I Was Dating Goldie When She Was Married, Denrele Declares

I Was Dating Goldie When She Was Married, Denrele Declares

Denrele Edun has admitted to having a romance with tardily singer Goldie while she was alive and married.
Denrele revealed in consultation with NeeCee Bosslady that his Affair with Goldie was more additional than what people saw as they maintained close sessions despite the woman’s married status.
“I hold not shared this to anyone but I can as nicely speak it here, my lovely late pal Goldie, plenty of individuals only felt we were friends but we accomplished to have a few personal moments,” Denrele admitted. “I understood she was matched of course we held that unknown.”


Demonstrating the deep of their affinity, Denrele disclosed that “It stood more than the company you know, we joined the hub.”
Goldie was a music artist in Nigeria, a one-time Big Brother Africa star, and a media phenomenon. She mourned a hypertensive heart condition and died in February 2013 in Reddington Hospital, Lagos.

peoples reactions on Twitter was something else because no one ever believe Denrele can have romantic affair with the opposite sex

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Denrele was my class & seat mate in Sec School at St’Gregory’s college Lagos. Very intelligent & brilliant in almost all subjects, hot mathematician. I always thought he would end up a Doctor, Lawyer etc. Anyway he’s still doing well in his chosen field. Mum is Indian

Tonto of Lagos
I just hope Goldie ghost can just flog this Denrele for midnight
Is funny how y’all think Denrele shouldn’t talk about what he had with Goldie, Someone that is feminine, Women talk too much you know
Rayo Kasali
When you run your so called bestie in the mud for extra social currency, even in death like Denrele did to Goldie, just don’t enter heaven again o. Cos if na me, Angel Michael no go fit separate us
Ikenga of Africa  
What do you stand to achieve by telling the world you once had sex with a married woman that’s no longer alive? I really won’t blame Denrele, we allow foolishness and foolish people to thrive in this country
I don’t know what Denrele is trying to gain for using Goldie’s name, Even if you are not gay don’t use her name plus she was married. Ah many many weyrey wan le

Ikenga of Africa  
Some parents ought to be flogged for birthing useless kids making the society unhealthy. Point me one positive thing Denrele has brought to this world!
Josh of Giantfeet
Denrele slept with a married woman he was doing “bestie” with…who is now dead…no one knew, not even the husband as at the time, but the antelope has spilled this mad info because as always, attention is a drug. What a crazy time to be alive. No respect at all.
Paschal Chikero
Denrele just called his late friend , Goldie , an adulterer! Chaii nothing hidden under the sun!

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Not only Denrele bro, Including Bobrisky and the likes. My very own bitterness is that they are my tribe (Yoruba) its really suck Coz we are widely known for Discipline, Cultured and Manner’s those days but sadly those attributes don’t speak about us anymore. Pain and SAD.
Author of Book of Lies (BoL)
Denrele should know better. At his age and level, he should know kiss and tell isn’t funny. This is how he honours his late friend, Goldie? Shame…

Stanley osasu ✯ ⭑
Denrele must be so desperate to trend ….. he is actually getting what he wanted

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