British Tennis Player Is Banned From all Tennis Tournaments Following Failed Drug Tests

British Tennis Player Is Banned From all Tennis Tournaments Following Failed Drug Tests

Tara Shanice Moore (born 6 August 1992) is born in Hong Kong. She is a British tennis pro. She holds a record-setting singles position at the world’s number. 145. She achieved this on the 8th of May, 2017. She has been awarded nine singles titles as well as 17 doubles championships on the ITF Circuit. Her top WTA doubles rank is No. at 88. She reached it on May 23, 2022.


When she was a junior she was instructed with her American tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. In September of 2006 Bollettieri spoke of Moore as being among the top young players at his school as well as that is the Bollettieri Tennis Academy, along with Michelle Larcher de Brito. The coach she is currently working with is Charles Homewood. Her favorite surface is listed as being grass however the majority of her wins up to now have been on hardcourts.

 Never the less the  British tennis star Tara Moore has been provisionally suspended by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) after a failed drug test. The 29-year old provided an analysis that contained substances listed on The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) banned list.

Samples were separated and the analysis from Sample A found traces of Nandrolone metabolites as well as Boldenone. Both are on the list of WADA’s of banned substances until 2022.

Moore has denied that she was banned sport and has stated that she’s’saddened’ over her suspension provisional. Moore is ineligible at any official event, but can demand that Sample B be analyzed to determine if it is in line with Sample A.

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A statement from the ITIA statement stated: “The ITIA has confirmed that Tara Moore, a 29-year-old British tennis player, has been temporarily suspended in accordance with articles 2.1 as well as 2.2 in the tennis 2022 Anti Doping Programme (TADP). The ITIA provided the player with the pre-charged notice of an Anti-Doping Rule Infraction on the 27th of May, pursuant to the provisions of Article 2.1 of the programme (presence of a prohibited substance in the player’s sample) in addition to the Article 2.2 (Use or use of a prohibited Substance in the absence of an appropriate TUE).

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“Ms Moore provided a sample during the WTA event at Bogota, Colombia in April 2022. The sample was separated into two samples. The further analysis revealed that the A sample was contaminated with Nandrolone metabolites , Boldenone and its metabolite. Both are banned substances on the 2022 World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. A negative analytical finding for unspecified substances will result in a mandatory suspension.


“The player has now the possibility of requesting the B sample be analyzed to determine if it confirms that the sample is indeed from A. The athlete is not eligible to play at or participate in any sanctioned tennis competitions organized by the authorities that regulate the sport starting with the suspension period on the 27th of May 2022.”

Tara have taken her social media page to express how disappointed she is with the result, she posted on her official twitter page minutes after the ban

Here is what is said on her social  media page


i have never knowingly taken a banned in my career. i am investigating how the positive result could have accorded and look forward to proving that i am a clean athlete. I am deeply saddened by the provisional suspension and i hope to be back on the court as soon as possible,


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