2023; Senate President, Lawan Writes Delegates, Asks Them To Stop Moneybag Aspirants

2023; Senate President, Lawan Writes Delegates, Asks Them To Stop Moneybag Aspirants

The president of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has made an appeal to All Progressives Congress delegates to look at the background of candidates and public record before deciding on the party’s presidential primary.

Lawan, who is running for the presidency in 2023 on behalf of the APC He urged attendees to select a candidate who would lead, not govern Nigerians as well as “a leader with absolutely no-baggage” and even demanded that they consider his candidature.


The letter was sent addressed to All the APC Delegates on Wednesday.

Lawan wrote “To all the delegates from across Nigeria I implore that you put all pecuniary and incentive payments aside and look at what is in the interest of the greater good. If you’re making your choice on the leader for our political party, I would like to encourage that you choose an individual leader, not an elected official.

“I would like you to select one who will lead rather than rule Nigerians One who will be tolerant, understanding fair, honest, and progressive. A leader who has a zero-bag policy.’

“A essential element of any rational, effective and accurate assessment of a person is the evaluation of past behavior. The most important thing to remember is that the most reliable predictor of the future is the past behavior. If one has always performed things in a certain manner it is likely that they will follow the same pattern with the same method in the near future.

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“The same applies to how one navigates and plunders when leading. So, when you, as delegates determine the APC party’s flag bearer It is essential to study past conduct to discover what behavior greed and rapacity, candidate have shown over the years. It is crucial to get to know all candidates on this criterion.

“Dear delegate, search for an individual leader who will not purchase your votes, but is ready to make a case for you and your visions. I assure you I’ll be that leader.”

Here’s the entire wording of the letter.

My Dear APC Party Delegates,

Seasonal compliments. Allow me to send you a message via this medium. As we come together at this time at this wonderful gathering to begin the process to determine the future of this nation and its people, we should be aware of the reality that the future of Nigeria changes.

Democracy asserts that the Nigerian voters decide the candidate to be President, but ahead of that, the party’s members are charged with the responsibility of naming for the bearers of the national flag. This makes an offer to the APC delegate to prepare for the presidential primary elections.

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I want to reach out to every individual of you APC members to urge that you put Nigeria first and think about how the 215 763 437 (million) Nigerians, a majority of whom will be grateful for your savacious commitment to take during this election. I am appealing to you with humility, to request to cast your vote in order to be elected as the APC Flag Bearer of the Presidential election for 2023’s Nigerian presidential election.

In this moment, it is clear to me that we need to unite as a party and as a nation, because there is a lot to repair, to rebuild and reinstall, and so much more to do. We have the unique opportunity to live up to all expectations and show Nigeria as well as the rest of the world Democracy prevails. This journey is set to begin in the APC Presidential Primary Election process.

To all the delegates from Nigeria I ask that you put any pecuniary or incentive payments aside and think about what is for the interest of the greater good. When you make your choice in choosing the person who will carry the flag from our party, I suggest you to choose an individual who will lead, not an elected official. I urge you to select someone who will be a leader and not a dictator of Nigerians and be tolerant, understanding fair, honest and innovative. A leader with no baggage.’

An essential element of any sound, rational and reliable assessment of a person is the evaluation of his or her past behavior. The most important thing to remember is that the most reliable predictor of the future is the past behavior. If someone has always done the same thing in a particular way and has always done it that way, they are likely to follow the same pattern exactly the same way in the near future. This is the same for the manner in which one handles or pips when it comes to leadership. So, when you, as delegates determine the APC flag bearer of the party’s presidential candidate It is essential to examine the past to determine what behavior, greed and rapacity, that candidates have displayed over the years. It is crucial to be able to identify all candidates that fall within this line of.

Dear delegates, seek out the leader who won’t purchase your votes, but one who is able to promote and fulfill your goals. I assure you that I am the leader you’ve been looking for. I’m willing to offer you my personal heart and soul as well as my honesty, determination and my power. I would like to present you with an ideal of equality for all, a vision of uniting in the fight against the enemies we face and a vision of uniting with one goal and common cause, a common effort and determination to rectify the mistakes of the past, a vision of working, employment, secure schools and electricity infrastructure, a an economic system that is stable, compassion for the citizenry, technology opportunities and much more that Nigerians want.


I’ll give my best I will not be thinking of power, but rather of possibility and the good of the community. I would like you to grasp my hand, so that we can share that the Nigerian story of unity, hope, compassion, healing grandeur and goodness. I would like you to grab my hand, so that we all can learn from our past accept faith, and discover the way to unify Nigeria and bring Nigeria into the next phase of her history. We are in an incredible historical moment in APC as well as across Nigeria and our unification is the way to take.

Dear deputies, I give you my promise that I’ll defend the Constitution. I’ll stand up for our democracy. I will stand up for Nigeria. I will protect each and every Nigerian from every crevice and corner across the length and breadth of the nation , and in every different corner. I pledge to protect the 371 amazing tribes that exist in this vibrant, vibrant, beautiful and diverse nation.

This and nothing else are the obligations we owe our forefathers. This will be what we are owed one another, and that’s what we owe the generations to come following us; to our children and to our children’s children.

Dear APC Delegates, you’re on the responsibility of a sacred task in this historical moment at this time, in the choosing to take this nation to the plain beyond. I invite you to help me in bringing together Nigeria by expressing our shared determination to advance together.

We will meet in the voting booth as African’s biggest political party, and also as Nigerians unites in our determination to continue to be the most vibrant political party in Africa and among the top nations on the planet. We will meet in the voting booth to share the good news of Nigeria. Although this is the expectation from all Nigerian however, it begins with you and the APC members.

I promise you that I will never disappoint you. In this regard I am asking for your votes, and your loyalty towards our APC party APC in addition to to our beloved country. I promise you I promise that, with the honor of being this APC Presidential ticket I will serve you with courage, pride as well as endurance, equity conviction, faith, and devotion to you all and the nation that we cherish with all of our hearts. I promise you that I will work hard to secure the APC nomination to the presidency you’ll hopefully offer to me and make it an unbeatable victory during the 2023 general elections.

Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Al-Haji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Herbert Macaulay Professor Eyo Ita Alvan Ikoku, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Sir Egbert Udoma, Sir Egbert Udoma, Aminu Kano, Chief S. A. Ajayi, Joseph Tarka, Chief Sunday Awoniyi, Dennis Osadebay and the many other outstanding men who created, shaped and defended this wonderful Republic are watching and smiling with pride at every one of you as you accept your place in history through duty and in the service to your party, and ultimately your nation.

Let you be safe and guided by the wisdom of the presidential primary election in order to represent yourself as well as your family, generation as well as your future, your state, and for Nigeria.

Let the Almighty Be with you while you make the right decision to secure Nigeria’s future. Nigeria.

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