[People Profile] All We Know About SharlizeTrue biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

Sharlize True biography, Career, Age, Family, Networth

JeffTheMVP, a gaming creator from November 2021 made allegations of sexual assaults against Sir Carter and Rafael Williams (aka ThatsSoRaffy). JeffTheMVP claims that he and a friend attended Sir Carter’s party at his house. The duo were pushed into drinking alcohol by ThatsSoRaffy and Sir Carter under the pretense of “helping them get to their level.” JeffTheMVP, as well as his friend, began to feel dizzy. They both passed out. Jeff claims that when he awoke, he was naked on the bed with ThatsSoRaffy. He and his friend immediately contacted LAPD to report what happened.

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Jeff recounted the entire incident later on Twitter, which shocked the Internet. ThatsSoRaffy, and Sir Carter have not released any statement or comment on the matter.

Personal Information

Profiling Sharlize Trujillo-Mangum

A Quick Glance At Sharlize Trujillo-Mangum
Full NamesSharlize Trujillo-Mangum
Place of birthThe United States
Date Of Birth20 January 2004
State of OriginAmerican
Social Media Celebrity, Content Creator and Influencer
Followers 3 Million Followers
Instagram 279K Followers

Net Worth$1 Million - $5 Million


Sharlize began her career in 2013 after she started posting regularly on Instagram. She gained initial social media attention with her mesmerizing dancing to popular songs. In the mid-2010s she began to expand her TikTok presence, which helped her gain mainstream fame.

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Sharlize has grown her social media presence over the years to include popular channels such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Sharlize tailors her content to each platform in order to maximize impact. Her Instagram is filled with glamorous photoshoots that showcase her modeling talent. This feed is a visual journal for her loyal 279K+ followers. YouTube is the place where she posts her candid videos highlighting family, hobbies, and travel. She lets viewers into her private world, beyond fame.

But dancing remains Sharlize’s banner skill. She became an internet sensation with her authentic freestyle talent and natural swagger. Her content is captivating, from the latest challenges to her creative skits. She has over 5 million fans.

Sharlize’s successful fashion brand will be launched in 2021, demonstrating her business acumen. Applause is due for turning passion into a business venture at the age of 17. According to reports, the brand’s retail sales have already reached seven figures.

sharlize true

Net Worth

Sharlize has built an online empire in just three years by monetizing all of her talents. Her wealth is estimated between $1 million and $5 million. It comes from her long-term partnerships with brands, TikTok’s monetization program, and her clothing brand.

Sharlize has financial security that few people her age can achieve. Her future earning potential is her greatest asset. It seems that she has already been instilled with sound wealth management principles, ensuring her stability to achieve bigger goals.

Other Social Media Presence

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Sharlize has a large Instagram following (279K) and a 0.33% engagement rate. Social Blade and Influencer marketing hub highlight her position as a highly sought-after influencer in the competitive Instagram world. Her 2223 Instagram posts are mainly composed of pictures of her, friends, Reels and fashion inspiration. This has helped to build a loyal and engaged audience.

You can watch videos on YouTube

Sharlize True, despite a modest following on YouTube of 3,61K subscribers since 2016, has amassed an impressive total of 966K views. True’s YouTube content, which includes vlogs, updates, GRWMs, and makeup videos, showcases her diverse talents and growth potential on this platform. While her YouTube presence is smaller, it offers a unique view into True’s world, and showcases her versatility.

Personal Life

Sharlize, who was born on January 20, 2004 spent her childhood honing her skills in various performing arts, including dance, music, and skating. She may have trained in local institutions, but details are unknown.

sharlize true

Sharlize credits her success to the support of her family, particularly Shelly Trujillo. She has a strong emotional connection with both her older sister Shariah, and brother Sheldon. She has a strong value system and a religious foundation that she was instilled with from earliest childhood. Sharlize is quite private, despite her massive online presence. She does not talk about her romantic relationships or friends outside of the family. She provides a glimpse into her life and interests via social media.

Sharlize lives in the United States, and is focused on growing her multi-channel profile. Sharlize enjoys hobbies such as figure skating, singing and playing with her pet dogs. She also spends time with her family. Her YouTube vlogs, as well as her TikTok videos, allow fans to see some of Sharlize’s personal interests.

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Sharlize True TikTok videos

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Which of Sharlize’s looks did you enjoy the most?

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Sharlize takes a puppy home in this video.

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Sharlize begins her senior year.

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Sharlize shows off some moves on TikTok.

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Sharlize True shares her favorite perfume in this TikTok.


sharlize true

When was Sharlize Born?

Sharlize was conceived on January 20, 2004. Sharlize will be 19 in 2023.

Q: What’s Sharlize true’s real name?

Sharlize Trujillo Mangum is her real name.

Q: From where is Sharlize True originally from?

Sharlize is a native of the United States. Her exact birthplace, however, is not publically known.

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