry for more than two decades. He is most well-known for his part as a pastor in Nollywood films. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as too an issue that he’d choose to be a pastor in the real world.

Zack Orji joined the Nigerian film industry in 1991 and became famous for his Pastoral acting. After performing for many years the actor decided to translate his movie character into real life and became a pastor. Zack Orji is now a full-time evangelist. He was licensed in the year 2012.

Kanayo O Kanayo

Kanayo Modestus Onyekwere aka Kanayo O Kanayo, a veteran Nollywood actor famous for his love for rituals of money in Nollywood movies, is now a pastor.

Kanayo O Kanayo’s debut role came in 1992 when he appeared in the blockbuster Nollywood film “Living in Bondage” playing the character as Chief Omego.

However, things haven’t ever been quite the same after he was made a gospel preacher. Kanayo O Kanayo was reported to be preaching the word of God during the Christ Mission Worldwide Church in Egbeda, Lagos State.


Eucharia Anunobi

Eucharia Anunobi is an established Nollywood actress, most famous for her performance in “Glamour Girls” in 1995. In addition, she starred in “Abuja Connection” in 2005.

Eucharia Anunobi was a star in challenging role-playing and provocative ones in the film industry, but she stunned everyone by announcing that she had devoted all of her time to Christ. However, she stated that being a minister doesn’t restrict her from pursuing sexually explicit roles.

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Eucharia Anunobi was also an ordained evangelist in February 2012. She was ordained in the Fresh Oil Ministry Church, Egbeda, Lagos State by Pastor Psalm Okpe.

Pat Attah

Pat Attah is a popular Nollywood actor who is known for his roles as a romantic in Nigerian films. Pat Attah is one of the Nigerian actors who also doubles as a musician. Pat Attah, one of the best actors in Nollywood is based in Hamburg, Germany. While Pat Attah is an evangelist currently, he doesn’t sit in the pulpit as other actors in Nollywood who became pastors. Instead, he utilizes his social media platforms through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share his sermons.

Majid Michel

Majid Michel a Nigerian actor, born and raised in Accra, Ghana also announced his decision to join the gospel ministry. He is the only artist on this list who combines both evangelism and acting. In contrast to his Nollywood peers who quit acting after giving their lives for Christ, Majid Michel still is a popular figure in the film industry, but he will not be featured in romantic films.

Based on Majid Michel “You are not going to see my buttocks, you’ll not see sexually explicit images You won’t be able to hear bad language, but you will be able to identify things that can inspire you to be amazing. We’ll cut down on all the explicit images you’ve seen. I’ll regulate what can trigger human emotions whether sexually or in any other negative way. I’m not going to stop doing bad things in films, but I will control the type of scenes that you witness”.

Charles Okafor

Charles Okafor is a veteran Nollywood actor who put on a for a long time on stage only to return to the screen during Uche Jombo’s production “Misplaced”. He earned an impression after his disappearance when he appeared in the film alongside Saint Obi, Zack Orji as well as Richard Mofe Damijo.

Charles Okafor is now an ordinarily licensed pastor, preaching the gospel of God and helping souls to follow Christ.

Elizabeth Benson

Elizabeth Benson aka Liz Benson is a veteran Nollywood actress who made her acting debut in the Nigerian popular soap opera on television, “Fortunes” in 1993. She was a successful actress in the movie industry but stopped acting after she has ordained an evangelist by the Rainbow Christian Assembly Church in Warri, Delta State.

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Liz Benson and her husband is a pastors at the church of Bishop Great Emeya which she wed in 2009.

Sylvester Madu

Sylvester Madu became a pastor after he was able to overcome a terrifying accident in the year 2015. He did not quit acting, however, he incorporated it into his ministry duties. He was wed to Ify Ubah who is an actress and model, in the year 2019. Madu is now a part of Christ Embassy Ministries in a parish on Eric Moore Road in Surulere, Lagos.

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