Where did it go Wrong for Paul Pogba in Manchester united

Where did it go Wrong for Paul Pogba in Manchester united

Paul Pogba summed up the general impression of his spell with Manchester United quite neatly in an interview recently of French publication Le Figaro.


“You have to be honest, the last five years have not satisfied me – really not at all.”

In the time he conducted an interview to reporters, it had been less than five years ago that Pogba scored his first goal in the final game of United during his Europa League final victory against Ajax.

It was the first season of his highly-hyped reunion with Old Trafford, when United paid the world record PS89m to re-sign the player who was at their academy, but lost on a transfer to Juventus following the fact that the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson refused to offer the controversial agent of Pogba Mino Raiola any guarantees regarding the amount of game time the player would be guaranteed.

However, United haven’t won anything since. Pogba is leaving Old Trafford for the second time, leaving six of the best years of his football career that was not fulfilled.

“This year it is dead,” claimed Pogba in a recent interview. “We will not win anything. I want to win trophies.”

Then where did everything go wrong?

“Pogback” was the name of the social media channels of the club on the 9th of August, 2016. “I’m back,” said Pogba after the end of a fantastic 26-second video that confirmed his return. Alongside a collaboration with British rapper Stormzy in addition the video was a contemporary release.

The truth is Pogba was and still is one of Adidas the most prominent athletes and was in the process of securing an agreement with United who were only one year into their 10-year contract with the German sporting goods giant it made sense economically.

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The new director Jose Mourinho wanted him. Also, for the chief of staff Ed Woodward, starting to be a victim after the sacking of the two manager, this was logical as well.

It was an opportunity to rectify Ferguson’s mistake and prove that United can attract top players and also bring an Academy graduate to the United fold.

But, there was a cost to pay. Raiola was far too clever an operator to allow it to happen in any other way.

According to the information made available in the public domain through the Football Leaks website, which has not been challenged in the past at Old Trafford, Pogba’s contract was a base PS7.75m-a-year. The loyalty incentive of PS3.75m-a-year was added. If United had qualified to play in to play in the Champions League, Pogba netted an additional PS1.85m. In addition, Pogba had a PS3m-a-year image rights deal. Raiola himself was paid a staggering PS41m.

This is the scenario United were committing to in the decision to bring Paul Pogba back to the club.

It’s still awe-inspiring However, if you look back in time to Pogba’s time with United There isn’t a unifying thread about where Pogba should be utilized.

In the context of an in-depth, two-man midfield? In the left-hand side of a 3? In the form of an oblique number? Wide of an advanced attack unit than two holders?

It’s evident that even in France which Pogba took home his 2018 World Cup – Pogba’s strengths are offensive. His range and control of passing is of the highest quality. If he is able to run from deep, he’s an extremely dangerous threat. However, he must be protected. In defense, he could be risky.

In the initial season, during which Pogba was granted permission to move forward, it was quite often Zlatan Ibrahimovic would drop back to the same areas the Frenchman would like to take.

At that point, it was like a teething issue, something that could be worked out by itself given that the age of the Swede, which meant he wasn’t likely to be Pogba’s team-mate over the long.


However, United did not find a suitable solution. Even without Ibrahimovic’s presence, their key offensive players, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, were known to play within the exact areas that Pogba excels.

If he fell deep and landed on the midfield, United’s defense was exposed. The axis between Fred along with Scott McTominay has been derided. Both aren’t even as good as Pogba’s ability. However, Pogba simply doesn’t run well enough, or often enough to get one of them off without United being in danger of being completely overwhelmed.

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“It’s simple with France, I play and I play in my position – I know my role and I feel the confidence of the coach and the players,” Pogba stated to Le Figaro. “It’s normal to feel a difference at Manchester United because it’s hard to be consistent when you often have a change to your position, or the team system, or your partners.”

A situation that was already difficult to manage was made even worse by the off field problems Pogba caused.

Jose Mourinho stripped Pogba of the vice-captaincy role at United in September of 2019 after the Frenchman was critical of his tactics. At the time Mourinho was in charge for the last time with Liverpool three months later – his highest-priced signing was never used in the squad.

Mourinho’s departure appeared to indicate Pogba and his teammates were victorious in a power struggle. A “Caption This message on Pogba’s twitter feed shortly after the announcement definitely indicated that and was met with a sharp reproach from former United captain Gary Neville.

A few months later, peace and harmony grew during the time that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer enjoyed an extended honeymoon as the Portuguese’s successor. But more issues were distant.


Raiola was content to stir up controversy on behalf of Pogba, saying the player had spoken with Juventus about a potential return to the club in 2020. He then got into a heated debate with Solskjaer, who stated that what happened to Frenchman was not the agent’s concern since he was contracted by United.

There is a good chance that Solskjaer was in the process of approving the transfer at the time. When the pandemic hit, United knew they would receive nothing similar to the value of the player in the form of a deal and so they opted to keep Pogba and attempted to negotiate an extension of his contract to safeguard their investment. The plan didn’t work.

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Pogba played in the 20 Premier League appearances in his final season as an United player. He scored one goal against Burnley and also scored nine assists. Four of them were in the first match against Leeds.

The game played at Old Trafford is one of Pogba’s most memorable United moments. The famous comeback win of 3-2 in the match against Manchester City in 2018, where he scored two goals, was another. The Europa League final against Ajax and his volleyed win at Burnley the previous season were among the others.

However, they were only brief moments. Every injury absence was associated with some fans being concerned that Pogba was no longer a fan of the club. join the club.

As he quit the field after the match, which turned out to be his last game for United in the match at Liverpool on April 19, he got booed off by his supporters.

Now it’s time to go.

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